• Show Date: 28/07/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Kelly Jenkinson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 18/11/2023

North Of England Welsh Springer Spaniel Club

North of England Welsh Springer Spaniel Club – 28th July 2023

Thank you to the Society for the privilege to judge their breed Open Show held in conjunction with Leeds Championship Show.

Minor Puppy Dog (2):

1st Williams NYLIRAM THE ALIBI FOR TREBETTYN – 8mth old of good size and proportions. Masculine in head with correct eye colour and shape. Enough neck into adequate shoulder placement. Straight forelimbs. Well sprung ribs for his age, good topline. Nicely muscled quarters moving out soundly. Presented in good coat and condition. BPD.

2nd Clarke’s TIGERROCK THE WOMBLES – 8mth old of nice type. Handsome in head with pleasing expression. Good reach of neck and well made in front. Stood on good bone and feet. Straight forelegs. Ribs beginning to develop nicely. Slightly longer cast than 1st. Decent rear angulation with good muscle. Presented and handled well.

Puppy Dog (2):



Junior Dog (4,1abs):

1st Hepworth’s KAMUNTING’S MAD HATTER – 14mth old balanced overall shape with masculine head and kind expression. Correct ear set. Good reach of neck into a correctly proportioned front. Good bone and neat feet. Good depth of body with well sprung rib. Short loin. Well let down hocks. Correct tail set. Moving soundly fore and aft.

2nd Clarke & Gaylor’s TIGERROCK TICK TICK BOOM – 15mth old with a lovely head and eye. Still needs time to mature but on the right lines. Good depth of brisket. Clean legs. Short loin. Good topline. Nicely angulated rear. Presented well in good condition. Just needs to tighten up in front.


Special Yearling Dog (1):

1st - Clarke & Gaylor’s TIGERROCK TICK TICK BOOM

Post Graduate Dog (2):

1st Ritchie & Scaife’s WAVERLEYLINE TO TOBERMORY AT SLAPESTONES – 3yrd old masculine in head piece, would prefer a softer eye expression, correct ear and shape, lovely reach of neck enough shoulder placement. Great bone. Plenty of rib. Good topline. Decent rear angulation with good muscle. Turned out in super coat and condition. Moving with drive. Handled well.

2nd Brook’s EIRIANDYLIS GEAORGIA MOON – 3yr old with nicely proportioned head. Good neck, with decent front angulation. Good depth of body. Giving his handler a very hard time today and not wanting to participate in the ring. Moving soundly once he settled.

Limit Dog ( 3,1):

1st Chandler’s CHANANGEL JOE SUGDEN JW – 2yr old of nice balanced proportions. Excels in head and eye. Clean neck super bone and feet. Well bodied for his age. Short loin. Correct topline. Presented in lovely coat and condition. Moving with drive from the rear could be tidier in front.

2nd Worth’s SARABANDE NAME OF THE GAME (Ai) - Well-made dog at almost 2yr old. Super masculine head and soft expression. Correct front assembly with a good length of neck. Good spring of rib and depth of chest. Firm topline. Happy boy with his tail wagging. Moving soundly just lost out to 1st on rear movement.

Open Dog (4,1):

1st Clarke’s SH CH TIGERROCK MAGIC WOUNDABOUT JW – a dog I judged as a youngster and awarded him BOB. He has come on so well and now a SH CH very well deserved in my opinion too. Stacked he presents a balanced clean outline full of breed type. He has super masculinity with lovely dark hazel eyes providing a soft melting expression, Ears set on correctly. Clean neck. Straight forelimbs, well boned and super cat-like feet. Well-developed body, strong muscular loin leading into the best of rear construction. Good bend of stifle and well-muscled quarters, tail correctly set. Turned out to perfection. Moving freely and soundly effortlessly around the ring. BD & BIS.

2nd SH CH SARABANDE LORD OF THE DANCE JW (Ai) – 6yr old dog built on smaller lines than 1st. Good breed type. Handsome head with work below the eyes correct dark hazel eye and lovely expression. Decent neck and well-placed shoulder. Straight forelegs. Lovely bone and tidy feet. Super depth of chest and well spring ribs. Short loin. Correctly proportioned rear quarters with decent muscle tone. Presented in topcoat and condition.

3rd Philipson’s MENSTONIA METEOR

Veteran (2):

1st Chandlers SH CH CHANANGEL STICKY WICKET JW ShCM VW – a 12yr old that belies his years and comes alive on the move. His condition is a credit to his owner. Handsome of heads with lovely chiselling below the eyes, medium length muzzle. Stood on great bone, correct cat like feet. Straight forelegs. Well developed in body. Nicely proportioned rear quarters. Presented in super coat. His movement is where this dog excels, moving soundly and driving around the ring with such ease both fore and aft. RBD. & BVIS.

2nd Brown’s BOWDONIA OZZIE VW – 8yr old with decent head, correct ear placement. Good neck and moderate placed shoulder. Nice bone. Would prefer more leg length. Well sprung ribs. Good topline. Good rear angulation. Presented well.

Good Citizen Dog Scheme Dog (1):


Minor Puppy Bitch (2):

1st Graham NYLIRAM THE SUSPECT 8mth old headed bitch with a good reach of neck. Finer in bone. Nicley proportioned front assembly. Level topline. Ribs beginning to spring nicely developed body for her age, short couplings. Lovely rear angulation and second thigh. Presented and turned out well. Moving soundly.

