• Show Date: 07/01/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Karen Coombs Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Taunton & District Canine Association

Taunton & District Canin Association . Sunday 7th of January 2023.

I was honoured to be asked to judge at this friendly well run show and lucky to have such lovely dogs to go over . Many thanks to the committee for their hospitality and a special thanks to my stewards for keeping things running so well.

Bichon Frise.

Postgraduate. Entries ( 1 ) abs (0 )


. Zienke, Mrs, J. Amore Mio Morengas. 10 month old dog. Well proportioned free moving dog . Lovely dentition , Beautiful dark pigment, dark round eye giving a lovely expression. Pleasing head and a lovely arched neck. Coming into a beautiful silky coat. Beautifully presented. Moved well both coming and going. Pleased to award BPIB/BOB

Open. Entries (2 ) abs (0 )


As first in Post Graduate.


Dean, Mrs, M B . Delbrupar The Category Is Avec Snowpups. 2 year old dog. Well balanced dog very typey .Lovely dark pigment with a nice head and beautiful dark eye. Good body with nicely laid shoulders. moved well.

Chinese Crested.

Graduate. Entries (0 ) abs (0 )

Open dog. Entries ( 1) abs ( 1)

Open Bitch. Entries (0 ) abs (0 )

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Puppy. Entries (4 ) abs ( 2)


Liverton-Ovey, Miss H A. Kinvaar Sunshine In Pocket. 10 month old Blenheim Bitch.a delightful pup with the softest expression. Beautiful dentition, large dreamy eyes and beautiful dark pigment. Moved so elegantly both coming and going holding a good top-line. In fabulous condition. Pleased to awarded BPIB


Bennett, Mrs, E. Rishtte I’m Tanisha. 10 month old Ruby Bitch. Another lovely pup with lovely dark round eye with very good pigment. Moved so well holding a good top line and tail set again in lovely condition .

Special Yearling . Entries (5 ) abs (2 )


Lewis, Mrs C & Miss J. Carleeto MinnieThe Minx. 1 year old Black & Tan bitch.loved this girls size and shape, very sweet expression with lovely dark round eyes, beautiful head and well shaped scull , moved beautifully holding a good top line and correct tail set throughout. Pleased to award RBOB.


Hawkins, Miss, K. Lexody Shenanigans. 23 month old Blenheim Dog. Nice size and shape. Dark round eye, lovely dentation , good pigment good head and well laid shoulders . Moved well.

3rd. Bennett, Mrs E. Earlrae Margarita Amore.

Postgraduate. Entries (2 ) abs ( 1)


Liverton-Ovey, Miss, H A. Bon Ray Of Hope At Halosey.2 year old tricolour bitch. This bitch is simply eye catching with fabulous reach and drive, she didn’t put a foot wrong. The most dreamy expression with beautiful dark round eye, lovely head and in pristine condition. She moved so well with elegance and style. Pleased to award BOB and gained toy group 1.

Limit. Entries (0 ) abs (0 )

Open. Entries (5 ) abs ( 3)


Lewis, Mrs C & Miss J. Carleeto Nikita. 6 year old Blenheim bitch. Another lovely size and shape bitch. Good head and elegant neck.Beautiful expression with lovely dark round eye, great pigment , in beautiful condition. Moved so well .


Bennett, Mrs E. Rivalace Red Over Heels. 3 year old Ruby bitch. Good head and muzzle, dark round eye, good pigment. Well set ears, in great condition. Moved soundly.

English Toy Terrier.

Postgraduate. Entries ( 4) abs (1 )


Warren, Mrs T & Mr J M L. Lasagesse Angle Of Harlem With Rhymswell. 8 month old ( Black & Tan ) Bitch. A very classy bitch , clean head with good ears, alert expression, good Length of neck with well laid shoulders. Rich tan thumbprints

 Moved so very well both coming and going. Very promising pup.pleased to award BOB / BPIB


Dicker, D A. Neerodan Thyme Bomb.21 month old ( Black & Tan) Bitch.Another little beauty, with a great neck and shoulders, well rounded quarters. Moved well.

