• Show Date: 19/03/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Leanne Marshallsay Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

West Of England Bull Terrier Club

West Of England Bull Terrier Club

Open Show

19th March 2023

I would like to thank the Officers and Committee for giving me the opportunity to judge such wonderful breeds, they have captured my heart and soul. This Club clearly values their exhibitors and offered the most amazing prizes and rosettes. It is a friendly inviting show which encourages new exhibitors with help and advice. Also to the exhibitors who gave me the chance to assess their dogs and accept my decisions graciously. I was extremely lucky to have Tyrone Probert judging the Miniature Bull Terriers who brought forward some superb examples to compete for the Best In Show with our decisions were unanimous throughout.

Sp. Beginners Dog 2/1

1st Malden’s Louka Starman

White Dog with a good head profile and plenty of fill, correct ear set and nice eye and correct mouth. Good length in neck tapering into shoulders. Straight front with ample fore chest and depth of chest with spring of rib, well held topline and good bend of stifle. Moved okay

Puppy Dog 2/1

1st Thomas Croseybullys Forged In Fire

Handsome baby who has so many qualities, he needs time to mature. Brindle and white with a superb egg shaped head for his age with plenty of fill. Correct mouth, excellent ear placement and small dark eye. Good length in neck, needs to develop in the fore chest which will come with maturity. Sufficient length in the back and depth of chest. Well anglulated hindquarters, round compact feet and moved well once settled. Best Puppy Dog

Junior Dog 2/1

1st Karta-Williams Karmara’s Stop and Stare

White dog, strong powerful and well muscled, masculine head with an excellent profile but without being course, excellent fill, correct mouth and well set ears which he doesn't always use to his advantage. Excellent expression. Strong neck tampering into well placed shoulders, developing fore chest, ample depth and breath of chest. Strong front with lovely round bone, neat feet. Short back, correct topline with a slight rise over the loins. Powerful strong hindquarters moved.

Reserve Best Dog

Post Graduate Dog 2/1

1st Demmon Clansmann Firestarter

This dog was a real handful for this owner, showing a dog which is very excitable is hard work. Brindle and white, head is lacking in strength and fill, dark small eye which is well placed, well placed ears, correct mouth. Okay front, upright in shoulder placement short in back and moved well once settled.

Limit Dog 3/1

1st Malden’s Louka Starman

See Sp. Beginners

2nd Haase Rubbise Big Al

Brindle and white, super strong head, well placed dark eyes and neat ears. Short but powerful tampering neck. Developed fore chest with strong front, Good depth of chest and topline would have preferred slightly more hindquarter angulation. Showing himself off today wasn't what he wanted to do. Moved okay

Open Dog 2/0

1st Thomas Croesybullys Colossal

This dog has had the right name given to him, he is a power house of a dog. Strong but not course egg shaped head which has a beautiful profile and fill. Correct mouth and strength in underjaw, wicked expression with dark well placed eyes, Neat ears which are corrected placed. Strong tampering neck into well placed shoulders with a straight front, lovely round bone and beautiful neat feet. Ample fore chest with a decent depth and breath of chest and rib, correct topline with a rise over the loins. Strong hindquarters, correct tail sent and moved well, his handler got the best out of him.

Best Dog, Reserve Best of Breed & Best Opposite Sex

2nd Beckinsale’s Cywbullys Thundering Tank

Another stomping dog, this was a close decision as both dog carry a lot of the same virtues. Beautiful egg shaped head with a stunning profile, well set eyes with a great expression and well placed ears. Good length in neck leading into well placed shoulders with a great front and ample fore chest. Excellent depth and spring of rib, good topline with short back. Strong hindquarters, good tail set and moved well. Would have liked to consider him for RBOB however unfortunately was not present.

Veteran Dog/Bitch 5/3

A super pair of mature ladies a pleasure to see them strut their stuff on the mat.

1st Carter’s Loquitur Enchanter

Lovely white bitch, with a super expression, well placed eyes and good set ears. Ample fore chest and okay front. Short backed and correct topline, good tail set and moved well for age.

2nd Morgan’s Romagna Rumour Has It

Another lovely girl, who is slightly larger and longer in cast to the first, wicked expression , good length in neck, with sufficient fore chest. Super depth and breath of chest, correct topline and moved okay.

Sp. Beginners Bitch 5/4

1st Malden's Louka Masked Maiden

Red and White nice head would prefer a little more profile, correct mouth, lovely expression with a dark small eye and well set ears. Strong neck which tampers into well placed shoulders and super fore chest. Short backed with a good depth in chest, Correct topline and tail set strong hindquarters and angulation, moved and showed well.

Puppy Bitch 6/1

1st Twyman Laronbelle's Jamari

Beautiful pup, who I am sure will have a very successful future. Very well put together and balanced for her age. Egg shaped head which has a lovely profile it is strong but remaining feminine. Wicked dark small eye which is well placed and neat ears. Good length of neck leading into well placed shoulders with developing fore chest. Straight front, strong round bone with neat feet. Developing chest, with a correct topline , rising over the loin. Well angulated hindquarters, good tail set and moved soundly. Handled well

Best Puppy Bitch, Best of Breed Puppy & Reserve Best Bitch

2nd Smith's Xeniabulls Ambalika Ulupi

Lovely pup who isn't quite as mature as one, she needs a little more time to develop. Nice head with good profile, dark small eye and well set ears. Good length in neck, okay front and developing fore chest. Slightly long in the back, well muscled and moved well once settled, Handler was patient and kind.

3rd Thomas Croesybullys Firecracker

Junior Bitch 1/0

Post Graduate Bitch 4/1

1st Campbell Clansmann Flame Glory

Red and white , beautiful head with enough fill, dark well placed eyes and correct set ears. Good length in neck, good front, lovely neat feet. Good depth and depth of chest, correct topline and strong well muscled hindquarters. Good tail set and moved well.

2nd Pope Villensia Pink Grapefruit

Red and white, such a feminine girl with a lovely head which doesn't quite have the profile of one. Lovely dark small eye and correct ear set with correct mouth. Neck tampering into well placed shoulders, with a straight strong front and neat feet. Good fore chest, with a superb depth and depth of chest, topline which has a good rise over her loins. Lovely back end which is well angulated and well muscled. Moved well

3rd Keogh Keobull Fix Up Look Sharp

Limit Bitch 1/0

1st Malden's Louka Masked Maiden

See Sp Beginners

Open 2/1

1st Karta-Williams Karmara's Tough Tyger

Beautiful bitch who has bone and substance in spades, Egg shaped head which has an excellent profile and fill so feminine with a wicked eye, good ear set and correct mouth. Superb length in neck tampering into well placed shoulders. Strong round bone, straight front with ample fore chest. Excellent depth and breath of chest and rib, with a short back. Powerful hindquarters with good angulation, good tail set and moved well.

Best Bitch & Best of Breed