• Show Date: 19/08/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Leila Tarabad Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 24/09/2023

Huntingdonshire Canine Society

Huntingdonshire Canine Society 19th August 2023 Judge: Miss Leila Tarabad (Khatibi) Many thanks to the committee for inviting me to judge BIS at my local show, one I’ve enjoyed exhibiting at for many years! Now a fully outdoor show at Sacrewell Farm in Peterborough, after a week of worrying about the possibility of rain, on the day we were blessed with beautiful sunshine which made for such a lovely garden party type atmosphere. Best In show went to the superb Saluki, Sanders Parker’s Ch. Classicus Felicitas JW. It was immediately obvious that she was of champion quality, entering the ring with grace and dignity and flowing effortlessly around the ring maintaining her beautiful outline at all times. Beautiful head and expression with large bright eyes, soundly made throughout with every part flowing smoothly into the next and in fabulous fit and well muscled condition. As soon as I saw the lineup I knew she would be the one to beat and it was only the TT that really gave her a run for her money! RBIS was the Tibetan Terrier, Honey’s Ch. Khyibrang Queen of the Straits JW, a favourite of mine who I’d recently awarded bis to at a club show and was delighted to see her sent through by the utility group judge. Such a lovely size, squarely built with such a nicely balanced outline and totally unexaggerated all through. Feminine head with typical tibetan expression, ample reach of neck into a firm topline, good shoulders and well sprung ribs with tail set and carried perfectly. Moves with a lovely length of stride, accurate in all directions and is presented in super coat and condition. Best Puppy In Show went to the Boston Terrier, James’s Aprika Fifth Avenue, who I thought was a standout winner from a lovely lineup of puppies. Compact and ever so smart in profile with ample reach of neck, correct topline, good chest and ribbing for age and well muscled rear. Pretty head of good proportions with dark round eyes and well set and used ears. Moved with such an accurate, purposeful gait, never putting a foot wrong and handled perfectly to get the best out of her. I’m sure she has a bright future ahead of her. RBPIS was the delightful 6month old Pekingese, Morley & Hitchcock’s Lizlanmor Nevinson, who really had to battle against the windy conditions but took it all in his stride. Small and compact with well constructed front, level topline, sound rear with tail set and carried well over back, Beautiful expression from his dark round eyes on a correctly shaped head with short wide muzzle, firm underjaw and dense pigment. Moved with a sound, dignified gait until he decided that I’d seen enough, and I couldn’t blame him after a long day! Charming baby presented immaculately. Best Veteran In Show was a 7yr old Flat Coated retriever, Wilson’s Hameldowntor Music Of The Night (imp), who was gleaming in the sunshine and wagging her tail until the bitter end! Nice balance to her outline with good neck and topline, short loin and moderately angulated rear. Feminine head of good length with intelligent expression and nice eyes. Moved so well around the ring with a free, active gait, accurate out and back, holding her outline firm. RBVIS was another Tibetan Terrier, Honey’s Ch.Alilah Carmel Ciro at Khyibrang, who happened to be the dam of the RBIS winner! At nearly 10 years old she really is in unbelievable condition and moved like a dog half her age. Beautiful head and resolute expression, good neck, topline and tail set, well sprung ribs and correctly angulated rear, just could be a touch shorter in body. In superb coat and really striding out well on the move covering the ground with ease. AV Rare Breed Open (12, 3) 1.Byrne’s Aavuuta Qimmiq Akiak (imp Can) Bel JCH IR JCH (Canadian Eskimo Dog) Powerfully built male who was hard to ignore. Strong neck into good shoulders, good chest and ribbing, well angulated rear with correctly set and carried tail. Well proportioned masculine head with nicely tapered muzzle and strong jaw. Powerful, accurate gait and in lovely coat and condition. 