• Show Date: 07/04/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Kirsty Miller Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

East Anglian Gundog Society

East Anglian Gundog Society

I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge BIS at this incredibly well-run show. I had a lovely line up for both BIS & BPIS and was spoilt for choice.

BEST IN SHOW – Retriever (Golden) Applecote Hearts Desire - gorgeous 2 year old dog that I was really taken with and held my attention from the moment he stepped into the ring. Standing he has a beautifully balanced outline and really fills the eye. Balanced head, with good chiselling and lovely & masculine but not overdone. Well set eyes that give the most beautiful expression. Clean neck of a good length leading into well laid shoulders. Elbows tight to his deep chest. Good bone and tight cat like feet. Short coupled with good body and deep ribs. Well bent stifles, with good muscle to his hindquarters. On the move he really powers with good drive and holds his outline perfectly. Presented & handled beautifully. He really pulled out all the stops today and I could not deny him BEST IN SHOW.

Reserve Best in Show – hot the heels to the Golden Retriever was the ultra-smart Nova Scotia, Ch Tollelkin Caife Americano SGWC. One who is really nice to go over. When stood portrays the image of an active, intelligent and workmanlike dog who is at one with his handler. Loved his overall balance and construction. He has the desired clean-cut skull, nicely tapering muzzle, almond eye shape with alert and keen expression. He has lovely depth all through and complimentary angles both ends. He has a pleasing bend of stifle and width of thigh. Shown in good coat and muscle tone. A pleasure to watch on the move, true and driving, with correct head and tail carriage, I was delighted to award him RBIS.

BIS 3 – Afterglow Bambalan With Alibama, young, upstanding buff American Cocker male who really has it all there and I am sure will have a great future ahead. Masculine, typical head, with good head proportions. Soft expression from dark eyes. Correctly set ears with good feathering coming. Super length of neck leading into well laid shoulders. Great depth to chest. Well boned legs. Well sprung ribs with good body for age. Excellent topline and tail set. Moved out with great drive from behind and ever so sound and had a lovely profile action. Presented in tip top condition and I could not deny him BIS 3 and on his 1st birthday, BPIS!

BIS 4 & Best Veteran – Spaniel (Field) SH CH Elgert Lady Sta'dust JW such a charming lady of 7 years old, who is oh so smart. She has quality in abundance and looks a picture on the stack. She has that feminine yet noble head, well chiselled with a dark kind eye. Lovely flow to her topline, depth to the ribcage and well developed forechest. Well boned legs and tight feet. Good width to her hindquarters. Moved out purposefully and so sound each way. Presented in gleaming condition, a real credit to her owner.

BPIS - Mr D K Jennings' Afterglow Bambalam with Alibama see BIS 3.

RBIS – very close up to the American and who really gave me a tough decision was the super smart Italian Spinone, Affilato It Had To Be You. As soon as I saw her, I was drawn to her, she is so well made and very hard to ignore. She looked an absolute picture on the stack. She has a typical outline and of sound construction. Thought her to be full of quality and very pleasing to the eye. Loved her overall size and balance, she is squarely built super substance but not overdone. Most feminine of heads, with divergent planes and leanness to the skull, lovely human like expression and well furnished. Her strong neck flows well into a gentle fall and rise to the topline. She has well boned limbs and depth all through. Shown in great coat and condition. She has that lovely ease of movement that is a joy to watch. Delighted to award his RBPIS, I am sure she is another who will have a great future.

PG3 - Gemswin Goody Two Shoes, gorgeous liver Flat Coated Retriever baby who still has plenty of time to mature but has all the essentials there. Happy baby with plenty of attitude and show presence. Feminine head of the correct shape, with well set ears used to advantage. Really lovely to go over with lovely angles both fore and aft. Moved out really soundly for one so young and held a lovely profile on move. Another who I am sure will have a good future.

PG4 – the baby of the quartet at just 6 months old was the Pointer, Millpoint Golden Pippin - really super baby with plenty of promise. Stood, she presents a striking, typical outline which is hard to ignore. Super head and expression with dark eye. A pleasure to go over with everything flowing into place. She moved out so soundly and with a positive action, once she has gained a little more confidence, I have no doubt she will go far.

Stakes classes –

Any Variety Gundog

Minor Puppy (21,10abs)

1st) Millpoint Golden Pippin – please see PG4 critique

2nd) Sandiford’s Hernwood Love Me Do – super Gordon Setter bitch in gleaming coat and condition. Liked her overall size when stacked. Loved the head on this bitch, it has the desired strength and depth, with a dark eye giving such a gentle expression. Good length of neck, with enough depth through the body, nice flat bone. On the move she has a lovely flow in profile just needs to settle coming and going but only a baby and this will come.

