• Show Date: 28/01/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Krystyan Greenland Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Newton Abbot & South Devon Canine Society

Newton Abbot & South Devon CS


Judge: Mr Krystyan Greenland

What a fantastic show this was to judge. I love the venue and the Committee look after you 100%. Thank you to them for inviting me. A fabulous atmosphere and dogs awaited me. Thanks so much to my stewards through the day.

Best In Show

A quality line up awaited me and it was a delight to go over all of them. For me, two stood away on the day for sheer quality, conformation, and showmanship. – these being the wonderful Lhasa Apso that I sent through from the Utility Group and the Alaskan Malamute chosen by Hilary Male in the Working Group.

BIS: Carter’s Ch Belazieth Sundance Kid With Alamiks JW SHCEX OSW (Lhasa Apso). A dog I have judged before and he has matured on so well. He is so well balanced, sturdy and has the degree of elegance I am looking for. Skull is moderately narrow. Moderate stop. Dark oval eyes showing no white. Ears heavily feathered. Wonderful expression. Strong well arched neck. Shoulders are well laid back and his upper arm is well set. Straight legs. Longer in body than height at withers. Ribs carried well back. Level topline and strong loins. Good turn of stifles and nice hocks. Tail is high set and carried well over the back. Superb coat. Absolute perfection on the move - so free- and a master class in handling! A wonderful dog.

RBIS: Smith’s Snowshoes Who Dares Wins (Alaskan Malamute). I thought this Malamute was a most handsome dog. Very nice masculine head without being too overdone. Good proportion of muzzle to skull. Ear set is perfect. Lovely shape to eyes which are of a nice dark colour. Wonderful expression. Excellent muscular neck. Very well laid shoulders and excellent return of upper arm. Good strong bone. Deep chest and very slight slope to topline. Excellent turn of stifles and well defined, firm hocks. Perfect tail set and carriage with typical waving plume. I thought he looked superb on the move today. In great coat and perfectly handled.

Best Puppy In Show

Another great line up awaited me here. I was particularly drawn to the Rottweiler, Japanese Spitz, English Cocker and Mini S/H Daschund. All dogs of huge quality. In the end, two just had the edge.

BPIS: Smith’s Snowshoes Iris. (Jap Spitz). I completely fell for this beautiful bitch. Wedge shaped head with slightly rounded skull and enough development of stop. Muzzle is totally in proportion to skull. Ultra-attractive with lovely dark oval eyes. High set ears which are small. Arched neck. Moderate lay to shoulders. Correct body length. Moderate tuck up. Well- turned stifles. High set tail. In great coat for her age. Beautiful. Absolute star on the move in


profile. Just needs to develop width in front. A little star and future Champion in the making. Loved her. So well handled.

RBPIS: Freeze’s Fantasa One Night In Paris (Rottweiler). A really super Rott of excellent make and shape. Liked her head and expression. Reachy neck. Excellent shoulders and upper arm returns to set legs well under her. Good bone & substance for age. Well-proportioned body and nothing looking too extreme. Well set tail and an absolute powerhouse on the move. A complete personality too! Well handled and I shall watch her future with keen interest.

Best Champion In Show: Carter’s Ch Belazieth Sundance Kid With Alamiks JW SHCEX OSW (Lhasa Apso).

Res Best Champion In Show: Smith’s Ch Snowshoes Kings Legacy SHCM SHCEX (Alaskan Malamute). I judged this dog last year at the AMCUK Show, where, to be honest, on what was a very hot day, he did not inspire me too much. Here, he looked like a different dog. In absolutely superfluous condition and looking every inch the Champion. I would prefer slightly more masculinity for my taste, but his head is well proportioned. He has very nice expressive eyes, Muscular neck and is well constructed throughout. Today his topline was nice and firm and he moved fantastically. In good hard muscular condition. Thought he looked amazing,

Best Veteran In Show

A great group of veterans rounded off a fabulous appointment.

BVIS: Smith’s Ch Snowshoes Kings Legacy SHCM SHCEX (Alaskan Malamute).

