• Show Date: 24/06/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Leila Tarabad Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 24/09/2023

Wealdstone & Northolt Canine Society

Wealdstone & Northolt CS

24th June 2023 

Judge; Miss L Tarabad (Khatibi) 

L/H Dachshund

Open (1)

1,Clarke’s Tekalhaus The Excelsior. 3 yr dog in gleaming coat and condition. Presents a smart outline with lovely reach of neck, good forechest and ribbing, short loin, firm topline and good clearance beneath. Handsome head with dark eyes and strong jaw. Moved freely. BOB, G2. 

MLH Dachshund 

Puppy (1) 

1,Murphy’s Forever Sunshine at Classidax. 6month bitch with pretty head, dense pigment and dark eyes. Compact outline with adequate reach of neck, good topline, nice substance and bone. Moved soundly carrying her head proudly. 

Junior (1) 

1,McCarthy’s Nagshall Dyce The Ice. 14month dog with good topline and tail carriage, adequate reach of neck, well laid shoulders, good forechest and ribbing, good bone and level topline. Correctly shaped head with dark eyes, strong muzzle and well set and used ears. Moved well with good reach in front.BOB. 

S/H Dachshund 

Junior (1) 

1.Graham’s Marvale Chancellor at Ravold. 11month b/t dog with good substance and in well muscled condition. Masculine head of good length, strong neck, could have more angulation in front, firm topline and strong rear with good clearance beneath. Moved freely with good drive.BOB, BP. 

MSH Dachshund 

Junior (1) 

1.Rose’s Rosencrantz Ophelia. B/t bitch of nice size and substance, good reach of neck, decent shoulders, good forechest and well ribbed back with good underline and topline. Feminine head with nice eyes and strong jaw. Moved well, just a touch close going away.RBOB 

Post Grad (1) 

1.Pearmain & Sherwood’s Delandmar Ella Fitzgerald. Compact bitch of correct size and substance who moved well in all directions, head held proudly and maintaining a firm outline. Strong neck, good chest and well sprung ribs, strong loin and soundly constructed rear. Good head and expression with well set and used ears, dense pigment and well finished muzzle. BOB. 

Open (3) 

1.Pearmain & Sherwood’s Delandmar Kathrine Hepburn. Dam of the previous class winner and certainly can see the resemblance. Similar size and shape, not quite as good front assembly as her daughter but lovely neck, topline, good clearance beneath good underline and well angulated rear. Good length of head, dark eyes, would like a stronger underjaw. Moved freely, tail a little higher than ideal. 

2.Pearmain’s Delandmar Hattie McDaniel. Compact b/t with good topline and underline, could have better front angulation and more forechest. Shorter in head with dark eyes and nicely finished muzzle.

3.Rose’s Pennydach Mystique at Rosencrantz.

MWH Dachshund 

Puppy (1) 

1.Stewart-Brown's Griffindax Gin Spritz. 6 month baby in super harsh jacket. Compact and well balanced but could have more angulation in front. Good chest and ribbing for age, nice topline and underline with good clearance, needs to strengthen behind. Sweet face with well set and used ears. Moved happily BP, RBOB. 

Open (1) 

1.Stewart-Brown's Pennywave Pink Gin. 4yr bitch who wasn’t very enthusiastic! Nice type and outline with decent front and rear angulation, well sprung ribs and good clearance. Nice head of good length, strong muzzle and good mouth. Moved well enough. BOB. 


Junior (2,1) 

1.Price’s Kierpark Moonlight Shadow Among Silkdance. Appealing size and outline with nice reach of neck, good topline, correctly angulated rear and straight front. Correctly shaped head with alert expression and strong jaw. Moved well, just a little close going away.

Post Grad (5,2) 

1.Soffe’s Zoraden Macchiato JW. Very well balanced with beautiful head and expression. Elegant outline with nice topline and underline, good front and rear assembly and well sprung ribs. Moved accurately out and back and covered the ground well in profile. A quality hound. 

2.Price’s K. Moonlight Shadow Among S. 

3.Brown’s Hitchnhop Burberry Bouquet. 

