• Show Date: 31/05/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Katarzyna Skawska Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Reading & District Kennel Association

Shih Tzu: A very enjoyable day with a good entry of 8 considering it was my first appointment. I’d like to thank all the exhibitors for joining me on the day and I’d especially like to thank the Reading and District Kennel Association for hosting this premier Open show and for inviting me to the appointment. It was a pleasure judging all the dogs and bitches present and I look forward to judging again.

P (4)

1 Kerée-Baartolo and Yorke’s Middletune Blazzin Saddles.

Gold and white dog (8 months old). Gorgeous puppy with large eyes giving character to the face. Neck of good length in proportion to the overall dog. Lovely movement with a nice reach in front and a strong rear drive. Tail set high giving the overall dog a fantastic outline when standing and especially during movement. He presented himself extremely well and I was absolutely delighted to award him BP and BOB.

2 Gray’s Ragabbey Humbug.

Black and white bitch (8 months old). Lovely feminine expression on the face. Nice deep chest with the equal proportions throughout. Presented herself well whilst stationary. Movement would have been ideal if a little quicker, but with repeated practice, I’m sure that will improve. Despite this, the overall bitch was well balanced.

J (3)

1 Kerée-Baartolo and Yorke’s Middletune Blazzin Saddles.

Same dog that received 1st in puppy.

2 Turner’s Rossvale Fantastic Dream at Charonnis.

Solid gold dog (14 months old). Very visible that this dog enjoys being shown through the way he moved in the ring. The expression on his face was of a typical shih tzu; dark round eyes separated by a black leather nose with the head being nicely domed. The dog was balanced within itself, and it was a pleasure to award RBOB to him, definitely a strong contender in this class.

PG (4, 1)

1 Turner’s Rossvale Fantastic Dream at Charonnis.

Same dog that received 2nd in junior.

2 Gailliford’s Sassyshi Jamaica Mistaica JW.

Brindle and white bitch (1 year 7 months old). Very nice bitch that presented herself beautifully in the ring. The correct body shape with the distance between the withers and root of tail being longer than height at withers. Hair very close to being in full coat. Lovely bitch to judge.

O (1)

1 Swift’s Chanikos Poket Full O’Dreams for Shanora.

Gold and white bitch (3 years 11 months old). Lovely full coat reaching all the way to the ground. Gave a smooth-flowing effect whilst on the move around the ring. She had a very nice expression.