2.Evans’ Caldbeckjack Primrose at Jackpack (JRT) Pretty girl with smart outline, good neck, nice front assembly, firm topline and correctly set tail, spanned easily. Alert expression, dark eyes, correct length of muzzle and neat lips. Moved with good drive from the rear. 3.Kay’s Blazingjacks Best Mate with Jackopeaks. Veteran Stakes (20,10) 1.Clare’s Benoleo Brasilla (Chow Chow) 8yr bitch, compact and well balanced with good bone, deep chest and short level back. Broad head with correctly set and used ears, clean eyes with good fill beneath and good pigment. Steady and sound on the move. 2.Whitaker-Crosby's Cobyco Could Be The Last at Mulcair JW Shcm (Whippet) Elegant 7 yr bitch with good topline and underline, straight front and correctly angulated rear. Feminine head with bright eyes and alert expression. Moved freely with good length of stride, just a touch close going away. 3.Porter-Manning & Porter’s Wallaroo All That Jazz Shcm (H. Vizsla) Puppy Stakes (37,19) 1.Davies’ Waterley Heartbreaker (TT) Impressive b&w baby, squarely built with good topline, well developed chest and ribbing for age, short loin and strong rear. Well proportioned, masculine head with strong muzzle and dense pigment. Moved particularly well in profile holding his lovely outline firm, covering the ground well. In pristine coat and condition. 2.Lewin’s Vynesbrook Ultimate Choice (Flatcoat) Delightful 6month old who was every bit the baby but with plenty to like. Nicely balanced outline with ample reach of neck into good shoulders, firm topline and well set and carried, ever wagging tail. Pretty head of good length with slight stop, strong jaw and lovely eyes and expression. Moved well in all directions, handled and presented to an advantage. 3.Morley & Hitchcock’s Lizlanmor Nevinson (Peke) Junior Stakes (21,7) 1.Collett’s Velrock Ringing Gold (Tib Span) Small 13 month dog with appealing head and expression, correct length of muzzle, dark eyes, defined stop and well set and used ears. Nice outline with well balanced length of body, good chest and ribbing, good front and rear assembly and level topline. Moved freely. 2.Wilton-Clark's Shalfleet Easter Sonnet (Whippet) 16month bitch with curvy outline, smooth to go over with good reach of neck, straight front, good ribbing and well turned stifles. Feminine head with alert expression. Moved well, accurate out and back and covering the ground well in profile. 3.Downs’ Lifekees Assisi (Keeshond) Open Stakes (36,18) 1.Cross’s Loggeta Pickled Lilly JW (msh dachs) One I’ve judged before and rewarded highly as a young junior so was nice to see her fully mature. Lovely size and substance, compact and well balanced with lovely head carriage, perfect topline, well developed forechest with good underline and clearance. Beautiful head with strong jaw, well used ears and dark eyes. Moved with accuracy and purpose, head held proudly and topline firm. In superb condition. 2.Santoriello’s Rafthouse Amulets Child (Dobe) Masculine dog in well muscled condition. Elegant outline with head carried proudly on a strong neck, lovely front assembly with good chest and well sprung ribs, correct topline and well turned stifles. Wedge shaped head of good length with flat skull, tight lips and strong jaw. Moved with plenty of drive, reaching well in front. 3.Gaylor &Robertson’s Heniveruce King of Brewers (WSS) Champion Stakes (16,10) 1.Honey’s Ch, Khyibrang Queen of the Straits JW (TT) See RBIS. 2.Sheppard’s Ch. Gaelmarque Treasured by Goldswift JW (Ir. Wolf) Top quality 2yr bitch presented in super condition, strong yet graceful and such an easy mover. Correctly shaped head with kind expression. Long neck, well laid shoulders, deep chest, strong rear and well set and carried tail. 3.Cross & Black’s Ch. Riowood Red Boots JW. Brace Stakes (9,2) 1.Honey’s Tibetan Terriers. These two made such a lovely pair, almost identical in size and shape and moving in unison holding their outlines firm. Both presented in full, quality coat and with typical tibetan expressions. 2.Parker & Mcdonald’s Min Schnuazers. Close up to 1, both of beautiful type and presented immaculately, similar in size and moving smartly together. 3.Collier’s Dalmatians