Open (5,2) 

1.Shepherd’s Ch. Citycroft Sundae with Oxana JW Shcm Shcex. 7yr old veteran who I first judged as a youngster and liked then, now as a veteran my opinion hadn’t changed. Elegant, flowing outline with strong arched neck, lovely front assembly with good depth of brisket, well sprung ribs back to short loin and correctly angulated rear. Good topline and underline, moving well in all directions holding a super outline in profile and covering the ground with ease. In fabulous condition. BOB, Group 3. 

2.Longhurst’s Abbeyhurst Dancing Queen JW. Another nice one, only 19months old so still has a little more maturing to do, feminine head with bright eyes and lovely expression. Long neck into good shoulders, correct topline, good underline, good bone and well angulated rear. Moved well, accurate out and back and with a typical action in profile. RBOB. 

3.Reed & Pace’s Dejare A Dash of Hope JW. 

AV Hound Veteran (9,2) 

1.Shepherd’s Ch. Citycroft Sundae with Oxana JW Shcm Shcex. (see whippet) 

2.Seamarks & Nemoto’s Sayadena Northern Lights (imp Bel) VW. 8yr Afghan in superb condition and handled to an advantage. Masculine head of good length with strong jaw and dark eyes. Good front and rear assembly, correct topline, good chest and ribbing. Moved well. 

3.Longhurst’s Zoraden Carrera at Abbeyhurst. 

Hound Group 

1.Thornton’s Julemark Primrose at Maplelayne JW (Beagle) Very smart 2 yr bitch who stood out in the group and coped with the heat very well. Balanced in outline with good angles fore and aft, lovely chest and ribbing with firm topline and correctly set and carried tail. Delightful head and expression, moving accurately and purposefully around the ring. Handled to an advantage. 

2.Clarke’s Tekalhaus The Excelsior (LH Dachs) 

3.Shepherd’s Ch. Citycroft Sundae With Oxana JW Shcm Shcex (Whippet) 

4.Gray’s Quantas-Napoca Olaf (imp Rom) (Basset) Lovely moving dog with super forechest, good spring of rib, firm topline and sound rear. Handsome, balanced head with nice eyes and expression. Did very well on such a hot day. 

Hound Puppy Group 

1.Skerritt & Betts’ Monkhams Nightingale (PBGV) 9 month bitch with super attitude. Neat outline with good neck, level topline, short tail, decent front and good rear angulation. Pretty head with short ears, squarely finished muzzle and dense pigment. Moved with purpose, in correctly presented coat. 

2.Whitton’s Haggatty Callisto (Beagle) Another smart moving baby with good bone and substance, level topline, straight front and standing on good feet. Appealing head and expression with correctly set ears and nice eyes. 

3.Holder’s Zendushkas Rolling Stone Farakushk (Afghan) Still very much a baby but making a good account of himself moving freely around the ring. Nice front and rear assembly, good topline and tailset, needs more body. 

4.Murphy’s Forever Sunshine at Classidax (MLH Dachs) 

AVNSC Utility  

Open (1) 

1.Cheatham’s Ch. Schipdale A Kind of Magic. Standing alone but a worthy winner and of obvious quality. Short, cobby body with good depth of chest, straight front, firm topline and strong rear. Broad skull with well balanced length of muzzle, strong jaw and dark eyes with alert expression. Moved briskly, accurate out and back, presented in good coat. BOB. 

AV Imp Reg Utility 

Post Grad (3,1) 

1.Piper & Gray’s Local Hero’s Capotztic With Kamjero (imp NKK) Lovely xolo in super condition and with a great temperament. Wedge shaped head with well tapered muzzle, slight stop, almond shaped eyes and large, fine ears. Elegant outline with good neck, sound front and rear assembly, level topline and good spring of rib. Moved with a graceful, flowing gait. Reserve best Imp Reg. 

2.Sibley’s Rollenwood Scarlet Witch. Another xolo again with a lovely temperament. Free moving and soundly constructed, could stand straighter in front.   