RBVIS: Plummers’ Tetsikarma Stargazer SHCM SHCEX VW. (Tib Terrier). One I have judged before and looking amazing here. Great head. Correct proportion of skull to muzzle. Lovely shape to eyes which are dark in colour. Coat does not obstruct. Reachy neck, leading to well laid shoulders. Upper arm of correct length and slope. Deep chest and well ribbed. Square in outline. Moderate turn to stifles. Firm hocks. Great coat and condition. Super mover, covering the ground effortlessly. Very well handled.

Miniature Schnauzer

Open (2,0)

1st: Wood’s Penbro Talk Of The Town. Very smart and outline catches the eye. Up to size. Very good expression. Eyes of medium size and dark in colour. Enough length to head which is also of the correct contours and shape. Ears are set well. Neck of moderate length. Back just short enough. Firm topline. Ribs are well sprung. Good turn of stifles. Tail set on high. Moved a treat when settled. Jacket ok for texture. Well handled. BOB. Grp 3

2nd: Penbro Victoria’s Secret. Again lots of quality to see and of a nice size. Expressive head with dark eyes and correct proportions to the head. Good length to neck and short back. Firm loins. Balanced angles fore and aft. Coat coming along ok. Not so collected in the ring as 1st and preferred the overall outline and shape of 1st. BP

Tibetan Spaniel

What a super entry with some very nice quality – thank you. Graduate (4,0)

1st: Smith’s Tibbiestars Tutti Frutti. I was quite taken with this young lady. I felt her head looked in the correct proportion to her body. Slightly domed skull with moderate length and width. Medium length to muzzle and enough cushioning. Chin showed enough width and depth for me. Expressive dark eyes which are oval in shape and spaced quite well apart. They gave me that lovely typical bright expression. Ears are set fairly high. Correct bite. Neck ok for length. Lovely angulation to shoulder and upper arm. Firm topline. I’d perhaps just like a fraction more length to body. Good turn of stifle. Tail set and carried correctly. At 7 months, obviously, coat very much still to develop. First class mover. BOB. BP

2nd: Quest’s Chenrezi Just You And I. A very smart dog indeed. I found him very shapely in outline. Masculine in expression. Dark eyes which are a bit fuller than 1st. Slightly domed skull of correct proportions. Muzzle ok for length and cushioning. Preferred expression on 1st. Head is in correct size & proportion to body. Neck short. Shoulders are moderately angled. Upper arm is set well. Good hare feet. Topline firm. Slightly preferred his proportions of height to body length than the winner. Moderate turn to stifles. Tail is set high. Moves soundly.

3rd: Conibere & Quest’s Tiny Winnie De La Valoubiere (Imp Fra) Limit (4,1)

1st: Clover’s Chenrezi No Ordinary Love. Head is quite nice with good breed attributes. Dark oval eyes. Ears are high set with correct fringing. Muzzle ok for length and cushioning. Bite typical. Neck moderate in length. Well-proportioned in body. Tail is high set and well plumed. Good hare feet. Moves with a very sound action and in the typical fashion of the breed. Well handled.

2nd: Wayman’s Mynapaw Perfect Symphony. Not so typical in expression or head as 1st. Eyes are ok for shape and are dark and are well spaced. Ears look a little low set. Muzzle is well cushioned. Not quite so well angulated as the winner. Topline is firm and body is slightly longer than height at withers. Tails set is high and shows a nice plume. Good hare feet. Not quite so confident as the winner and didn’t move out as well, though did move soundly in all directions.

3rd: Penny’s Chenrezi Ti Amo

Open (4,0)

1st: Quest’s Lilileian Louis Vuitton JW SHCM SHCEX. A pretty decent head with typical shape and expression. Dark oval eyes which are well spaced. Bright expression. Muzzle could perhaps be just a tad longer for my personal preference. Chin shows enough depth. Ears are high set. Neck ok for length. Shoulders well set and upper arm returns nicely. Hunching his back a little when standing. Tail high set. Hair feet. Moves very soundly indeed.

2nd: Bevis’ Skyvana Empty Dreams od Starlance. Nice overall make and shape. A typical expression and very handsome looking dog. Quite well put together with correct proportions to body and balanced angled. Topline is firm and level. Good hare feet. Lacking a little in coat on the day and gave ground to the winner on the move.

