• Show Date: 04/03/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Leila Tarabad Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Wath, West Melton & District Canine Society

Wath, West Melton & DCS 

4th March 2023 

Judge: Miss L Tarabad (Khatibi) 

Afghan Hound 

Puppy (3) 

1.Gunn’s Katanga’s God of Thunder. Well schooled 8month dog, handled and presented to an advantage. Good length of skull with strong jaw, dark, correctly shaped eyes, slight stop and low set ears. Strong neck into good shoulders, firm topline, short loin and good turn of stifle. Moved out so well with a smooth, effortless gait holding his outline firm. Quality puppy. BP, BOB, Puppy Group 3. 

2.Shepherd’s Jazzmeenah Suraya. Another delightful youngster, not quite as together as 1 on the move at the moment but still plenty to like. Beautiful head, feminine, of good length with strong jaw and dark eyes. Soundly constructed with good spring of rib, good bone, short loin and good sweep of stifle. Happy and sound on the move. In lovely condition. RBOB. 

3.Gunn’s Katanga’s God of Mischief. 

Junior (2) 

1.Gunn’s K. God of T. See Pup. 

2.Gunn’s K. God of M. 3rd in Pup, litter brother to 1 and built on similar lines but without the confidence of his brother so wasn’t making the best of himself standing or on the move although did start to settle in this class. Sympathetically handled and hopefully with a bit more practice will soon be taking it all in his stride! 


Junior (3,2) 

1.Hardisty’s Blunderhall Kiss Me Quick. 15month bitch with a smart outline. Very sweet feminine head with delightful expression, large eyes, defined stop and low set ears. Adequate neck, firm level topline with tail set and carried correctly, would like a little more angulation in front but has good rear angulation, good bone and feet. Still has a little more maturing to do in body. Moved freely. RBOB. 

Open (1) 

1.Bridgeman & Logue’s Kubik Csiki Kopo at Kingswin (imp srb). 2yr dog with masculine head of good length and correct proportions with defined stop, kind expression, correctly set ears and broad nose. Long arched neck into good shoulders, good chest and ribbing, strong loin and well muscled rear. Once he settled he moved really well with plenty of reach and drive, accurate out and back and maintaining a firm topline and correct tail carriage at all times. BOB. 

L/H Dachshund 

Puppy (1) 

1.Chapman’s Melminds Up On The Catwalk. Lovely baby who was a little unsettled which was a real shame as she is a lovely puppy. Nicely balanced outline with good reach of neck, good front assembly with lovely chest and ribbing, good clearance and sound rear. Feminine head of good length with lovely expression, correct length of muzzle, strong jaw, dark eyes and well used ears. In beautiful coat and condition, moving well once settled. BP 

Post Grad (1) 

1.Fossett’s Brysdax Skyfall. 2 ½yr bitch of good size and substance with decent forechest, firm topline and well carried tail, good front angulation, enough neck, sound rear and good clearance beneath. Good head and expression with dark eyes and correctly carried ears. Moved soundly holding a nice outline. RBOB. 

Open (2) 

1.Chapman’s Melminds Make Them Gold. 4yr bitch with nicely balanced outline, compact with lovely front assembly, well ribbed back with good underline and clearance. Firm topline, lovely reach of neck, well muscled rear with tail set and carried correctly. Appealing expression, correctly shaped head with dense pigment, dark eyes and strong jaw. Moved well holding her outline firm. BOB. 

2.Fossett’s Brysdax Mamma Mia. 4yr B, a touch longer than 1 and not as well angulated in front but has good forechest and ribbing, firm topline and well angulated rear. Moved freely. 

W/H Dachshund 

Puppy (1) 

1.Graham’s Boloria Wild Spice. Standing alone but worthy of her awards. 11month of lovely size and shape. Compact and well muscled with good reach of neck allowing for proud head carriage. Lovely chest and ribbing, firm topline and good underline with ample clearance, strong rear and good bone. Lovely head and expression with dark eyes, high set mobile ears, strong jaw, correct length of muzzle and neatly finished lips. Moved freely holding her outline firm. BOB, BP, Pup Group 4. 

Min S/H Dachshund 

Puppy (1) 

1.Bullingham’s Stoweytop Treacle. 10 month b/t dog of nice size and substance with super temperament. Good neck, well developed forechest for age, good clearance and topline, carrying tail a little high. Moved freely. BP. 