Open (3,1) 

1.Cunningham’s Ir Ch. Champ of Noryeong Sanmaek for Yulyeong (imp Kor) Beautiful jindo presented to perfection. Correctly shaped head of good proportions with erect ears, small bright eyes and strong jaw. Strong neck, moderate front and rear angulation, well sprung ribs and well muscled throughout. Super on the move, accurate and purposeful holding his outline firm. Best Imp Reg 

2.Piper’s kamora Nagual Del Zanjero. Xolo again in good condition. Alert expression with fine ears used well. Good neck and topline, sound front and rear assembly, good substance and bone. Moved well. 

AV Utility Veteran (7,2) 

1.Cheatham’s Ch. Aradet Action Man Shcm VW. 9.5yr Schipperke in outstanding condition and super coat. Small and cobby with good chest and ribbing, strong loin, well rounded rear with hocks well let down. Correctly shaped head with flat skull, good fill under dark eyes and strong jaw. Moving with a brisk action, very attentive to his handler. 

2.Johnson’s Sensation Vom Tespelkooi of Valleyrise (imp deu) 8 yr kooiker with gorgoeus head, dense pigment, dark expressive eyes and well set and carried ears. Nicely balanced outline with good angulation in front and behind, good bone and substance. Moved freely.  

3.Healey’s Doshaburi The Cloud Dragon at Hebrmor JW. 

Utility Group 

1.Hamlin’s Devotoblaze Hope’s Miracle JW (Boston) Smart in outline with such a showy attitude, standing to attention with eyes fixed on her handler at all times. Square head with dark eyes, well used ears and appealing expression. Well constructed and graceful with an accurate, easy gait. In lustrous fine coat and super condition. 

2.Revillas Rodriguez’s Crystal eye’s Wam Bam Boom at Khumbila (imp DK) (Lhasa) JW Very eyecatching dog in superb heavy coat. Compact and well balanced with lovely head and typical expression. Moved with super drive behind and a jaunty gait. 

3.Barnes &King’s Izlou Gossip Girl (G. Spitz Mittel) Quality bitch who was a little unsettled with a change of handler but deserved a place here. Square in outline and soundly constructed with wedge shaped head, moderate stop, neatly finished muzzle and neat erect ears. Moved well. 

4.Anscombe’s Blenhiemstar’s Taliesan of Jraygon (Bulldog) Handsome headed male with good length and width of skull, lovely eyes and well set ears. Straight front, good ribbing, sound rear and an easy action on the move. 

Utility Puppy Group 

1.Weller’s Ragmarte Daiquiri (Bulldog) A lovely baby with clean head, nice eyes and good width of jaw. Good front assembly with tacked on shoulders, good bone and feet, good chest and ribbing for age and sound rear. Moved really well. 

2.Nicholls’ Ruthdale Perfection Through Shyllar with Rovijuca (Akita) Close decision between 1 & 2, this is another quality baby, powerfully built with strong neck, well balanced length of body, good depth of chest and strong rear. Large head with defined stop, strong muzzle of the correct length and small dark eyes. Moved well. 

3.Gillman’s Mytilene Pumpkin Spice (Lhasa) Well presented bitch with nice head and expression, ample reach of neck, firm topline and high set tail. Moved freely. 

4.Bull & Warren’s Jolerob One Way of Puttin it at Starferry (Shar Pei) 7month bitch with a delightful attitude. Soundly made and happy on the move with nice head qualities. Has lots of maturing to do. 

RBOB Stakes 

1.Coldwell’s Ch. Zentaur This is Jam Hot (AI) JW Shcm OSW (Newf) Headed this big class and no surprise I made her my winner as she has previously won BIS show under me! Still impresses greatly for type and construction, presented in immaculate coat and condition and moves so effortlessly around the ring. 

2.Weller’s Sabisabi Apache Tonka at Greenawell (Am. Cocker Span) A very exciting puppy who impressed greatly particularly on the move where he strode out with super reach and drive, accurate out and back and all the time holding his outline firm. Gorgeous masculine head with lovely eyes and expression.  

Davies’ Millhanger Kemboy (Kooiker)