• Show Date: 20/06/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Leila Tarabad Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 24/09/2023

Cheshire Agricultural Society

Cheshire County Show 

21st June 2023 

Judge: Miss L Tarabad (Khatibi) 

Italian Greyhound 

Puppy (1) 

1. Bailey’s Loweroak Escape The Gossip. 10month bitch with an appealing outline, good reach of neck, nice topline and underline, well angulated rear, good bone and condition. Alert expression, good length of head, large bright eyes and nicely finished muzzle. Tended to rush on the move but when she did settle she moved well. Just needs a bit more practice to make the most of herself. BP, RBOB. 

Post Grad (2) 

1.Mellis’s Miwell Mary Quant By Lamoye JW. 19month bitch, elegant in outline with arched neck of good length, sound front assembly, good depth of chest, parallel rear with good turn of stifle, tail set and carried correctly. Feminine head, long and narrow with expressive eyes and strong jaw. Moved so well, accurate out and back and lovely action in profile. In super condition with lovely skin and coat. Easy winner of BOB and she ended the day with Group 1, well done. 

2.Thorne’s Miniwolf Sama. 2yr bitch with lovely temperament. Nice size with good depth of chest, slender legs and in lovely condition. Sweet expression, Not the outline or movement of 1. 

Open (1) 

1.Lamoye’s Ophis Legacy. 4yr male, sire of BOB but not quite the showmanship of his daughter! Elegant lines with nice neck, topline and well angulated rear. Good length of head, ears correctly placed and eyes large and bright. Moved soundly, very good out and back.  


Junior (1) 

1.Morgan-Stanley's Golbourne Izzadorable. 12month bitch standing alone but quite obviously full of quality. Lovely size, balance and substance. Gorgeous head and expression with round dark eyes, defined stop, strong muzzle and good pigment. Arched neck into good shoulders, well developed chest and ribbing for age, short loin, strong rear with tail set and carried well, Moved with purpose covering the ground easily and maintaining her lovely outline, In superb condition with a delightful temperament. I didn’t think it was possible that anything could beat her for bob, and then her kennel mate walked in the next class! RBOB. 

Post Grad (1) 

1.Morgan-Stanley's Golbourne Oh So Posh. Just wow! Only 10months old and full of puppy coat but once I got my hands on him I found the most superb front assembly, short, sturdy body, well sprung ribs, short strong loin, well angulated rear and correctly set and carried tail. Masculine head with the most appealing expression, large dark eyes, correctly set ears, strong muzzle of the correct length, defined stop and dense pigment. His movement was a joy to watch, circling the ring with lovely reach and drive, parallel front and rear and holding his outline perfectly in profile. I just couldn’t deny him BOB and BP, a very exciting prospect.  

Open (2) 

1.Godfrey & Peacock’s Cleeview Unlocked Spirit in Godpeakiki. 3 yr bitch, nice size and compact shape with good substance, firm topline, well sprung ribs and short loin. Sweet expression with good pigment, dark eyes, defined stop and well set ears. Moved well once settled with good drive from behind. 

2.Waldron’s Stoneside Fennela at Snowmead. 7yr veteran bitch of a nice size, presented and handled well. Sturdily built with good spring of rib, good bone and well presented coat. Pretty face with good pigment, defined stop and well balanced length of muzzle. Moved happily. 

Imp Reg Toy 

Puppy (2,1) 

1.Austin’s September Song of Mairichis. Very sweet baby of 8months, who was very confident for one so young. Neat shape with short straight back, body maturing correctly for age, fine bone and correctly carried tail. Small rounded head with high set ears, lean muzzle and tight lips. Moved very well. Best Toy Imp Reg, BP. 

Puppy Stakes (39,26) 

1.Such’s Soloyal Kiss My Assets. Very smart and well schooled Australian Shepherd bitch. Lovely balance to her outline with strong neck, well laid shoulders, firm topline, deep chest, good ribbing and well constructed rear. Feminine head with lovely expression, well set and used ears, well balanced length of muzzle, moderate stop and good pigment. Moved with a free, effortless action, covering the ground easily. 

2.Kent & Sutton’s Korifey Reckless. Impressive 7 month Dobe who was handled to an advantage. Elegant outline with long neck carrying head proudly, good topline, well sprung ribs, good tuck up, strong rear with good turn of stifle. Handsome head of good length and balance with neat ears and alert expression. Moved with good reach and drive, in well muscled condition.  

3.Suggitt’s Aptrick Dolly Mixtures. 

Sp. Beginner Stakes (36,24) 

1.Tarasinska’s Siberianmist Odin. Beautifully presented Samoyed with lovely head and typical smiling expression. Nice size and balance, strong neck into good shoulders and straight front. Deep chest, good ribbing, strong loin and well angulated rear with tail set and carried correctly. Wedge shaped head with well spaced dark eyes, well tapered muzzle, strong jaw and good pigment. Moved with a powerful, accurate gait. In super coat and condition.    

2.Smith’s Ceranda Gower Diamond. 14month Cardigan Corgi, moved very smartly once settled. Foxy head with good width between large ears, nicely tapered muzzle and kind expression. Good neck and shoulder, level topline, good chest and ribbing for age, good bone and feet.   

3.Copper’s Mary Wells around Copellastar.

Veteran Stakes (16,10) 

1.Horton’s Ch. Juffther Happy Buny Jw shcm. Stunning Rottweiler who couldn’t be overlooked in this class. Almost 8 yrs old but looking half her age and still in the peak of condition. Compact and powerful with strong neck on good shoulders, straight front, broad chest, well angulated rear and firm topline. Broad head with deep muzzle and dark eyes. Moved with a positive, driving gait, circling the ring with ease. Very impressive veteran.  

2.Thomas’s Mournebrake Flower Child VW Almost 13yr H. Puli who’s movement belies her years. Squarely built with good topline, well sprung ribs, good width behind with well turned stifles. Small head with defined stop, correct length of muzzle and dark eyes. Shown in well corded coat.   

3.Jay’s Ch. Talraz Fleur De Lys JW.