• Show Date: 08/10/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Leila Tarabad Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 20/12/2023

North West Toy & Utility Society

North West Toy & Utility Society 

8th October 2023 

Judge: Miss L Tarabad (Khatibi) 

It was an absolute pleasure to be invited to judge at the very first NW Toy & Utility show, congratulations to all of the committee for their hard work in forming a new society and putting on such a successful show.  

Chow Chow 

Puppy (1) 

1.Hunt & Oliver’s Songshijia Chief Kwangchow. Gorgeous baby, just 6months old with a really nicely balanced outline. Compact with good neck, firm topline and well carried tail, well sprung ribs, good bone and feet. Appealing head qualities with well set and used ears, dark eyes, good pigment, correct length and finish of muzzle. Moved with a typical gait, sound and accurate in all directions. BOB, BP, Pup Group 3. 

Open (1) 

1, Hunt & Oliver’s Mosspark Blue Spangle. 7yr old veteran bitch who was a little long so couldn’t match the balance of the puppy. Happy showgirl who made the best of herself, moving with ease but could be better out and back. Strong neck, good topline and tail carriage, well sprung ribs and sound rear. In lovely condition.  

Japanese Shiba Inu 

I was delighted with such a large entry, the highest in the Utility group and lovely quality for my first time judging the breed. 

Puppy (5,1) 

1.Bryans’ Marilouvale Rebellion. 10month dog who was the most together here and outmoved his competition with his light, accurate gait. Nice outline with good topline and tail, good chest and ribbing and strong rear. Lovely head with small dark eyes, neat ears, well developed cheeks and tight lips. BP. 

2.Adey’s Burwen Blue Corvette at Echezeaux. Just 6months old and looking a little short in body at the moment. Good neck and topline, short loin and parallel rear. Attractive head with nice eyes. Moved well. 

3.Bryan’s Marilouvale Perfect Alibi. 

Junior (5,3)  

1.Bryans’ Marilouvale Dolly Parton. 13months with a lovely head, small dark eyes, small ears and good cheeks. Good neck, deep chest, straight front, firm topline and super tail set and carriage. Moved with a lovely easy gait, good out and back and very nice in profile.   

2.Broadhurst’s Kintoki Mizuki. Just 12 months old in lovely coat and condition. Strong neck, good topline, high set tail, good rear assembly and moderate tuck up. Broad flat skull, definite stop and tapered muzzle with tight lips. Sound on the move, lovely temperament. 

Post Grad (3) 

1.Roskell’s Phixons Straumann. Nicely balanced male in good coat. Nice head and expression with broad flat skull, dark eyes and pigment, good muzzle and strong jaw. Moderate reach of neck, deep chest, straight front, firm topline and strong rear. Moved well and was the best out and back in the class. 

2.Bryans’ Marilouvale Eddie Murphy. Another lovely male with a beautiful head, small ears, dark eyes, good cheeks and tight lips. Not quite as good in front as 1 but still nicely constructed with good neck and topline, sound rear and high set tail. In super coat and condition. 

3.Adey’s Burwen Pink Cadillac at Echezeaux. 

Open (6,3) 

1.Roskell’s Ch. Afterglow Kiki JW. Super quality bitch and not surprised to see she has her title. Lovely size and outline with strong neck, good front assembly, deep chest, straight front, short loin, good rear assembly with well set and carried tail. Beautiful feminine head with keen expression, well developed cheeks, neat ears and well finished muzzle. Moved with a quick, light gait, accurate in all directions, maintaining a firm outline. Good coat and colour, fabulous lively attitude and a great little showgirl. Topped this lovely entry and later took Group 3 in super competition. BOB. 

2.Bryans’ Marilouvale Black Raven . Appealing 2yr old b/t with smart outline and super tail set and carriage. Could develop more in forechest consequently was a little narrow coming towards. Correctly shaped head with definite stop, good cheeks, small ears and strong jaw. Free and easy on the move, looking good in profile. 

3.Broadhurst’s Yukiyama No Kitsune Tsuki Go at Kintoki (imp Nld). 


Puppy (1) 

1.Thorne’s Schipdale Barnaby. Lovely 9 month old baby attending his first show, started a little tentatively but soon got into his stride and made a good account of himself. Smart outline, cobby with good chest and ribbing for age, firm topline and strong rear. Broad, flat skull, well balanced length of muzzle with good fill beneath dark eyes and a lovely alert expression. Brisk, accurate gait, with a bit more practice he should do very well. BP 

Open (2,1) 

2.Hood’s Revloch Fire At Will CJW19. Mature, cobby, in good coat and condition and an  accomplished showman. Strong neck, good front assembly, good depth of chest, strong loin and well rounded rear. Correctly shaped head with erect ears, bright expressive eyes, moderate  length of muzzle and strong jaw. Brisk moving, good out and back and holding his outline firm in profile. BOB.