• Show Date: 17/09/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Krystyan Greenland Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 20/12/2023

British Samoyed Club

Firstly, may I apologise for the delay in this report, but I have had a hand injury which made typing rather difficult! I really enjoyed my day with the Club. The entry was rather depleted by absentees and there were unfortunately very few males, but I found some real super quality in this entry. Many of the youngsters were at very different stages of development, but it was ultimately two very stylish younger dogs that rose to the top here. Thank you for the very sporting atmosphere.

 Minor Puppy Dog (1,0)

1st Ballantine’s Whitespirit Boogie Woogie. An impressive 6 month old puppy and little did I know he would ultimately be my find of the day. Really nice wedge-shaped head with a super masculine. smiling expression. Broad, flat skull. Almond shaped eyes which are set obliquely. Great pigment. Lovely set and shape to ears. Arched neck. Super balanced angles throughout. Chest is developing well. Back is medium in length. High set tail. Great shape to feet. In super condition. Coat developing well with typical silver tips. Super positive, free mover. He really filled my eyes, and I shall watch his development and career with interest. BD, BP and BIS. Congratulations!

Limit Dog (1,0)

1st: Tarasinska’s Siberianmist Odin. Firstly, may I say what an excellent young handler the breed has here! A masculine Sammy with decent wedge. Good balance of skull to muzzle. Eyes are almond shaped and set obliquely. Could have a tad more ‘smiling’ expression. Ears are set well. Arch to neck. Moderate angulation all through. Deep chest. Firm topline and high tail set. Moves ok in profile but crabbed rather going away. RBD

Veteran Dog (2,0)

1st: Short’s Zakaytia Angel Of Mine. A masculine boy of overall nice make and shape. I felt his expression was a little bit plain for me. He has a good wedge. Eyes could perhaps be a tad more obliquely set. Ears ok for shape and set. Would prefer slightly more angulation to shoulders and more return to upper arm. Good bone and feet. Well proportioned. Deep chest. High set tail. Quick action and moved very soundly indeed.

2nd: Wilson’s Samnouska Chase The Ace. A masculine boy who was enjoying his day! Nice typical expression and good balance to skull and muzzle. Correct wedge. Almond shaped eyes. Good pigment to eye rims and lips. Not as well angulated as the winner or as positive on the move. Very well presented despite him being out of coat.

Junior Bitch (3,0)

1st: Mann’s Silbertips And All That Jazz. Pretty feminine head that still needs to mature on to give the ideal expression and balance. Eyes are almond shaped, dark in colour with good dark eye rims. Ears are held just a tad low but go up sufficiently when she is alert. Moderate arch to neck. Well angulated throughout. Looking a bit longer in body than ideal at present. Topline and loins are firm. High set tail. Really made gave her handler a hard time when being moved. I did eventually see a nice sound, typical Sammy action. Very well presented. Promising.

2nd: McGreade’s Taronakits It’s Kaboo for Frostia. Very nice for type and overall make and shape. Bite not to my preference. Good wedge shape head with smiling expression. Correct shape to eyes and well-set ears. Nice in body and an excellent coat coming along. High set tail. Displayed a nice sound, free action.

3rd: Mann’s Dixierose Thatz Ma Girl

Yearling Bitch (1,0)

1st: Moody & Haffenden’s Taronakit’s It’s Kayanova JW. This one was really, really out of coat, but what a cracker! Super attractive head with beautiful wedge shape and balance to skull and muzzle. Skull is flat and broad with her ears set perfectly. `Gorgeous almond shaped eyes which are set obliquely. Typical smiling expression. Excellent pigment. I liked her overall shape. Moderate angles. Chest developing well with enough width. Good bone and typical feet. Excellent firm topline and loins. High set tail. Good definition at the hocks which are low set. Excellent mover in all directions – really free and easy. Shall watch her progress with great interest. Top class girl. Loved her. BB & RBIS

Novice Bitch (2,0)

1st: McGreade’s Taronakits It’s Kaboo for Frostia.

