• Show Date: 19/03/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lauran Wheaton Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Herts & Essex Border Canine Society

Herts & Essex Border Canine Society

19th March 2023

Thank you to the committee for the invitation to judge and thank you to the stewards for doing a great job.


Class 162 Puppy (3/1)

1st 385 Penn’s Sophtspot Quality Street. Very raw baby of just six months. Overall nice make a shape, very pretty head with dark eyes. Nice length of neck and lay of shoulder. Level topline and curved underline. Well angulated at the rear, with strong hocks. A touch unsettled today which affected her movement. BPIB.

Class 163 Special Yearling (1/0)

Class 164 Limit (4/2)

1st 386 Samkin’s Jabitoja Playa Blanca

I just love this beautiful liver girl. Elegant all through without lacking in substance. Prettily spotted face, with expressive amber eyes. Good length to neck and well laid shoulder. Excellent angulation at the front and back, well off for bone, tight cat feet and in fantastic hard condition. Showed herself beautifully and moved fluidly in a difficult ring. BOB.

2nd 384 Penn’s Dalfellin Agape

Pretty black bitch, who makes a nice outline on the stand. Good reach of neck, well boned fores, nicely angulated at the front and back, good feet. She is in well muscled condition. Another who was unsettled today as I know she can move better than she did. RBOB. 

Class 185 Open (5/3)

1st 386 Samkin’s Jabitoja Playa Blanca 

As above

2nd 387 Samkin’s Rapanooey Ridha 

Lovely veteran boy who is the ideal size for a male. Masculine head but not overdone. Good neck and front construction, nice feet. Level topline, well angulated hinds and well developed musculature. He moved so soundly around the ring. Just a shame he’s struggling with his coat condition.

3rd 380 Graham’s Dotlun Sorellas Phancy at Ravold

Lancashire Heeler

Class 246 Special Yearling (2/1)

1st 497 Musk& Bingham’s Lankeela Our Marine

This young male is full of confidence. Cheeky expression, dark eyes with a balanced head. Correct ear set and carriage. Good neck, good lay back of shoulder. Well off for bone but feet turned out a little more than I would like. Strong through the body, good angulation at the rear. Smart movement. BOB.

Canadian Eskimo Dog 

Class 285 Special Yearling (1/1)

1st 550 McKinlay’s Carlotta Di Savoia (IMP ITA).

Super smart bitch, presented beautifully. Obviously female, well balanced head with dark eyes, well set ears and strong jaw. Short neck, excellent lay of shoulder, well constructed front. Level through the topline, well angulated rear with good muscling. Moved with drive. RBOB.

Class 286 Limit (1/1)

1st 549 Bailey’s Arcticice Qimmiq Jackson at Akna (IMP CAN) Ir Jun Ch

Powerfully built veteran boy who belies his years. Strong, masculine head, dark eyes and correct ears. Well muscled neck and shoulders, well off for bone with straight fores and large feet. Strong through the topline and into the rear muscling. Unsettled on the move. 

Class 287 Open (1/1)

1st 548 Bailey’s Akna Tumnus.

Another imposing male who presents himself well. Strong all through, in excellent hard condition. Masculine head, dark eye and powerful jaw. Short neck, correctly angulated front. Well boned, strong pasterns and good feet. Level topline, good underline, well angulated at the rear with sturdy hocks. Moved with excellent drive. BOB. 

Lauran Wheaton (Acinonyx)