• Show Date: 19/03/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Krystyan Greenland Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Japanese Spitz Club

Japanese Spitz Club Open Show

19th March 23

Judge: Mr Krystyan Greenland

It was an absolute honour to be invited to judge this super breed at your Club Show. Thank you to the Committee for such a prestigious appointment and for looking after me so well all day. This was a marvellous entry. There was some wonderful quality. The bitch classes were particularly strong and I felt my final line up would have graced any championship show. I was very proud indeed to be able to walk down the line up and have the opportunity to select from such super dogs. Decisions here were so close and it was literally splitting hairs. To be honest, there were a lot I would have been happy to award a CC to. Some super quality dogs just lost out due to the size of the ring – they couldn’t show off their best and I know, would easily claim higher awards. Thank you to all the exhibitors for being so sporting and supporting all the winners. Such a lovely atmosphere. A very memorable appointment!

Junior Dog (2,1)

1st: Turner’s Mayumi’s Perfect Touch. A handsome young dog. Head presents a nice wedge. Slightly rounded skull. Dark oval shaped eyes. Could perhaps be slightly more obliquely set. Ears are small and set high. Nice dark pigment. Obviously still needs to develop in body but is nicely put together with balanced angles fore and aft. Well-proportioned in height to length. High set tail. Lacking undercoat on the day, but well presented in pristine condition. Moves soundly.

Graduate Dog (3,0)

1st: Turner’s Mayumi’s Perfect Prince. Very nice expression. Quite refined, wedge-shaped head. Eyes are oval in shape and dark in colour. Really lovely bright expression. Ears are small and triangular and well set. Arched neck leading to well-placed shoulders. Good return to upper arm. Nice for bone. Firm back with strong loins. Needs to broaden in chest. Well bent stifles. High set tail which is well plumed and carried over the back. Great coat and condition. Very erratic on the move, but what I was able to see was very good indeed. Best type in the class here.

2nd: Johnson’s Tarnlaikers Super Sumo. This dog has quite a nice shape overall. For me didn’t score so well in head as 1st, being a slightly too rounded in skull for me with more stop. Not such a good wedge shape. Eyes a little bold, but good colour. Ears are small and triangular and set high. Not so good in pigment today. Arched neck. Moderate lay to shoulders. Upper arm returns well. Deep chest and ribs carried well back. High set tail with good plume. Slightly down on pasterns. Moves sound in profile. A tad wide behind.

3rd: Ford & Webber’s Glamglow’ s It’s All About Perfect.

Post Graduate Dog (4,1)

1st: Church’s Sanyinko Winter Star. A well-presented dog. For me, perhaps a tad plain through the head and didn’t quite have the expression I was looking for. Eyes are oval and dark in colour. Could be slightly more obliquely set. Ears are triangular, but set slightly too low on the head. Neck is ok for length. Balanced angles fore and aft. Good bone. Chest reaches to elbows. Could have slightly more width to chest. Firm back and loins. Good turn to stifles. High set tail with good plume. Firm hocks and pasterns. In great condition and very well presented.

2nd: Warren’s Kessaku Scooby Doo. Very masculine in the head but with quite a domed skull and deep stop. Eyes are oval in shape. Could perhaps be slightly darker in colour. Ears and small and triangular and set high. Quite well put together with balanced angles. Tight elbows. Perhaps a tad square in outline. Good bone and feet. Topline is straight. Nice broad loins. High set tail. Moves soundly.

3rd: Ford & Webber’s Glamglow’ s It’s All About Perfect.

Limit Dog (4,1)

1st: Pittock’s Cheechako’s Aurelius JW. A really stunning dog. Such an attractive, masculine head with the correct slightly rounded skull and defined stop without being overdone. Eyes are dark and obliquely set. Good wedge and lovely dark pigmentation. Wonderful expression. Ears are small, triangular and set high. First dog today with a lovely arched neck of correct length leading into excellent shoulders. Great return to upper arm setting his forelegs right under him. Good bone. Deep chest. Firm topline. Well bent stifles. Firm hocks. High set tail with great plume. He moves so soundly, with no excess lifting of forelegs but I feel he was not able to show his true potential in profile gait in this difficult ring, which is where he gave ground in the challenge. Lacking in undercoat on the day. A sure-fire champion who I’m sure will collect many CC’s. Very well handled. Loved him.