3rd: Hirstwood’s Quintrelle I Believe


Open (4,1)

1st: Hazembulls Raspberry Beret

2nd: Hazembull Disco Boy

This pair were very even overall. Both nice for size and weight. Heads were of nice shape and pretty typical I felt. Eyes well set and ears correct for size and shape. Both were good in body showing nice form and standing on strong legs with good bone. Both looked very healthy representatives of the breed. 1st was slightly more coordinated on the move. In great condition.

3rd: Vosper’s Busterleigh Symphonica

Tibetan Terrier

A nice entry – thank you Graduate (5.1)

1st: Rutley’s Araki Not On Your Nelly At Javey. I thought this was an extremely lovely youngster. Very eye-catching and lovely to go over. Head is developing very well. Nice proportions and shape to skull and muzzle overall. Large, round dark eyes set quite well apart. Ears set correctly. Very nice expression. Strong neck leading to well angulated shoulders. Good return to upper arm. Compact and square in body. Decent turn of stifles. Large feet. Tail set on high and well carried on the moved. Very good, ground covering mover. Coat is developing nicely. Feel this one could do some good winning when fully mature. BP

2nd: Charlesworth’s Tiamastae’s Pretty In Pink. Nice overall make and shape. Head and expression not quite as appealing as 1st. Square in shape and firm in body. Large feet. In good coat and decent texture. High set tail (if a bit short) and carried correctly. Moves well, but not so precise as 1st.

3rd: Honeywell’s Tegkei Hippi Chic Open (4,0)

1st: Plummer’s Araki Dream Perfection For Tetsikarma. A very nice shape and construction. Typical head with correct proportions of skull to muzzle. Eyes are dark and round. Typical expression, Moderate length to neck. Well angulated for and aft. Chest reached to elbows. Firm topline. Strong through the loins. Good bone and typical large feet. Tail is set high and carried well. Great mover. Needed a bigger ring really! Well handled. BOB

2nd: Honeywell’s Tegkei No Drama. Attractive dog. Decent head and expression. Not as good in shoulder or stifles as 1st. Neck looks a fraction short. Square in body shape. Chest and ribbing ok. Back a little too arched over the loin. Tail set is a tad low. Moves soundly.

3rd: Rutley’s Javey’s Tiger Lilli

French Bulldog

Graduate (4,1)

1st Tonkin & Pellow’s Poison D’Acebo Mystic Symphony (Imp Esp). 7 months and looking quite impressive. Sturdy, compact with a good outline. Head is developing well. It looks pretty square. Skull quite flat between ears with fine wrinkling. Head is good in profile. Lower jaw strong and square Nice open nostrils. Dark eyes of good shape. Very typical bat ears. Nice body to go over. Really free and flowing on the move. BP

2nd: Prichards’ Ruption Knightcott Black Diamond At Violotta JW. More mature than the winner, but not so good on the move on the day. Square enough in head and displays a reasonably typical expression. Bit longer in body than ideal for me. Topline firm. Good ribs and enough cut up. In lovely condition.

3rd: Barrett’s Thomas The Steam Tank Open (5,2)

1st: French’s Ravenside C’est La Vie At Bincombefarm. I felt this was a very nice Frenchie. Square in head with typical flat skull between lovely ‘bat ears’. `Well defined muzzle. Stop defined. Strong underjaw of correct shape. Felt her head was very typical from the front and in profile. Eyes are dark and of good shape. Neck medium in length. Lovely body which was cobby, firm and correct for shape. Moved as if she owned the ring. Pushed all the way by the puppy but ultimately BOB.

2nd: Rycrofts’ Dechambeaux I’m A Believer. Not as good in expression compared to 1st, but looking pretty good in body for proportions. Was shown in great condition and moved out pretty well, though not as precise as 1st.

3rd: Barrett’s Royal Topaz

Boston Terrier

Open (2,1)

1st: Casey’s Kevcasey For Shamal. A very happy dog who presented himself very well. Head was quite nice in profile but didn’t quite give me the expression I was looking for. Eyes were set wide apart. One ear not quite as erect as I would like. Lengthy neck. Back was short. Round small feet. Moved soundly.


