• Show Date: 22/07/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Krystyan Greenland Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 12/10/2023

Southampton & District Canine Association

Cesky Terrier

A quality entry in my opinion

Puppy (2) 2 promising puppies

1st: Samson’ Silak Little Monster. A cracking young boy who is very immature but has all the things in all the right places to make a very promising adult indeed. Head is relatively long with slight stop. Medium sized eyes. Friendly expression. Ears are triangular. Well built. Typical topline. Sound mover. BP

2nd: Samson’s Silak Never Miss A Beat. Altogether, more mature looking. Really lovely head with a very typical expression indeed. Neck is elegant and strong. Topline is a little flatter than 1st. Moderate angles. Coat in great order. Very sound mover.

Junior (1)

1st Samson’s Talyot Odin Silak. I liked this was for overall shape and strength. Not quite as typical in outline as my main winner. Head is of a nice shape and in ideal proportion to body. Friendly expression. Good, balanced angles. Moved out soundly.

Post Graduate (3,1)

1st: Goundry’s Komidon Symphoniques At Sarminija. A bitch with a good head. Up to size. Excellent expression and typical in eye and ears. Neck shows a degree of elegance. Would like slightly more angulation to shoulder. Topline a little exaggerated for my preference. Tail set ok. Moves soundly.

2nd: Burrage’s Komidion Sonata For Sametova JW. A bitch of quality. Preferred her for size and overall shape to 1st. Nice head with strength and ideal balance. Typical outline for the breed. In excellent coat and condition. Lost out here as she was pulling all over the place on the move and just not able to assess, I’m sure she can go much better.

Open (6,1)

1st: England & Burrage’s Ch Ashleyheaths Black Thunder ShCM ShCEx VW. An upstanding male I have judged before and it was a delight to see him again here. Great head with so many excellent breed features, ideal balance, and shape. Has a most typical outline for the breed and is firm and muscular throughout. Excellent angulation. Great tail set. In superb coat and condition and moved out effortlessly. Lovely dog. BOB

2nd: Samson’s Silak Shasgav Sound Of Silence ShCCM ShCEX. Another class act for me. Feminine but with strength. Lovely friendly expression. Good balance to skull and muzzle. Correct width through skull. Elegant neck leading to well-placed shoulders. Typical topline. Firm loins. Chest of correct depth and length. So well presented in tip top condition. RBOB

American Cocker

Puppy (2,1)

1st: Weller’s Sabisabi Apache Tonka at Geenawell. This pup had quite a nice head with sweet expression. Correct proportions of skull to muzzle. Eyes correct for shape and set and colour. Ears set typically. Neck too short and shoulders rather upright. Chest ok for width. Topline slopes slightly downwards. Moved out soundly. BP

2nd: Pratts’ Sanelle Alfonso. Vey immature and lots of maturing to do. Head and body developing along nice lines. Eyes are ok for shape and set. Neck medium in length and shows slightly better angulation at shoulder than 1st. Topline slopes slightly. Tail set correct. Real baby and not so collected on the move at present.

Junior (2,0)

1st: Walden’s Taramount Golden Ticket. A pretty good American. Head is ok for shape and is in proportion to body. Correct degree of stop and proportion of skull to muzzle. Eyes ok for shape. Ears well set and are of correct length. Neck could be longer. Shoulders could be slightly more angulated. Upper arm returns sufficiently. Gentle slope to topline. Good turn of stifle. Nice cobby body. Tail set on a line with topline and carried well. Very sound mover.

2nd: Tadhunter’s Taramount Pure Imagination. Similar in 1st in many respects. Typical head with ideal expression. Slightly better neck and shoulder than 1st. Appearing rather longer in body than 1st at present. Moves soundly.

Open (2,1)

1st: Niessen’s Am Ch Rotojet’s Roll Call. I liked the type on this dog. Rounded skull with good width. Correct stop and well-proportioned skull to muzzle. Eyes are expressive and of a nice shape. Ears are well set and of correct length. Neck ok for length. Shoulders are quite well laid and upper arm returns well. Deep chest. Cobby body. Firm topline which shows a very slight slope. Well-turned stifles. Well set and carried tail. Moves with a typical free action. BOB

Golden Retriever

Puppy (5,0)

What a super class!