2nd: Turner’s Mayumi’s The One And Only. A dog of extremely nice type indeed. Handsome expression with lovely eyes for shape, set and colour. Great wedge shape and no coarseness. Ears are small and triangular and set high on his head. Very nicely put together with excellent angulation fore and aft. Loved his size and bone. Super topline and nice broad loins. Lovely feet and pasterns. In superb coat and condition. I really liked this dog, but he just moved too erratically to get past 1st here. Needs to settle and then he should go far.

3rd: Warren’s Kessaku Hog Boss

Open Dog (6,3)

1st: Bliss’ Charney Tamotsu. A masculine boy without coarseness. Excellent wedge-shaped head. Sightly rounded skull. Well defined stop. Dark eyes which are oval in shape and set obliquely to give the overall correct expression. Muzzle is well proportioned. Dark pigmentation. Ears are small and triangular and set high. Strong neck which could be a tad longer for me. Moderate lay of shoulders. Enough return to upper arm. Broad chest and good bone. Back is short and straight. Body could perhaps be a fraction longer for overall balance. Broad loins. Well bent stifles. High set tail and good plume. Firm hocks and strong pasterns. In superb coat and condition. Looking mature compared to the competition. Not the most expansive mover, but ultimately super sound from all angles and coped better with the ring than some of his competition on the day. Handled and presented to perfection. BD, Best Opposite Sex In Show.

2nd: Prout’s Ch Kessaku Bobby Dazzler. Another nice dog. Shapely head with lovely eyes for shape and set and expression. Super ear set and shape. Neck is arched and strong. Well-built all through with more scope to angulation than 1st which I preferred. Straight back and broad loins. High set tail. Good for bone and size and presents a most lovely outline and proportions. Wasn’t really putting his all in on the move today. Moved soundly but not with the verve and scope on the day that I would have expected from his nice construction.

3rd: Smith’s Kessaku Chilli Pepper at Snowshoes

Veteran Dog (2,1)

1st: North’s Tawvale Taishita. 10 years and very well handled here. Nice head properties with typical expression. Good neck and pretty well put together. Good bone. In lovely coat and condition and looking like he was really enjoying his day. Moved soundly. BVD

Minor Puppy Bitch (3,0)

1st: Prout’s Kessaku Irish Mist. An extremely pretty, high quality young puppy. Obviously, lots of development to do, but she has an excellent wedge shaped head with lovely dark oval eyes which are set obliquely to give such a lovely typical expression. High set ears. Dark pigment. Great neck. Most lovely construction where she scored highly in front compared to many others. Lovely shoulders and return to upper arm. Lovely body proportions. Straight topline. Excellent rear angulation, firm hocks. Tail set ok. Lovely bone for age. Coat ok for age. Super mover from all angles. A little star in the making. BPIB, BPIS

2nd Turner’s Mayumi’s Summer Breeze. Looking a real baby. Again, really pretty and bags of potential. Lovely dark, oval eyes which are set obliquely. Wedge-shaped head and skull developing ok. Neck arched. Put together very well. Nice for bone. Tail high set but tended to hold it down on the day. Needs to settle on the move, but a very promising young bitch.

3rd: Nicholls’ Cavitzs Summer Heights.

Puppy Bitch (1,0)

1st Smith’s Snowshoes Iris. One I have recently awarded a BPIS at an all breed Open Show. Extremely pretty bitch with so much show presence. Head is ultra-feminine with a good wedge shape. Well-proportioned skull to muzzle. Beautiful eyes for shape and set. Lovely dark pigmentation. Wonderful expression. Neck ok for length. Moderate lay to shoulders. Straight topline. Well bent stifles. Very well proportioned. High set tail and lovely plume. Another who was not able to show off her true scope in profile gait with this tricky ring. Front to tighten. Without doubt a champion of the future. Very impressive and absolutely amazing presentation.