Yearling (4,0)

1st: Hipkiss’ Dalkiss Whole Lotta Rosie FR JUN CH. I felt this to be a rather nice Dalmatian. Very attractive head. Skull flat and quite broad. Moderate stop. Good proportion of skull to muzzle. Eyes are moderately spaced, oval in shape and dark brown. Ears set correctly. Lovely reachy neck. Well laid shoulders and good return of upper arm. Slightly longer in body than height at withers. Ribs well spung. Firm loins. Well-turned stifles and good definition at the hocks. In tip top condition and moved a dream. BOB, Grp 4

2nd: Williamson’s Shydally Ultimate Edition. A biggish lad of strong construction. Masculine in head. Well-proportioned head. Reachy neck. Balanced angles fore and aft. Deep chest and firm loins. Tail set and carriage was good. Sound mover. BP

3rd: Walker’s Spydragon Theives Den

Post Graduate (2,0)

1st: Ioannous Spydragons Summer Forest. Head is well proportioned. Skull is flat and of decent breadth. Well set eyes of oval shape and really bright expression. Lengthy neck. Moderate shoulders. Upper arm could angle back slightly more. Deep chest. Firm topline. Well angulated rear. Tail set and carriage is good. Moves very soundly.

2nd: Howard’s Decoda’s Crackerjack. A big boy. Broad skull. Well-proportioned in skull. Ears set high and moderate in size. He has a reachy neck. Moderate shoulder. Upper arm returns ok. Deep chest. Topline is firm. Well angled stifles. Defined hocks. Tails set and carriage is good. Ring was a tad small for him when moving.

Open (3,0)

1st: England & Eden’s Dalens Queen Of The Sea At Silverspot. Another very striking bitch. Upstanding and has undoubted quality about her. Skull is flat. Good ratio of skull to muzzle. Ears high set. Eyes are well spaced and very lovely expression. Neck is moderate in length. Shoulders of moderate angulation. Upper arm angles back enough. Good depth to chest and well ribbed. Firm loins. Good turn of stifles. Hocks firm. Tails set is good. Very co-ordinated on the move. Just preferred the size and overall outline of the BOB today, but a close decision. Very well handled.

2nd: Ioannou’s Perditas Abandon Ship. A bitch who was very nice for size, make and shape. I felt she fitted the standard very well. I would perhaps like slightly clearer spotting. Moves soundly. Needed more condition and substance for me.

3rd: Williamson’s Decoda’s Captain Tom

Shih Tzu

What a class! I loved it! Really made me smile! Shame the youngsters didn’t have their own classes.

1st: Diffey’s Marhilway Explored The Edge. The more I looked at this bitch, the more I liked her. More understated than some. I thought she had a lovely broad head with good width between the eyes. Lovely dark, round eyes. Defined stop with correct length to the muzzle. Tip tilted nose. Such an arrogant expression. Reachy neck set into well laid shoulders. Good width to chest and well ribbed. Good bone. Correct body proportions. Short strong loins. Stifles are well bent. Tail set is perfect. Excellent mover from all angles. BOB, Grp 2

2nd: Smith’s Hot Chilli Sweet Addict At Densown (Imp Pol). A smart dog of great charisma and show presence. Masculine and lots to like. Broad head. Wide spaced eyes which are dark and round. Not quite as good in shoulder for me as the winner. Body is ok for proportions. Tail set is set on high. Moves impressively around the ring. Well handled.

3rd: Smith’s Densown Viola. A cracking baby who became more confident as the class went on and even better later in the day. Already snooty and arrogant and lovely to go over. Super expression. Lots of maturing to do, but I shall watch her progress with interest. BP


Open (3.1)

1st: Parker-Ress Neradmik Pearly King. A cracking type. Excellent wedge-shaped head with correct spectacles. Eyes are dark and almond shaped. Ears are small and ivy leaf in shape. Moderate length to neck. Well angulated without being overdone. Short and compact in body. High set tail. In lovely coat and condition. Moves out impressively in the typical fashion of the breed.

2nd: Hill’s Whisskees Opal Solitaire For Plymkees. Very attractive. Perhaps a tad long in muzzle which gave a slightly different expression to 1st. Well built all through. Bit longer in body than 1st. Would not keep 4 feet on the ground today!

AV Utility NSC

Wonderful quality filled classes here!

