• Show Date: 22/07/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Kittiana Portly French Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 25/09/2023

Southampton & District Canine Association

Southampton and District Canine Association Open Show 22/07/2023 French Bulldogs Thank you to the society for inviting me to judge this year. I was very pleased that both my BOB & BP were both placed in their groups. P - 3 (a.1) 1. Bevanray Terrypendry (B Hucker) 10-Month-old Pied Dog. Beautifully free moving dog, who powered around the ring with little care for the less-than-ideal weather. Carries himself with a sense of pride, was always ‘look at me’ whenever I caught him from the corner of my eye. Such a wonderful head, expression and ear placement. BP & RBOB Very pleased to hear he went on to gain UPG3. 2. Muggshotts Pillow Talk (L Bonsall) A very pretty 8 month old pied puppy who was unfortunate to come up against 1. Who was much more developed. She has a fantastic expression, with great dentition and nares. She has good bone and a straight front, moves soundly and with good balance. She makes a lovely shape, and this will continue to improve as she matures. J – 4 (a.2) 1. Katakia Valerie’s Beauty (N Gough) 16 month Brindle bitch, lovely head with well cushioned wide muzzle and good lip placement. Cobby body with well sprung ribs and slight roach – moves well but not always consistently, great bat ears but not always used to her advantage, makes her handler work for it. 2. Monster Face I’m A Monster At Jiankang Naf (C East) Excellently marked 15 month brindle boy, moves with purpose and fully alert on his handler – his clownlike character comes through at times on the move which is managed well by his handler! Cobby body with an acceptable tuck up and gentle roach – good deep chest and bone on legs. Good nares and a lovely, cushioned muzzle. Just preferred head of 1 today. PG 3 (a.1) 1. Katakia Valerie’s Beauty (N Gough) 2. Xentique B’Yours Truly (Mrs C & Mr R Swateridge) Lovely clownlike personality which shines through, an exuberant mover but sound when settled. Short and compact 19 month brindle girl good spring of rib and straight front.. She has a nice head with good ear set - lovely expression and dark eyes. O – (5 3) 1. Corursus Become the One JW (Messers J R & R J Brooks & Cairns) Possibly the dog with one of my favourite expressions I have come across, you never see this dog ever looking at his owner with anything other than utter love and devotion, he has an excellent head with very soulful dark eyes. Brindle 2 year old boy - he is sound in movement and carries himself easily around the ring in with even and free movement. Muscular well-rounded body with a distinctive cut up and gentle roach. He is in excellent condition and a picture of health which we should all strive for – his nares are good and excellent mouth. BOB Thrilled to hear he went on to gain UG2. 2. Archness The Guvnor (Miss V Bryant & Mrs J Druce) 2 year old brindle dog of sound construction, lovely square head with strong well carried ears. Another with lovely soft dark eyes which are always focused on his handler. Good width of front with strong bone and feet, and powerful hind quarters. Moves soundly, but not quite as consistent in his movement as 1. Judge: Kittiana Portly French