Junior Bitch (5,0)

1st: Bliss’ Charney Santa’s Cupid. Another high-quality young bitch who I admired very much. A very beautiful expression with lovely wedged shaped head. Super eyes for shape and colour. Could perhaps be set slightly more obliquely. Ears are small in size and ok for set. Neck moderate in length. Good depth and width to front. Very well put together with balanced angles fore and aft. High set tail and good plume. Maybe just slightly more definition at hock would enhance. A super mover. Very impressive and will surely win many high honours.

2nd: Fraser’s Tawvale Lola. Slightly taller, longer and more refined than 1st. Needs to fill out somewhat. Has a wedge-shaped head with nice expression. Dark, oval eyes which are set obliquely. Ears look a little wide set but are ok for size and shape. Well-constructed for angulation. High set tail. Moved ok.

3rd: Robert’s Charney Santa’s Donner

Yearling Bitch (3,0)

1st: Smith’s Snowshoes All That Glitters. What a super bitch. The more I looked at her, the more I liked her. Wonderful head and expression. Very feminine without any weakness and for me the correct slightly rounded skull and enough stop to not be overdone. Eyes are lovely for shape, colour and set. Ears are small and high set. Gorgeous dark pigment. Lovely length to neck which is arched and leads to very well laid shoulders. Excellent return to upper arm, which ensures there is no high stepping in front. Good depth and width to chest. Great bone for size. Excellent topline and loins. Good turn of stifles and well set and defined hocks. High set tail with excellent plume. Ideal body proportions. Neat feet. Outstanding mover. So very well handled. Lacking in undercoat on the day, but her many qualities took her all the way to the top here. Loved her. BB, BIS.

2nd: Smith’s Kessaku Popping Candy at Yokosaka. A very nice shapely bitch. Not quite so feminine in head as 1st. Good dark eyes, a tad fuller than 1st. Ears are set well. Good wedge. Very well put together with excellent angles fore and aft. Very nice in body with good depth to chest, and well sprung ribs which are carried well back. High set tail with super plume. Nice feet. Very promising with lots of potential to do very well indeed. Moves very soundly in all directions.

3rd: Robert’s Charney Santa’s Donner

Graduate Bitch (4,0)

1st: Turners’ Mayumi’s Follow The Dream. A bitch with a very nice overall shape and conformation. Sweet head with dark oval eyes which are set obliquely. Slightly rounded skull. Good proportions of skull to muzzle. Good wedge. Ears are high set and of good size. Neck moderate in length. Lovely shape and angles. High set tail. Good bone. Coat texture could have been better. Really played her handler up on the move. Just needs more schooling. Very sound when she did go.

2nd: Church’s Sanyinko Chrystmas Angel TAF. Very refined. Rather plain in expression for me compared to 1st. Eyes are good for shape and colour. Ears looking a tad large where she was lacking coat but are well set. Neck of moderate length and is arched. Well laid shoulders and upper arm returns very well. Topline is firm and her body proportions are really good. High set tail. A tad straight in stifles, so a little unbalanced with front. High set tail. Lacking coat on the day. Neat feet. Moves soundly out and back.

3rd: Hough’s Cavitzs Idaho Rose.

Post Graduate Bitch (3,1)

1st: Turner’s Mayumi’s Sweet Harmony. This bitch really took my eye when she came in the ring, but she made her handlers task (and mine) so difficult! Very nice in head. Good wedge. Slightly rounded skull. Excellent ratio of skull to muzzle. Dark pigment. Excellent oval shaped eyes which are dark and set obliquely. Super expression. Beautiful arch to neck. Excellent shoulders and upper arm. Great chest for depth and width. Super bone. Excellent feet. Slightly longer than tall. Straight topline. Broad loins. Well bent stifles. Firm, well defined hocks. High set tail and great plume. I gave her so many chances to settle on the move. The gait I did see was excellent. She needs more schooling as I feel she has lots of potential to win top awards.