Graduate (5,0)

1st: Smith’s Snowshoes Iris. (Jap Spitz). Critique as above. Stood out in this great class.

2nd: Crocker’s Lotringham Tenacity. (Std Poodle). Looking good here. Long in head. Moderate stop. Well chiselled. Elegant carriage. Dark almond eyes. Neck ok for length. Balanced angles. Back strong with slight hollow. Oval feet. Typical proportions. Moved soundly, but really needed more room.

3rd: Smith’s Dacfolke Barney Bear

Open (4,0)

1st: Carter’s Ch Belazieth Sundance Kid With Alamiks JW SHCEX OSW (Lhasa Apso). Critique as above.

2nd: Pearce’s Albionspitz Diphda (Eurasier). A quality dog. Unlucky to meet 1st. I found her very standard fitting. Delightful head with lovely expression. Neck is of correct length and slightly arched. Great shoulders and upper arm is well set. Well ribbed and deep chest. A tad long in body. Well angulated rear. Tail set high. Great mover.

Utilility Group:

 GRP1: Carter’s Ch Belazieth Sundance Kid With Alamiks JW SHCEX OSW (Lhasa Apso). GRP2: Diffey’s Marhilway Explored The Edge (Shih Tzu)

GRP3: Wood’s Penbro Talk Of The Town. (Miniature Schanuzer)

GRP4: Hipkiss’ Dalkiss Whole Lotta Rosie FR JUN CH. (Dalmatian)

Utility Puppy Group

PG1: Smith’s Snowshoes Iris. (Japanese Spitz)

PG2: Wood’s Penbro Victoria’s Secret (Miniature Schnauzer)

PG3: Smith’s Tibbiestars Tutti Frutti (Tib. Span.)

PG4: Tonkin & Pellow’s Poison D’Acebo Mystic Symphony (Imp Esp).(French Bulldog)

(All critique as above) AV Utility Puppy (7, 4)

1st: Smith’s Densown Viola (Shih Tzu) – critique as above

2nd: Williamson’s Shydally Ultimate Edition (Dalmatian) – critique as above 3rd: Honeywill’s Tegkei Hippi Chic (Tib Terrier)

AV Utility Open (5,1)

1st: Pearce’s Albiospitz Diphda (Eurasier) – critique as above

2nd: England’s Dalen’s Bethanychar at Silverspot (Dalmatian). A very classy bitch who I felt had a wonderful shape. Lovely head with very nice expression. Super arch to lengthy neck. Great angulation fore and aft. Firm topline. Strong in loins. Tail set on correctly. Moved very well, but needed a larger ring to be honest. A lovely bitch indeed.

3rd: Howard’s Decoda’s Crackerjack (Dalmatian)

AV Veteran (6,4)

1st: Denton’s Chenrezi Love On The Rocks At Tremorvah (Tib Sp). I felt this was a very nice Tibetan with a most lovely, typical expression. Good head with dark, well spaced eyes and high set ears. Neck leads to well laid shoulders. Good length to body. Well ribbed. High set tail. Lovely hare feet. Moved out so well.

2nd: Hirstwood’s Quintrelle Colour Me Happy SHCM. (Tib Sp). Again, a super expression. Slightly shorter in neck and not quite as good in shoulder as 1st. Firm in body and in great condition. A little hunched -up when standing. Not as precise on the move as 1st today.

3rd: Hirstwood’s Quintrelle Colour Me Pretty. (Tib Sp).


AV Utility Vintage (2,1)

1st: Plummer’s Tetsikarma Stargazer SHCM SHCEX VW. (Tib Terrier). Critique as above.

AV Utility Champion (4, 1) Super class

1st: Carter’s Ch Belazieth Sundance Kid With Alamiks JW SHCEX OSW (Lhasa Apso). Critique as above

2nd: Quests’ Ch Chenrezi Troublemaker JW SHCM BENELUX -W18. (Tib Sp) What a super dog and just what I was looking for in this breed today . Super head and expression. Correct bite. Lovely length to neck. Correct length to body. Well ribbed. High set tail which was carried well. Hare feet. Good bone. In great coat and condition. Excellent mover. Well handled.

3rd: Quests’ Ch Chenrezi Summer Breeze JW SHCM ITib Sp)