Open (4,1) 

1.Kent’s Lokmadi Jingle Belle. Lovely quality 3yr bitch of good size and substance. Nice head shape and expression with dark eyes, well set and used ears, strong jaw and nicely finished muzzle. Well constructed all through with lovely neck and head carriage, good front and rear angulation, well ribbed back with good topline and underline. Moved with purpose covering the ground well, holding her outline firm, head high and topline firm. BOB, Group 2. 

2.Bullingham’s Bowetts Adventurine at Stoweytop. 8 1/2yr bitch of a similar size and shape to 1, compact and well balanced, looking good for her age. Sweet feminine expression on head of good length, sound all through with good reach of neck, firm topline, good chest, well ribbed back to strong loin. Moved with accuracy maintaining her outline. RBOB. 

3.Fossett’s Ch. Lokmadi Sand Dollar. 


Junior (2) 

1.Hoddinott’s Sandspring Sea Hawk. 12month bitch with elegant outline, nice topline and underline, straight front, good bone, good sweep of stifle and parallel rear. Attractive head and expression, good length with strong jaw, bright eyes and neat ears. Moved with an easy, effortless action, could cover the ground more but held a nice outline as she circled the ring. 

2.Higginbottom’s Dizzy Bear at Dawnsafon. 16month dog, taller and more upright than 1. Nice underline, good bone, needs more condition. Moved soundly. 

Post Grad (8,2) 

1.Lipscombe’s Selinko Cherise. Almost 2yr old Bitch who wasn’t always stood to an advantage but was the best out and back in the class and held the best outline in profile on the move. Nicely balanced with strong neck, good underline, good spring of rib, strong loin and well angulated rear. Long head, well tapered to muzzle with strong jaw and bright, well spaced eyes. In lovely condition, accurate on the move in all directions. RBOB. 

2.Whitaker-Crosby's Mulcair Dun and Dusted JW. 2 yr bitch, a touch smaller than 1 with feminine head and alert expression. Soundly constructed throughout and presenting a graceful, well balanced outline. Nice neck into good front assembly, good depth of chest, curvy underline and well angulated rear, could have better topline. Free moving, covering the ground well.  

3.Wood’s Elmanash Mist O’The Moon. 

Open (5) 

1.Mycroft’s Ch. Supeta’s Little Darlin’ JW. An easy winner from this entry. Quality 2yr bitch, feminine and elegant with lovely topline, strong arched neck, good depth of chest and spring of rib, good bone and feet and correctly angulated rear. Beautiful head and expression, long and lean with lovely eyes, slight stop and strong jaw. In superb condition, well muscled, fine coat and smooth to go over with every part flowing nicely into the next. Easily the best mover in the entry, covering the ground with a lovely length of stride holding her outline firm, accurate out and back. There was nothing to come close in the breed entry and later in the group she was an easy choice for the top spot. BOB, Group 1. 

2.Wood’s Elmanash Mist O’The Moon. 3yr bitch, free moving and accurate out and back but not the length of stride of 1. Good neck and shoulders, well sprung ribs with good tuck up, nice rear assembly and good topline. Feminine head with fine ears, bright eyes and well tapered muzzle. Good muscle and coat. 

3.Lipscombe’s Selinko Honeysuckle. 

Irish Wolfhound 

Puppy (2) 

1.Webb & Sheppard’s Killoughery Mission Two for Inkleyboys. 7month baby who was very together for his age. Good head properties with nice eyes, well set ears and gentle expression. Strong neck into lovely shoulders, well developed chest and ribbing for age, good bone, straight front and well angulated rear. Really good on the move for one so young. RBOB, BP. 

2.Harris’s Valheru Black Marlin. Taller 10month male with good substance and bone, would like more width in front and doesn’t have the angulation of 1. Handsome head with neat ears. In lovely harsh coat, moved soundly. 

Open (2) 

1.Dawson’s Hydebeck Dream Tyme of Graefyn. Strong, masculine dog of super size and substance. Good neck into well laid shoulders, lovely chest and ribbing, straight front, good topline and well angulated rear. Masculine head with kind expression, nice dark eyes and neat ears. Handled and presented well, in nice harsh jacket and well muscled throughout, moving freely, covering the ground with ease. BOB, Group 4. 