Puppy (22,12abs)

1st) Allen’s Timouron’s Olimpio, masculine Labrador, well-developed deep body and plenty of substance all through. He has a pleasing profile when stood, showing strength and the correct barrel rib with a good length to the leg. Liked his expression, kind and attentive to his handler. Clean neck flowing well into his firm topline. He has good bone and tight feet. Liked his width of thigh and well bent stifle. Moving out well using his otter tail.

2nd) McCarthy’s Hernwood Wizard of Oz, masculine Gordon Setter, in good coat and condition. Presents a neat and unexaggerated profile but very much age appropriate. Masculine head with low set ears but would prefer a little less strength. Good reach of neck. Balanced moderate angulation fore and aft. Firm topline, good croup and tailset. Moved out well and with a good profile.

Junior (19,11abs)

1st) Poole’s Bonapartist Temptress at Laurremar, super Brittany bitch, lovely type of bitch who was put down in good coat & condition, cobby, sqaure girl who is so well made. Super correct head, with a beautiful expression with well set ears, good neck shoulders, topline & hindquarters. Moved out so well and ever so sound. Very nice bitch who should have a good future.

2nd) Cooper’s Hazean Donestsk to Deifstock (IKC) Well proportioned head having the desired slightly shorter foreface, dense eyebrows and lively expression. Well boned with good front angulation. Deep brisket with elbows close to body and well ribbed up. Strong over the loin and well-muscled behind his movement is good but he does need to settle.

Special Yearling (19, 10abs)

1st) Stevenson’s Mymmsbrook Matador with Blythway JW Quality male WSS with the most lovely chiselled head, so true in expression with lovely dark eye, lengthy muscular neck into well placed shoulder, correct topline, deep chest, well ribbed, good bone and feet, strong quarters producing excellent movement with reach & drive.

2nd) Hutson’s Stobytill Booytlicious, feminine Cocker bitch, Feminine through and so good to go over. Well-proportioned head with low ears and dark eyes, straight well boned front leads to round feet. Good length of rib with firm short couplings. She is well angulated behind and moved well with the correct merry temperament.

Graduate (14, 5abs)

1st) Holliday’s Floki Super Trouper well balanced Flat Coat bitch and of a good shape. Lovely head with flat skull and well set expressive dark eyes. Well set on small ears, used to advantage. Good neck and shoulder placement. Well boned legs and round well arched feet. Deep chest & well sprung ribs. Topline firm when standing and on the move. Muscular hindquarters. Moved out well and soundly.

2nd) Macbain & Brewer’s Fecimus Son of a Gun, Field Spaniel dog, Masculine head of the correct wedge shape and keen alert eyes. Ears set well and of the correct shape. Plenty of body and substance. Firm topline held well at all times with a correctly set on tail which he used to advantage. Excellent muscle tone and condition. He moved well around the ring and soundly.

Limit (11, 4abs)

1st) Manton’s Chinnordale Dancing Queen, Feminine Golden Retriever bitch of good balance. Lovely head with good chiseling and nice expressive eyes. Good deep ribs and elbows tight to her chest. Level topline and good tail set & carriage. Well boned legs and good cat like feet. Muscular hind quarters with good turn of stifle. Moved out well and soundly just pins a little at front.

2nd) Latheron’s Fynder Reacher, Irish Water Spaniel dog, clean outline, masculine head with good breadth to skull and muzzle. Super forequarters with well sprung ribs and good forechest. Level topline to a well angler rear. Moves true with drive.

Open (12, 7abs)

1st) Wilson’s Hameldowntor Music of the Night (Imp) Retriever (Flat Coated) showing herself off with enthusiasm. Feminine all through and of a nice size. Lovely moulded head and kind expression. Good depth to the brisket and well developed forechest. Holding a firm topline both stood and on the move. Strong hindquarters, use to drive around the ring with a good profile action.

2nd) Collins & Powley’s Deveron Duchess of Danehaven feminine Nova Scotia bitch, lovely body for type and good length. Pretty head and good ears set high. Straight front and good bone, she used her tail well when alert. Lovely mover and very sound.

Veteran (27, 9abs)

1st) Osbourn’s Sh Ch Elgert Lady Sta’dust JW – please see BIS 4

2nd) Woodward’s Sarabande Billie Jean at Hinxwood unexaggerated Welsh Springer bitch, Feminine head balanced with good depth to muzzle and nice doming to skull with low set ears. Good length of neck flowing into well laid back shoulders. Nice bone. Well rounded ribs. Short strong coupling and muscled over the loin. Well developed deep second thigh. Moved well.


Kirsty Ryan (Feorlig)