• Show Date: 18/02/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Krystyan Greenland Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

National Working & Pastoral Breeds Society

Great Swiss Mountain Dog

A really lovely breed. 

Open (1)

1st Tamarackgsmd Coral Pour Spaciere (Imp Can). Alone but a quality bitch fully deserving of her win. Super attractive and so well made throughout. Good head with many attributes for the breed. Strong enough without being overdone. Good bite. Very well angulated and strong through the body. Good bone and substance. Super sound on the move and really good reach and drive. Correct markings. I thought she was very impressive. Indeed. BOB


What a super breed this is, and I absolutely loved judging them. There was real quality on show here today and I was spoilt for choice. What a credit they all were to their owners. Thank you for a very memorable appointment and thank you to the Club for supporting the classes.

Junior D/B (7,2) A good class with a range of ages including very promising babies.

1st: Foakes’ Hightimbers Oaks of Tutelary. I felt this was an extremely handsome typical boy. Broad skull with the correct proportions. Correct length of muzzle compared to skull. Moderate stop and correct strength to muzzle for age. Felt head planes could be just a shade more parallel for perfection. Super alert expression with oval eyes. Ears are of a correct shape with slightly rounded tips, also of correct length and set high to give that typical breed appearance. Moderate neck leading to well laid shoulders. Upper arm angles back nicely to set legs well under him. Good bone. Deep chest of decent width. Firm topline and loins. Moderate tuck up. Great body shape and proportions, being slightly longer that tall. Well bent stifles. Bushy tail that reached to below the hocks. Superb effortless mover who would go event better in a bigger ring. Totally impressive and I’m sure he will have a great future. I loved him. BOB

2nd: White’s Johan Hovi-Raj of Driftingsky. Up to size lad who had a very charming nature. Good strength all through for his age. I liked the shape of his head, and it is well proportioned too. Alert expression. Looking a little full in eye, but he was really excited! They are well set and of correct colour. Decent head planes. Great body shape and angulation. Firm topline and loins. Good tail set and carriage on the move. His tail is bushy and of ideal length. Moves very well in profile, really covering the ground and is sound out and back. Promising young lad indedd. BP

3rd: Robinson Brown’s Hightimbers Oreo Cookie. A charming young baby!

Post Graduate D/B (3,1)

1st: Pearce’s Pines Austen at Stenbridge. A very feminine bitch of good breed type. I particularly liked her body shape and construction. Muzzle and skull are in correct proportion. Head planes could be slightly more parallel. Moderate stop. Eyes are oval in shape and well set. Ears set moderately high and of correct size and shape. Deep chest reaching to elbows. Chest could be very slightly broader for me. Ok for bone. Feet looked a tad flat on this surface. Great angulation all through. Good croup and tail set. Tail reaches to the hocks and is overall bushy in nature, but perhaps a bit sparse today. She really moved out so well covering the ground with ease.

2nd: Woodger’s Hightimbers Ticket To Moon. I didn’t find this one quite so appealing in the head as the winner. It is nice and broad and muzzle tapers slightly, but for me he is rather bold in eye and they look quite wide set. Nice strength to muzzle. Firm neck. Moderate angulation all through. Quite well proportioned. Topline and loins are firm. Moderate tuck up. Deep chest and ribs carried well back. Tail ok for length. Profile gait is adequate, but he was just a little untidy out and back today.

Open (5,3)

1st: McClure’s Kanukalos Burletta. A stunning outline overall with absolutely perfect proportions. I loved her head. Great skull and muzzle and her head planes were easily the best of the day for me, giving her overall a very typy head indeed. Very feminine but still with strength. Wonderful expression. Lovely shape to eyes and her ears are well set and of correct length. Moderate neck. Very well laid shoulders and excellent slope to upper arm. Firm topline. Deep chest and good width. Moderate tuck up. Croup for me is slightly too steep and tail set is just a tad low. Well bent stifles and firm hocks. Bushy tail that reaches below the hock. Good bone. Great feet. Very easy and free mover who covered enough ground. Very stylish and impressive indeed. RBOB. BOS.

2nd: Foakes’ Kanukalos Rhapsody. Upstanding, masculine dog. Good head overall with well proportioned width length to skull and skull to muzzle. Head planes not quite as good as the winner. Strong muzzle. Alert expression with good oval eyes of correct colour. Ears set high and correct for size. Neck is muscular. Good angulation all through. Slightly longer than tall. Good width to chest. Moderate tuck up. Well bent stifles. Tail set and carriage better than the winner. Good profile gait – though he needed a bigger ring really. Not quite so precise going away as the winner. Handsome boy of really nice quality.