2.Crosse’s Rainster Evie. Still only a junior bitch so gave away a lot here in maturity. Good front and rear angulation, body still needs time to develop fully, firm topline. Feminine head with gentle expression nice eyes, good mouth and neat ears. Moved freely. 

Av. Imp Reg. Hound 

Open (1) 

1.Gunn’s Stonemartin Albie with Katanga (IKC) 3yr Azawakh who started to make more of herself as she settled. Lean and elegant, of typical balance with long arched neck, moderate angulation fore and aft, good underline. Fine, chiselled head of good length, slight stop, correct length of muzzle and fine ears. Moved soundly went settled. Best Imp Reg. 

ANVSC Hound 

Puppy (3,1) 

1.Cox & Musgrave’s Carlincox Jerseyroyal. Beautiful 8month Ridgeback bitch. Lovely balanced outline with strong neck of good length, straight front with well laid shoulders, good bone and feet. Good chest and ribbing for age, strong loin, well angulated rear, firm topline with tail set and carried correctly. Beautiful head and expression with dense pigment, round bright eyes, powerful muzzle with clean lips and high set ears. In fabulous condition, well muscled, in short glossy coat and moving with an active gait, accurate in all directions. Only a baby but I thought she was quite special. RBOB, BP. 

2.Strudwick’s Armardio Ride Like The Wind Among Kumamatata. Delightful 6month Basset with such a lovely attitude, making a very good account of himself at his first show! Soundly constructed without exaggeration, good reach of neck into lovely front assembly, nicely balanced length of body with good clearance and topline, strong rear and well set and carried tail. Appealing head qualities with correctly shaped eyes, long low set ears and lovely expression. Moved with smooth, powerful action, holding his outline firm, accurate out and back. Lovely puppy. 

Open (8,2) 

1.Lewin’s Soletrader Special Effect for Vynesbrook JW. PBGV dog nearing 2yrs old who I judged as a puppy so it was nice to see how he’s maturing. Lovely size and balance with super topline, ample reach of neck, well ribbed back, well angulated rear with short tail set and carried well. Such a happy expression from his large eyes, short square muzzle with defined stop, low set ears and strong jaw. Moving with good reach and drive, accurate out and back and holding his neat outline firm in profile. Perfectly presented rough coat and typical extrovert attitude! Best AVNSC Hound, Group 3. 

2.Cox’s Ch. Carlincox Pure Gold Jw Shcex OSW. Another top quality Ridgeback with super angulation, strong neck, firm topline and good chest and ribbing. Beautiful head with dense pigment, nice eyes and well set and used ears. Moving freely. Called back in for reserve but I just couldn’t resist her young kennel mate. 

3.Makey’s Gairside Special Interest. 

AV Hound Veteran (4) 

1.Makey’s Ch/Int Ch/Bel Ch. Gairside Good Lord JW Shcm Shcex CW19. 8yr GBGV who is no stranger to me having first judged him as a puppy. Still so impressive and a credit to his owners. Well balanced outline with lovely neck and shoulders, firm topline, straight front with good bone, prominent forechest, well ribbed back, well muscled rear with long tail set high and carried correctly. Handsome head, domed skull with long ears set low, defined stop, squarely finished muzzle and large oval eyes. Moves with a super action, driving well behind, good out and back, holding his head proudly and topline firm. Best Veteran Hound. 

2.Whitaker-Crosby's Ch. Mulcair May Contain Nutz JW. 10yr whippet with elegant outline, good topline and underline, straight front, good bone and well angulated rear. Nice head and expression, with large bright eyes and neat fine ears. Lovely free mover covering the ground well. In superb condition for his age. 

3.Bullingham’s Bowetts Aventurine at Stoweytop. 

Hound Group 

1.Mycroft’s Ch. Supeta’s Little Darlin’ JW. 

2.Kent’s Lokmadi Jingle Belle. 

3.Lewin’s Soletrader Special Effect for Vynesbrook JW. 

4.Dawson’s Hydebeck Dream Tyme of Graefyn. 

Hound Puppy Group 

1.Cox & Musgrave’s Carlincox Jerseyroyal. 

2.Webb & Sheppard’s Killoughery Mission Two For Inkleyboys. 

3.Gunn’s Katanga’s God of Thunder. 

4.Graham’s Boloria Wild Spice.