1st Gayler’s Carolake X’Marks The Spot. A scrumptious puppy! Really lovely head with the kindest of expressions. Skull was broad without coarseness. Muzzle was wide and deep but maintained femininity. Dark eyes. Clean, muscular neck of good length. Very well laid shoulders and excellent return to upper arm. Nice bone for age. Deep chest and width is ok. Short coupled through the body. Firm, level topline. Well bent stifles. Round cat feet. Tail set level with back. Super positive mover with a nice long stride and so sound out and back. Loved her. Shall watch her career with interest. BP & BOB

2nd: Waterman’s Burleybeck Swing On A Star. Again, a very pretty young girl with a really kind expression. Head shows strength without coarseness. Nice deep wide muzzle. Good length to neck which was clean and muscular. Excellent shoulders and upper arm. Chest developing well. Short coupled. Topline firm. Not quite as nice in balance as the winner. Tail set on level with topline. Little more immature throughout but super sound and looked a picture to take RBOB.

3rd: Taylor’s Pandreft Tamara

Junior Dog (3,0)

1st: Henson’s Cinderbank Move It Jw. Stood out here. Flashy. No doubting this one is a boy. Masculine through the head and shows strength throughout. Liked his head for proportions and expression. Dark eyes of nice shape and set. Neck ok for length. Shoulders moderate in angulation. Upper arm sufficient. Deep chest with good width. Short muscular loins. Topline just slopes away a bit too much for me. Well bent stifles. Good tail set and carriage. Positive on the move.

2nd: Brewer’s Stradcot Poetry In Motion. There was lots I liked about this well-balanced bitch, but she really wasn’t focussed in this weather. Lovely head. Soft, gentle expression. Dark eyes. Neck of good length and a really nice forehand. Chest of good depth and width. Nice bone for size. Level topline. Didn’t move out to her full potential but was very sound. Bit more maturity and better conditions could have swapped places.

3rd Tubbs’ Pauternapaws By The Sea With Alsutu.

Post Graduate (4,1)

1st: Gullivers’ Tonara Moon Walk. Nice masculine head but with gentle expression. Wide, deep muzzle. Neck ok for length. Moderate angulation to shoulders and upper arm. Good bone. Deep chest. Broad loins. Perhaps a bit square in outline. Level topline. Good tail set. Moved out well.

2nd: Brewer’s Stradcot Poetry In Motion. As above.

Open (2,1)

1st: Taylor’s Pandreft Quite A Melody. A pleasant bitch throughout with a good head for shape and proportions. Neck of good length. Well angulated fore and aft. Deep through chest. Good bone, feet and strong legs. Tail set level with topline. Just a shade soft in topline today. Moved out soundly in all directions.

Bearded Collies

Some very nice Beardies on show here.

Puppy (3,1)

1st: O’Donnells’ Thingamebob He’s Coming Home To Holliemoor. Head was in proportion to size. Skull broad and flattish. Muzzle strong enough for age. Neck medium in length. Well angulated fore and aft. Level topline. Moves soundly. BP

2nd: Gilbert’s Bryonyhill Secret Saturn. Not the most settled in the ring and quite hard to assess. Quite well put together and maturing ok.

Junior (4,1)

1st: White’s Moonhill Rodney Trotter. I felt he had a super head. Broad skull with strong muzzle and well-proportioned with body. Very expressive eyes. Neck moderate in length. Well laid shoulders. Upper arm returns well. Liked his length through the body which came from his ribcage. Strong topline. Good bone. Well bent stifles and low set hocks. Tail is well set. Coat of ideal texture. Moves out with a lovely free action. Shall watch this ones progress with interest. RBOB

2nd: Webb’s Eltmaris Hip Hip Hooray. Head is broad in skull and muzzle is strong. Looked a little out of proportion to body. Neck a tad short. Moderate angles fore and aft. Level topline. Enough length through the body. Moves soundly.

3rd: O’Donnells’ Thingamebob He’s Coming Home To Holliemoor.

Post Graduate (4,0)

1st: White’s Moonhill Rodney Trotter.

2nd: Anderson’s Brodarty Sent With Love To Bobsacres. A bitch with a very pretty head. Feminine but strong enough. Lovely expression. Neck moderate in length. Shoulders could be slightly more angulated. Upper arm a little upright. Quite square in outline. Stifles moderate in angulation. Hocks low set. Moved out soundly.

3rd: Kedzierski’s Brodarty Special Edition

Open (4,0)

1st: Dumbrell’s Brodarty Limited Edition at Bethlyntree. A strong masculine boy. Broad skull which is flat and well proportioned. Moderate stop. Eyes set wide apart and tone with coat colour. Soft affectionate expression. Neck moderate in length and muscular. Well laid shoulders and good return to upper arm. Good length through the ribcage. Deep chest. Back level. Well sprung ribs. Well bent stifles which had really good muscle. Low set tail. Moved so well in the conditions with a nice long stride. Good coat texture. Sound in all directions. BOB

2nd: Kedzierski’s Brodarty Bardzo Dobra. A nice shapely bitch built on nice lines. Looking a bit bedraggled in the awful conditions. Head is nice with flat skull and good proportions of skull to muzzle. Moderate stop. Ok for bone. Deep chest with enough width. Firm topline. Moderate bend of stifles. Low set hocks. Easy stride.