2nd: Church’s Sanyinko White Ivory TAF. A very pretty bitch, but perhaps a bit large all through for my preference. Nice eyes for shape and set. Good expression. Ears are set high and of good shape. Quite nicely put together. Well balanced. High set tail. Feet looking very flat. Moves soundly. Well handled.

Limit Bitch (6,2)

1st Prout’s Kessaku Mamma Mia JW. Another super quality bitch who I liked so much. Beautiful shape and outline. Good wedge. Eyes are dark in colour - could perhaps be a slightly better shape. Lovely balance to skull and muzzle. Excellent ears for shape and set. Excellent pigmentation. Great neck. Superb construction throughout. Good depth to chest and has enough width. Firm topline. Broad loins. High set tail and great plume. Super bone, coat and condition. Feet could be a tad more cat like. Excellent mover. Just didn’t quite go with the ‘umph’ of my main winners on the day. Very close up to the top awards here. Very impressive indeed and I’m sure will win many CC’s.

2nd: Turner’s Mayumi’s Too Hot Too Handle. A bitch of very nice type and construction. Sweet head with lovely eyes, ears and balanced throughout. Ears are set nice and high. Very well built for angulation. Looking just a shade short in foreleg for my preference. Straight topline and broad loins. High set tails. In marvellous coat. Too erratic on the move.

3rd: Dickson’s Cheechako Miss Mouse In Bernavia

Open Bitch (4,0)

1st: Bambridge’s Ch Charney Fine Design At Tartiko. A real eyecatcher and I am sure has melted many hearts. So beautiful for head and expression. Excellent dark eyes which are of a lovely shape and so well set to give such a typical expression. Great wedge and balance to skull and muzzle. Super ears for set and shape. Superb pigment. Neck is arched and leads to well laid shoulders. Excellent upper arm. Super bone and feet. Excellent chest for depth. Well ribbed. Broad loins. Excellent turn of stifles. Well defined hocks. High set tail and excellent plume. Great coat texture and condition. Lovely mover in profile. Kept tucking her rear end under her on the stand in the challenge which just ruined her outline. Very close up to the top awards.

2nd: Smith’s Ch Snowshoes Belle of The Ball. Another good one from this kennel. Very pretty. Dark eyes, but a little fuller than ideal for my preference. Good wedge. Slightly rounded skull. Ears are good for shape and set high. Arched neck. Good front for angulation. Slight slope to pasterns. Good shape to feet. Deep enough in chest. Firm topline. Broad loins. Slightly longer than tall. High set tail. Just enough tune to stifle. Hocks could be slightly more defined. Lacking coat on the day. Fantastic mover.

3rd: Pittock’s Anlemar Thumbalina of Cheechako

Veteran Bitch (4,1)

1st: Church’s Ch/It Ch Sanyinko Silver Spirit. An impressive bitch of high quality. Excellent wedge. Slightly rounded skull. Defined stop. Eyes are oval in shape and dark. I’d just like them set slightly more obliquely. Excellent balance to skull and muzzle. Dark pigment. Lovely arch to neck. Excellent construction with beautiful angulation fore and aft. Excellent bone. Super for body proportions. Excellent bone and feet. Straight, firm topline. Broad loins. High set tail and excellent plume. Great firm, straight hocks. Slightly sloping pasterns. Really eye-catching, super standard fitting bitch. Excellent mover from all angles. Had to give way to youth in the challenge, but such a close decision. Superb presentation. RBB, RBIS, BVIS

2nd: Dickson’s Kessaku Yum Yum In Bernavia. A lovely quality bitch indeed with so much to like. Really shapely body and so well put together. I liked her head which was very feminine with lovey dark, obliquely set, oval eyes. Lovely dark pigment. Super neck. Nice proportions. High set tail. Lots to like. Really played her handler up on the move but settled enough to show me a very nice gait. In excellent coat and condition.

3rd: Turner’s Melinas Viva La Vida Lilryecontye