• Show Date: 11/02/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Kirsty Jones Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

South Wales Kennel Association

I wish to express my thanks to the Society and all those who entered and offered me support in this judging appointment – my first appointment and one I very much enjoyed

Puppy (7, 2 Absent)

1st – Ramsayville Gigi at Taligal (AI)

BP – Black bitch. Just 6 months old and at her first show. At the upper end of size that I would like to see for this age, but offered a complete picture and was well schooled. Gentle head and expression with the correct ear set. Well-developed rear which aided smooth, flowing movement with plenty of drive. Wil watch her show career with interest

2nd – Trendlewood Tiger Lily

9 months old. A stunning yellow bitch with a beautiful head and melting expression. Well sprung ribs with plenty of angulation front and rear. Well-muscled rear with compact, tidy feet. Moved out cleanly with enough drive and held her topline on the move. Another pup whose career I will follow with interest.

 Very little to choose between 1st and 2nd – just preferred the tailset on 1st.

Junior (9, 5 Absent)

1st - Linjor Heart To Heart

Yellow bitch who was very much enjoying her day out. A very balanced bitch with beautifully clean lines. Correct angulation front and rear resulting in clean, powerful movement. Held her topline standing and on the move. A beautifully sculpted head, correct tailset and compact, tidy feet competed the picture.

2nd – Foxrush Joyfull JW

Very similar comments to 1st apply - another yellow bitch of a slightly smaller stamp. A lovely balanced picture standing with correct front and rear angulation which was apparent on the move with clean, flowing movement. In good coat with a gentle head and expression.

Graduate (4, 2 Absent)

1st – Eminala Star Struck Farnfield

Yellow bitch of a slightly finer stamp than many entered today. Beautifully muscled over her shoulders and rear which was evident on the move. Correct angulation front and rear allowing her to move freely. Well balanced overall with a kind expression. Particularly liked the tailset on this bitch.

2nd – Linjor Heart To Heart

1st in Junior

Open (6, 3 Absent)

1st – Farnfield Clarity

BOB - Dam to 1st in Graduate and of a similar type, although slightly shorter in the loin than her daughter. In good hard condition, well-muscled especially across the hind quarters giving a well-balanced picture when standing. Excellent angulation front and rear which aided clean, powerful movement. Between coats on the day but the quality shone through regardless. Would have preferred tighter feet. A gentle head with a kind expression aided by the correct almond eye shape.

2nd – Carromer Worth A Glance At Kaspair

This black bitch pushed hard in this class but just lost out on condition. Of a smaller stamp than the winner, but the complete package. Excellent coat, and beautiful balance. Her head offered a gentle expression aided by correct ear placement. Clean movement and tight, well-padded feet.