3rd: Rowan’s Beabeardies Golden Brown.

Border Collie

Puppy (1,0)

1st: Hartfield’s Crantzfold Hera at Moshanta. A real baby with lots of maturing to do. Very refined. Eyes are well spaced and dark. Ears are well set. Moderate angles. Level topline. A bit square in outline at present. Deep chest. Tail is well set and caried well on the move. Displayed a really nice gait when she settled. BP

Junior (3,0)

1st: Milhams’ Elystari This Must Be Love. A well-proportioned bitch with a pretty head. Well set ears. Well-spaced eyes, dark in colour. Neck quite medium in length. Moderate angulation fore and aft. Good bone. Chest deep with well sprung ribs. Tail a little high set. Moves soundly but would prefer a more Border Collie type action.

2nd: Hartfield’s Crantzfold Hera at Moshanta.

Post Graduate (3,0)

1st: Milhams’ Elystari This Must Be Love.

2nd: Chatee’s Calareto Wild Honey Pie. Very well presented. Quite nice in head with a good expression. Neck moderate in length. Good bone. Enough length to body. Perhaps a little too much substance. Topline could be firmer. Moves soundly in profile.

3rd: Henwood’s Kanamaren Ace of Wands

Open (2,0)

1st: Hartfield’s Moshanta May Contain Nuts JW ShCEx OSW. A nice head with typical proportions, wedge and expression. Eyes are correct for shape and are wide set. Ears are well set. Good length to neck. Well laid shoulders and good return to upper arm. Mature in body. Topline firm enough. Well bent stifles. Low set hocks. Tail set low enough and carried ok on the move. Free flowing gait. BOB

2nd: Taylor’s Darian End Game. Quite typical in outline. Back a little roached. Head is masculine with a typical expression. Well angulated fore and aft. Good bone. Chest could be a tad deeper. Low set tail. Sound mover.

Catalan Sheepdog

Post Grad (2,0)

I asked one to leave the ring.

1st: Hansford’s Peragos Minervas Wisdom a tallish dog of good construction. Head was typical and moved soundly. Well proportioned. Tail set and carriage were good. Nice coat texture.

Open (1,0)

1st: Shrieves’ Int /Ir.NL/Lux Ch Winarose Wanderin Star IR Cent An Ch 22 CPW19 CW22. Strong head. Pronounced occiput. Short, blunt muzzle. Round eyes with alert expression. High set ears. Neck moderately short. Prominent withers. Well angulated shoulders and good upper arm. Slightly longer than tall. Firm topline. Well sprung ribs. Slight slope to croup. Well bent stifles and good muscling. Low set hocks. Double dew claws present. Moved with a lovely smooth gait. BOB

2nd: Hansford’s Le Magician D’oz Du Clos Millette de Peregos. A smart dog. Quite nice head with well-proportioned skull to muzzle. Alert expression. Sound to go over and well balanced. Good coat texture. Moved soundly.

AVNSC Pastoral

There were some extremely strong classes here!

AVNSC Pastoral Puppy (7,2)

1st: Carlton’s Lynmead Royal Beauty of Sambreeze. Rough Collie. What a pretty puppy. Fell for her as soon as she walked in the ring. Head is of a nice shape with lovely parallel head planes. Slight stop. Gorgeous eyes for set and shape giving a most typical expression. Well set ears. Moderate length to neck. Well laid shoulders and good return to upper arm. Chest still to deepen and broaden. Perhaps just a tad square in outline at present. Super topline. Well-turned stifles and low set hocks. Tail of correct length. Really free mover in profile. BP

2nd: Page’s Lynmead Prince Charming. Rough Collie. Brother to 1st and so many similar qualities. Lovely head which is filling nicely and has all the correct proportions. Very nicely put together. Firm topline. Good bone for size. Sound mover who shows much promise.

3rd: Stacey’s Assaf Monisha. Komondor

AVNSC Junior (5,1). A good class.

1st: Warren’s Coldelee Jupiter Rides With Blamorder. Smooth Collie. I felt this was a very standard fitting young Smooth. Long head with strength and balance. Correct shape to eyes and well placed ears which he used well. Medium length to neck. Moderate angulation. Chest to deepen and broaden. Level topline. Good muscular condition. Tail set and carriage is good. Lifts his feet a little high in front, but really motored around the ring with little effort.