2nd Sherlock’s TIGERROCK HOPES & DREAMS FOR CRIMICAR – 8mth old with good head and correct eye colour. Decent reach of neck and well-placed shoulder. Good bone. Longer in body than 1st. Good rear angulation with muscle tone. Presented in good coat and condition.

Puppy Bitch (2):

1st Harrison’s GLENBROWS WISH – 9mth old of super type. The prettiest of heads with kind expression, lovely chiselling below the eyes, correctly set on vine shape ears, clean neck into the best of fronts. Straight forelegs stood on good bone with cat like feet. Lovely depth of brisket for her age. Well-developed rump. Hocks well let down. Driving from the rear on the move. Presented in tip top condition. BPB. Delighted to award her BPIS I will follow her career with interest.


Junior Bitch (4,1):

1st Howarth’s FERNDEL STARRY EYES 15mth old of lovely type. A bitch built on clean lines & balanced picture when stacked. Very feminine head, slightly domed, correct hazel eye colour presenting a soft expression, correctly set ears. Decent front angulation. Nice spring of ribs correct length of loin. Body developing nicely for her age. Very promising bitch indeed just needs time to mature. Well-made quarters. Turned out well. Moving soundly.

2nd Casey’s TIGERROCK AMAZING GRACE – 15mth old of different type to 1st. Pretty in head good reach of neck and correctly proportioned front. Good spring of ribs. Not fully enjoying her time in the ring today, but that will come with confidence. Moved soundly once she settled.


Special Yearling Bitch (6,1):

1st Ritchie & Scaife’s RENASCENT BLEABERRY AT SLAPESTONES JW (imp USA) 18mth old with attractive head of correct proportions. Enough length of neck. Decent lay back of shoulder, super depth of chest. Straight forelegs. Short coupled well-developed body. Firm topline. Decent rear angulation covering the ground well. Shown and handled to advantage.

2nd Ritchie’s SARABANDE DANCING QUEEN AT SLAPESTONES JW (Ai) – 23mth old well-made bitch with lots to like about her. Not as positive in front as winner. Decent headpiece. Wee sprung rib and depth of brisket. Slightly longer in loin. Lovely muscled quarters with correctly angled stifle. Presented in decent coat and condition.


Post Graduate Bitch (3):

1st Casey’s TIGERROCK LIT DE ROSES – 2.5yr old pretty type slightly long in foreface, good eye. Correct neck length. Stood on decent bone and neat feet. Lovely depth of chest. Body well developed. Strong muscular quarters, with good second thigh. Shown in great coat & condition. Moving soundly fore and aft.

2nd Backhouse’s NYLIRAM THE SEA GLASS AT AINDREA – 2yr old who was handled very well by her young handler. Well-made front and straight forelimbs. Neat feet. Good body. Moderate angulation to the rear. Would prefer a bit more leg length to balance the picture. Turned out in good condition.


Limit Bitch (6):

1st Harrison’s GLENBROWS HOPE – 3yr old bitch of appealing type and overall balance, divine in head with soft kind expression required from a spaniel. Chiselling below the eye. Super reach of neck with the best of fronts. Great depth of body well sprung ribs. Firm in topline with slight rise over her croup. Short muscular loin of correct length. Well let down hocks and super second thigh which allowed her to move with propelled drive around the ring. BB & RBIS delighted to learn the BPIS was her mother, definitely from the same mould! She just lost out to BIS as she was slightly out of coat.

2nd Graham’s NYLIRAM THE MOTH CATCHER JW – 2yr old bitch of different type but still lots to like about her. Decent head would prefer a slightly darker eye. Good neck and well laid shoulder placement. Super spring of rib and well-developed body. Short coupled. Strong hind quarters with excellent muscle. Covering the ground well. Presented in excellent coat. RBB.


Open (2):

1st Graham’s SH CH NYLIRAM TELLING TALES JW 2yr old balanced outline with correct head proportions, correct length of muzzle slightly domed head, ears set on correctly with correct eye colour providing a soft expression. Lovely reach of neck into a decent shoulder. Straight forelegs. Stood on nice bone and neat feet. Well sprung ribs. Decent rear angulation. Presented in tip top condition. Just not as positive in front as I would have liked, so her litter mate pipped her for reserve best bitch.

2nd Dyer’s ISLANZA ROYALE AMONG TYLWYTH – 7yr old with decent head. Nicely proportioned front assembly. Good bone. Well-developed body. Firm topline. Correct tailset. Presented well. Moving with drive from behind.

Veteran Bitch (5,1):

1st Tain’s SH CH TAIMERE’S TAKES THE BISCUIT JW – 8yr old who stacked presents an overall balanced picture. Pretty in head with kind eye, good chiselling below the eyes, correct depth of muzzle. Lovely reach of neck. Well-constructed front. Well boned legs. Decent in body. Good rear angulation and second thigh. Presented in good coat and condition. Covering the ground well on the move.

2nd Thirwell’s FERNDEL ISLAY MIST AT RUBYLEA – 7yr old of nice type who stacked presents a pleasing balanced outline. Feminine in head. Clean in neck and shoulder. Well sprung ribs and good depth of brisket. Short coupled. Straight forelegs with good bone at cat like feet. Quarters well-muscled and hocks well let down. Presented in decent coat and condition. Sound movement fore and aft.


Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bitch (1):

1st Mole & Knox’s ZAZA FLORENCE OUR LOYAL WELSH AT EDINCRAW (imp NLD) 5yr old with good reach of neck and adequate lay back of shoulder. Stood on clean legs. Moderate rear angulations. Short couplings. Turned out in decent coat.

Judge: Mrs Kelly Jenkinson (Eastriding)