2nd: Mann’s Dixierose Thatz Ma Girl. I felt this girl was very typey but there is just not enough of her. Looking quite small here. Well made in construction and has a charming head and expression. Good angles fore and aft. Moves soundly and handled to perfection.

Graduate Bitch (1,0)

1st Catterall & Sweeney’s Cocosamel Dramatique. What a pretty girl this is. Good head for shape and expression. Almond shaped eyes. Ears are well set. She had a moderate arch to her neck which leads to very well-placed shoulders. Good return to upper arm. Deep chest. Firm topline. Well-turned stifles. High set tail. Moves soundly. In excellent coat and condition. Sound mover but could perhaps be a bit ‘lighter and free’ with a bit more ‘umph’.

Post Graduate Bitch ( 2,1)

1st Lepley’s. Sarnoushka Silver Spirit. A bitch with a very typical head and expression. Eyes are almond shaped and set obliquely. Good wedge. Ears are of a good shape and set. Moderate length to neck with slight arch. Shoulders a little upright. Good for bone. Well proportioned. High set tail. In great coat. Moves very soundly indeed.

Limit Bitch (5,3)

1st: Tarasinska’s Siberianmist Lagertha. A well-prepared bitch of nice overall size and shape. Flattish skull with enough width. Would prefer slightly more rounded muzzle. Quite good wedge. Eyes are nice for shape and set. Great pigment. Neck shows a slight arch. Well balanced in construction. Deep chest. Good for bone. Pasterns slightly sloping. Correct shape to feet and low set hocks. High set tail. Coat in excellent condition. Good mover.

2nd: Lepley’s Sarnoushka Lady Jasmine. A typey bitch with a really typical head and smiling expression. I liked her overall shape and construction. Nice bone. Good in body with strength throughout. High set tail. Really made life difficult for her owner on the move and didn’t get into her stride here.

Open (4,1)

1st: Mann’s Ch Nikara Secret Dreamer. A top quality bitch who took my eye. She was of a size, make and shape that I really admire. Super head with typical Sammy smiling expression. Excellent wedge and balance to skull and muzzle. Excellent pigment. Super almond shaped eyes. Excellent ear shape and set. Arch to neck leading to very well placed shoulders. Upper arm could angle back just a tad more. Deep chest. Firm loins. Well-turned stifles and low set hocks. Excellent feet. In super coat with lovely silver tips glistening. Really moved well in profile, just not quite as good as my BB out and back on the day. Classy girl. RBB.

2nd: Matfin’s Ch Tiksi Dancing Flame. Different type to 1st and just a tad heavier. Not quite as feminine as 1st, but still shows good balance through the head and good wedge. Bit deeper in stop. Excellent eyes of good colour and shape. Excellent ears of good shape and well set. Moderate arch to neck. Deep chest. Well ribbed. Balanced angles and proportions. High set tail. Great shape to feet. Moves soundly, but just preferred the lightness of 1st.

3rd: Tarasinska’s Charlotte Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing.

Veteran Bitch (2,0)

1st: Short’s Ch Zeelukzak Ice’N Glorious at Zakaytia JW VW. Such a happy, upstanding Champion bitch who was still showing off her qualities. Shapely head with good wedge. Eyes are almond in shape and set obliquely. Ears a tad big for my preference. Moderate arch to neck. Nice in outline. Moderate, balanced angulation fore and aft. Firm in body and topline. High set tail. Really super mover. In fab coat and condition. Looked a real picture. BV, BVIS.

2nd: Norman & Collinson’s Ch Nikara Diamond Jubilee with Norjack. I really liked this one for make and shape. Great expression. Eyes of lovely shape and set. Ears are set well and ideal for size. Bite not perfect now. Extremely well put together with lovely bone. Not so fluid on the move as the winner who was on tip top form. Well handled.

Brace (3,2)

1st: Charlotte Wolf In Sheeps Clothing/ Siberianmist Lagertha

2nd: Sarnoushka Silver Spirit / Sarnoushka Lady Jasmine

In honesty, both entries here were fabulous, but the winners just shone and went around in perfect unison. Looked a real picture. Well done to the young handler. Great job!