• Show Date: 05/11/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Kelly Lee Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 16/11/2023

Hyde & District Canine Association

Hyde & District Canine Association Open Show – Sunday 5th November 2023

Judge – Mrs Kelly Lee (Kelrick)

I would like to thank the exhibitors for accepting me as the last minute replacement judge at Hyde & District Canine Society and my stewards Mairi Austin & Cindy Hoskins for organising the ring so efficiently for me. I was spoiled for choice today with the quality of exhibits present in these breeds that I love. Thank you to everyone for your sporting attitudes and for accepting my decisions.

S/C Chihuahua

P: (6,0) 1. Fothergill’s Diamonchi Miss Sparkle. 9 month old fawn bitch. Very spirited, dainty and compact girl who was so eager to please. Very pretty head, round dark eyes, large flaring ears, apple domed skull and saucy expression. Good angulation which was used to good effect as she moved with brisk action around the ring maintaining a level topline. Well carried tail. A super showgirl! BPIB

2. Taylor’s Arkoschi Oh My Tweed. 10 month old fawn bitch. Another lovely example of the breed. Attractive head with expressive dark eyes set well apart, moderately short muzzle and well rounded skull. Good front and rear assembly and moved well fore and aft. Tail carriage correct.

J: (5,1) 1. Fothergill’s Diamonchi Miss Sparkle. (See Puppy)

2. Taylor’s Arkoschi Oh My Tweed. (See Puppy)

PG: (3,1) 1. Entwistle’s Cazants The Geisha Luvs Dorenty. 18 month old cream bitch. Super head with flared ears, round dark eyes, apple domed skull. A compact and dainty girl with good angulation, well sprung ribs, level back and well set tail which she carried correctly as she moved briskly round the ring.

2. Incorrectly entered. See 2nd in Open

O: (3,1) 1. Entwistle's Cazants The Gaffer Luvs Dorenty JW. 16 month old red dog. I loved his personality, such a showman! Lovely head with large flared ears and round dark eyes, rounded skull, correct dentition, and the desired saucy expression. Good reach of neck, firm level back and good angulation and he moved with good reach and drive with brisk action. BOB

2. Stading’s Stadmeyer Dashing Dexter JW. 22 month old dog. Lovely head with round dark eyes set well apart, large flared ears, correct mouth and apple domed head. Well balanced and compact with good angles to front and rear, well sprung ribs and level back. Moved well around the ring.

L/C Chihuahua

P: (1,0) 1. Fothergill’s Caballie Madame Barbie. 6 month old cream bitch. Wow what a lovely puppy, full of character! Gorgeous head with round dark eyes, rounded skull, correct dentition and that cheeky saucy expression that portrays the essence of the breed. A lovely balanced bitch with enough feathering and good angulation. She carried her tail correctly in a “sickle” at all times and moved with good reach and drive. BPIB

J: No entries

PG: (6,1) 1. Obringer’s Lemaritz Bewitched at Chiaffie. 4 year old bitch. Lovely head with expressive round dark eyes, correct teeth, large flared ears and a saucy expression. She is a dainty compact bitch with lots to like. Good angles to front and rear and moved with brisk, forceful action holding a level topline at all times.

2. Wills’ Dorentys Chuckleberry Fin. 22 month old dog. Lovely saucy expression. Apple domed skull with well set, large flared ears. Strong jaws and correct scissor bite. Good angulation and well laid shoulders. Moved swiftly using his tail correctly and maintaining a level topline.

O: (7,1) 1. Wills’ Dorentys Chewi Veeton. 6 year old cream dog. Well balanced and dainty with a lovely head and saucy expression. Well presented with ample feathering. Well angulated, with good spring of rib and level topline which he held on the move and standing. Good tailset and carried at all times in a sickle. Moved true with brisk action all ways. Very attentive to his handler at all times. BOB

2. Fothergill’s I’m A Dream Adeline Is My Name (Imp Ita). 19 month old bitch. Pretty head with expressive dark eyes, large flared ears and good length of muzzle. Correct scissor bite, strong jaws. Nice size and shape with good angles to front and rear. Moved well around the ring holding a level topline and correct tail carriage at all times.


P: (3,0) 1. Kerfoot’s Flutterby Holly Blue. 6 month old Tri bitch. Lovely size and shape. Pretty head with expressive eyes, large ears with ample fringing producing the butterfly look. Black nose, strong jaws and correct scissor bite. Medium length of neck leading to well laid shoulders. Good front and rear assembly. Moved well around the ring with free flowing action. BPIB

2. Cooper’s Amdos Vixen at Wilachans. 10 month old bitch. A dainty well balanced bitch. Lovely head with slightly rounded skull, dark expressive eyes and black nose. Correct dentition, good head markings. Moved true with parallel action when viewed from front and rear.

J: (4,0) 1. Cooper’s Wilachans Ravensclaw. 12 month old Hound Tri bitch. Very pretty head with symmetrical marking. Well presented with fine silky coat. Dainty and well balanced with fine hare feet. Lively with intelligent expression and attentive to handler. Moved well around the ring maintaining a level topline.

2. Green & Cooper’s Thin White Duke. 18 month old Tri dog. Lovely head with skull slightly rounded between ears and attractive markings. Black nose, correct dentition, large well fringed ears. Medium length neck leading to well developed shoulders. Good tail set and carriage. Moved well with light free flowing action.

PG: (3,0) 1. Cooper’s Wilachans Lizzy. 17 month old Tri bitch. Scored on size and shape. Beautifully presented with plenty of long silky coat. Lovely head with black nose, correct bite, dark expressive eyes and large well fringed ears. Level topline held on the move and carried tail correctly. Moved well around the ring.

2. Green & Cooper’s Wilachans Goblin King. 3 year old red & white dog. Beautifully presented with plenty of fine silky coat. Handsome head with well fringed ears, finely pointed muzzle, correct dentition and black nose. Moved well with good tail carriage, covering the ground well but was distracted at times.

O: (4,0) 1. Cooper’s Wilachans Oli. 5 year old sable dog. Pleasing size and shape. Handsome head with medium sized dark eyes, finely pointed muzzle, black nose and slightly rounded skull. A lively, friendly dog with good angulation, he moved around the ring with good drive from the rear always maintaining a level topline and good tail carriage. Formed a lovely silhouette on the stand. BOB

2. Humphrey’s Lilnrose Butterfly Kisses to Gloynbyw. 4 year old bitch. Attractive head with medium sized expressive dark eyes, black nose, good length of muzzle and correct bite. Large, well fringed ears giving the butterfly look. Hare feet, good topline and tailset. She moved around the ring with light free flowing action and was attentive to handler.