• Show Date: 28/01/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Kyle Cy Bridgman-Lewis Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Wellingborough & District Canine Society

Wellingborough and District Canine Society;Whippets 28/1/23

I must start by thanking the officers and committee for inviting me to judge at this very well-run open show, my thanks also go to my two stewards, Jenny, and Michele. Above all, thank you to all the exhibitors who brought their dogs under me for my evaluation and excepting my decisions in a sporting manner; I had a lovely entry of 32 making 35 entries. Thank you!

Minor Puppy (4,1)

1st- Webber,Ms D - Lolani Ride A Wild Trail. 8 month old brindle dog, Appealing head with rose shaped ears, correct scissor bite, long neck in to a well laid shoulder, enough depth of brisket for age, well ribbed with gentle rise to his loin. Moved well.

2nd Wilton-Clarke Miss J A - Shalfleet Chasing The Sun. 6 months and 1-day old brindle dog still a raw baby but had everything in the right places. A balanced head, correct bite, strong neck into well laid shoulder, enough of a rise to loin for age, moved soundly for one so young.

3rd Kingsley, Mr P - Golden Sparkly Gem

Puppy (7,0)

1st Wilton-Clarke Miss J A - Shalfleet Chilli Cracker Litter mate to 2nd in MP and Sired by my BOB, Brindle 6 months and 1 day old bitch, a real show girl, she commanded my attention. A balanced head, oval eyes, correct bite, and rose shaped ears, long muscular neck caried with a slight arch, well placed shoulders, good return of upper arm, enough depth of brisket for age, spring of rib and a lovely top line. This bitch came alive on the move and moved with long free flowing stride, true fore and aft. BP Hound Puppy Group 2

2nd Morland, Miss A - Zoraden You Are My Universe A different type to first but a well-constructed whippet. 9-month-old fawn bitch, balanced head, with correct bite, good length of neck into a well laid shoulder, deep in brisket and good ribbing, gentle arch over strong loin, well angulated behind, moved well.

3rd Webber,Ms D - Lolani Ride A Wild Trail

Junior (5,1)

1st Longhurst Mrs A and Miss A - Abbeyhurst Dancing Queen Blue fawn bitch that I liked for her overall type, balanced head with correct scissor bite, strong neck into a well-placed shoulder, equal return of upper arm with flat muscle. Deep brisket, ribs well sprung, well muscled hindquarters and well developed second thigh. Moved well.

2nd Hills Mrs C and Miss - Shimmeree Calico’s Cupid A blue bitch who wasn’t as co-operative as she could have been. Balanced head, ovel eyes, correct bite and rose shaped ears. She has well-paced shoulders with ample return of upper arm, brisket deep and well ribbed. Strong back and slight rise over the loin. Move soundly and true fore and aft.

3rd Saxby, Miss K D - Sandspring Sea Master

Postgraduate (5,3)

1st Scoffe Miss C - Zoraden Macchiato JW Red fawn dog with dark mask. An overall balanced dog, balanced head, correct oval eye, correct bite. He has a long muscular neck in to well-placed shoulders, deep brisket. A well ribbed boy, strong back, well developed hind quarters. Moved effortlessly.

2nd Lipscombe, Mr and Mrs D - Selinko Cherise, I liked this dog for its overall type, she’s a balanced fawn bitch, has a lovely head with oval eyes, and rose shapes ears. Long neck into well placed shoulder. Good depth to brisket, strong back with slight rise to loin. Moved out well. I would just like her a little tighter in her feet.

Limit (7,1)

1st Wilton-Clarke Miss J A -Shalfleet Chasing The Wind - A brindle boy of correct size, I couldn’t help but notice him. He has a beautiful balanced head, oval eye correct scissor bite. Long muscular neck with arch into a well laid shoulder with flat muscle, supper return of upper arm, and pastern strong with slight spring, deep brisket with front well filled, muscled back, strong hindquarters and well developed second thigh. Hocks well let down. On the move he moved with a long low stride holding his top line, giving the daisy cutting action the breed is known for. True fore and aft. BOB, Group 1, Delighted to hear he went Best In Show

2nd Glithero and Philo Mr, and Mrs P,R and Ms SR - Tameron Kept In The Dark For Coppershell A Brindle dog. Bigger than I would of liked but he was a shapely boy. Balanced head into well laid shoulder, Deep brisket, well ribbed, strong back. Moved well.

3rd Lipscombe, Mr and Mrs D - Selinko Honeysuckle

Open (6,4)

1st Samson, Miss L- Romaclove - The Power Of Love, a lovely blue bitch and I liked her for her overall type, Balanced head, oval eye and correct bite, neck arched into well laid shoulder, brisket deep, well filled front and ribs well sprung. Back strong and graceful arch over her loin. Moved well and was true fore and aft. RBOB.

2nd Blake Miss E - Silkridge In A Moment at Mazargo A dog I have judge previously and unlucky to meet the 1st. She has the classical shape of a whippet. Balanced head, oval eye and correct bite. Shoulders well laid, deep brisket, her back is well muscled with slight rise over the loin. Hind quarters strong, moved well, true fore and aft.

Kyle Cy Bridgman-Lewis (Judge)