2nd: Reilly’s Endearing Warrior At Darmaror. GSD An upstanding young GSD. Head is masculine and in proportion. Good skull to muzzle and moderate stop. Eyes of correct shape and colour. Good length to neck. Excellent angulation fore and aft. Deep chest with ribs carried well back. Typical outline. Great bone. Very sound indeed, but he couldn’t get into his full stride in the slippery conditions.

3rd: Humberstone’s Mr Chunkers. Pem. Corgi

AVNSC Post Graduate (6,0)

1st: Warmsley’s Frostisen Blakk Zitter. Norwegian Buhund. Black. A new one to me and I thought she was gorgeous. Lean head. Muzzle medium in length tapering to tip giving a typical shape. Eyes are dark brown. High placed ears of correct shape with nicely pointed tips, all coming together to give a most typical expression. Medium length to neck. Square in outline. Well placed shoulders and upper arm. Nice lean bone. Strong through the body with deep chest of correct width. Level topline with no sign of a slope. Moderate turn to stifle. High set tail with correct curl. Small feet. Well-muscled. Lovely free side gait. Absolutely showed her socks off. An exciting prospect. Loved her. Best AVNSC

2nd: Warren’s Coldelee Jupiter Rides With Blamorder. As above.

3rd: Aristides-Pickard’s Sambreeze Mikki Bear Cub. Finnish Lapphund

AVNSC Open (9, 3)

1st: Gilbert’s Silkata Howay Hugo with Gandaki. Hungarian Puli. A very smart puli. Small head. Correct head proportions. Good pigment. Dark eyes. Shoulders well laid. Elbows tight. Square in outline. Short strong loins. Slight tuck up. Well-bent stifles and well-muscled. Tail curled tightly. Typical gait.

2nd: Hellewell’s Franmar The Thriller. Australian Shepherd. A standard fitting Aussie with correct head proportions. Maybe a tad full in eye. Ears well set. Medium length to neck. Moderate angles fore and aft. Topline could be a tad firmer. Moves soundly. Well presented.

3rd: Hall’s Estjak Riodouro at Kayarrach. Estrela Mountain Dog.

AV Pastoral

AV Pastoral Puppy (6,3)

1st: Page’s Lynmead Prince Charming. As above

2nd: Hartfield’s Crantzfold Hera at Moshanta.. As above

3rd: Hughes’ Whitehemi’s Benz. White Swiss Shepherd

AV Pastoral Junior (9, 5)

1st: Warren’s Coldelee Jupiter Rides With Blamorder. Smooth Collie. As above

2nd: Webb’s Eltmaris Hip Hip Hooray. Bearded Collie. As above

3rd: Milhams’ Elystari This Must Be Love. Border Collie. As above

AV Pastoral Post Graduate (4,2)

1st: Simpson’s Ralf De L’Avocat De La Tour. Picardy Sheepdog. Very rugged and rustic looking. Typical expression and many breed features on display. Nicely put together. Deep chest. Good condition. Needs to steady on the move.

2nd: Chatee’s Calareto Wild Honey Pie. Border Collie. As above.

AV Pastoral Open (8,8)

All absent.

Pastoral Group

Group 1: Warmsley’s Frostisen Blakk Zitter. Norwegian Buhund. Coped with the conditions so well to top the group. She has a stunning outline. Loved her.

Group 2: Henson & Dearman’s Lisjovia Eternal Guardian For Pyrekess. Pyrenean. A super masculine dog of wonderful type. Loved him for size and construction. He also had such a typical expression. Not blocky and over done in any way and I could quite see him working in the mountains. Excellent gait. A super boy.

Group 3: Dumbrell’s Brodarty Limited Edition at Bethlyntree. Bearded Collie. As above

Group 4: Shrieves’ Int /Ir.NL/Lux Ch Winarose Wanderin Star IR Cent An Ch 22 CPW19 CW22.

Pastoral Puppy Group

Group 1: Dennison’s Lyra Varvara I came To Win At Kuritws (Imp SVN) A super dog. Head in proportion to body with good wedge. Good parallel head planes. Slight stop. Dark eyes and well set ears. Dark pigmentation. Reachy neck. Well laid shoulders. Prominent forechest. Firm topline. Chest deep. Well bent stifles. Sabre tail which had thick hair. Super gait with excellent reach and drive. In super condition.

Group 2: Carlton’s Lynmead Royal Beauty of Sambreeze. Rough Collie.

Group 3: Munson’s Travis Bear Du Pyrdanti For Pyrbern. Pyrenean. A very promising puppy. Head is developing well. Not chunky and typical head planes and slight stop. Well-built all through and in lovely condition. Moved very soundly. Wonderful temperament.

Group 4: Hartfield’s Crantzfold Hera at Moshanta. Border Collie.