• Show Date: 04/06/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Kelly Jenkinson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 18/02/2024

Ripon & District Canine Society

A stand in judge for Ellen Loynd who was unable to fulfil her appointment. Thanks to the committee for the invitation and the exhibitors for allowing me the pleasure of judging their dogs.

Clumber Spaniels

Post Graduate (3,1abs):

1st – Taylor’s MAURSETT MASIKEAN 14mth old bitch with a pretty head. Square in appearance with square muzzle and correct eye colour. Correct vine shaped ears. Strong neck into well-made front. Short well boned legs. Good depth of body ribs well sprung and carried well back. Well developed quarters. Turned out in nice coat & condition. Just lacking in confidence on the move but should come with age and ring practice.

2nd – Taylor’s MAURSETT MADRIGAL – 8mth old bitch good head of correct proportions. Short strong neck and well-placed shoulder. Short straight forelimbs of good bone and substance. Body beginning to develop nicely for her age. Well let down quarters with short hocks. Sound in movement just needs more confidence going forward. BP

Open (1):

1st – Taylor’s MAURSETT MARNIE – 4yr old bitch of nice breed type. Feminine in head with a kind expression. Correctly square muzzle with well developed flews. Strong neck and adequately placed shoulder. Lovely depth of brisket and well sprung ribs. Long body with firm topline. Well-muscled and let down quarters. Moving soundly around the ring. BOB

American Cocker Spaniel:

Post Graduate (1):

1st – Morris’s NORRAYSHAS MADAM CHOLET AT MYCALLEYS – 11mth old buff bitch with pretty head, head well rounded with nice chiselling below the eyes. Correct eye shape and colour providing an alert kind expression. Ears set on correctly. Good length of neck with slight arch into a well-placed shoulder. Straight forelegs of good bone. Short back firm topline. Hindquarters of decent proportions, hocks well let down. Moving out soundly fore & aft. BP

Open (3,1):

1st – Morris’s CHURCHILL MOSER DOG AT MYCALLEYS – Buff dog 4yr old masculine head, clean neck and well laid shoulder. Stood on good bone and feet. Elbows well let down. Decent spring of ribs with good depth of chest providing good heart room. Short compact body. Firm in topline which he held on the move. Nicley angled quarters. Turned out in lovely coat & condition moving with drive around the ring. BOB.

2nd – Morris’s MYCALLEYS CHINA DOLL – Black/Tan bitch of nice type. Just not settled or happy in the ring today unfortunately. Pretty head with nice work in her head, dark eye and kind expression correct earset. Good length of neck and nicely placed shoulder. Straight forelegs. Good bone & feet. Well developed body. Hindquarters well let down. Presented well. Unsettled on the move so difficult to assess her fully.

Sussex Spaniels

Post Graduate (1,1):

Open (2):

1st Graham’s SH CH EALD DANCES WITH WOLVES AMONG NYLIRAM JW ShCEx OSW – a dog I have awarded BOB to in the past and to me he gets better with age. He is so full of breed type and his happy disposition of tail wagging is a joy to see. Excels in head with good width super brow, correct eye colour providing melting expression super thick ears set on correctly. Well-made throughout. Super muscled quarters and neat hocks. Moving with superb drive so effortlessly around the ring with that characteristic roll. Turned out in the best of coats and condition. BOB

2nd Goodwin’s Sh Ch SERENDEL SUSSEX ENDEAVOUR – another male full of breed type 6yr old with masculine head with good width & correct brow. Well-made forequarters, good bone and short legs. Well-developed body and depth of chest. Firm topline. Quarters nicely muscled. Not the soundness of the winner today on the move.

 Judge: Mrs Kelly Jenkinson (Eastriding)