Open. Entries( 3 ) abs (1 )


Warren , Mrs T & Mr J M L. Pedara The World Is Mine. 4 year old ( Black and Tan) Dog. Another quality dog, masculine head with beautiful almond eye. Shapely top line. In lovely condition , Typical English Toy Terrier movement, cuts a very a pleasing outline.


Dicker, D A. Moretonia Golden Girl At Neerodan.4 year old ( Black and Tan) Bitch.feminine bitch with a lovely head and beautiful dentation good almond eye. Nicely curved top line. Moved well.


Post graduate. Entries (2 ) abs (1 )


Matthews, Mrs, H. Chamwik Magical Mystery . 1 year old chocolate Dog in profuse coat, small and sturdy. Moved well with his high set tail carried beautifully over his back.

Open. Entries (3 ) abs (1 )


Lane, Mr D & Mrs S. starleisha Midnight Kiss. 4 year old silver bitch. Lovely type in beautiful condition. Good head proportions and lovely dark eye with good pigment, well balanced . Moved freely.pleased to award BOB

2ND. Same as first in post graduate.

Italian greyhound.

Open. Entries ( 0) abs ( 0)

King Charles Spaniel .

Post graduate. Entries (2 ) abs (0 )

Open. Entries (2 ) abs (1 )


Lewis, Mrs C & Miss J. Ch Amantra Tarazed Carleeto. 4 year old tricolour bitch. Lovely Coby bitch, good proportions of both body and head.in lovely condition and Moved very well . Pleased to award BOB.

Miniature Pinscher.

Graduate. Entries ( 1 ) abs (0 )


Casey, Mrs J. Rayjen Pumpkin Pie For Shamal. 14 month old Black and Tan dog. Great for size and type , cuts a beautiful outline . Lovely expression, good head and eye. Lovely in profile.pleased to award BOB

Limit. Entries (0 ) abs (0 )

Open. Entries ( 0) abs (0 )


Graduate. Entries (2 ) abs (0 )


Casey, Mrs , J. Melangel Lovely Lexi For Shamal. 23 month old black and white bitch. Lovely type, with a very pretty head ,fine muzzle well fringed ears.well ribbed and in lovely condition .Moved well.


Orchard, Miss, S. Panspayon Northern Lights.15 month old red and white bitch. Pretty little bitch with large fringed ears. Lovely body with a good top line and a lovely full plume carried correctly . Sound on the moved. Pleased to award RBOB.

Limit. Entries (1 ) abs (0 )


Orchard, Miss S. Panspayon Natasha .15 month old tricolour bitch. Another nice type from this kennel. Good head and fine muzzle, large well fringed ears. Lovely body and in good coat. Full of Papillon Pizzazz.

Open. Entries (1 ) abs(0 )


Orchard, Miss, S. Nightfire’s Be Unique In Style At Panspayon. 20 month old Black and White dog. I thought he was just lovely, top end of the breed standard but put together so well. Masculine head with a fine muzzle, beautiful large very well fringed ears, nicely laid shoulders and well ribbed, carried his full plume with style . Moved beautifully both coming and going . Pleased to award BOB.


Graduate. Entries ( 2) abs ( 0)


Carothers, Mrs, L J. Hazempugs Jay Jay. 7 month old Fawn Dog. Good head and expression, dark eye and well placed ears. Well defined wrinkles. Straight front with a lovely top line. Tight curly, tail . Moved as a pug should. Lovely little pup with a promising future. Pleased to award BPIB. Went on to get toy puppy group 1.


Sedgbeer, Mr, L. Pretty Sharlize.7 month old black Bitch. Lovely shape and size, good round head with well defined wrinkles and lovely open nostrils. She wasn’t happy on the move today but I’m sure this will come with maturity.

Open. Entries ( 1) abs(0 )


Alexander, Mrs, R A. Tangetoppens Easy To Say Treveth. 7 year old fawn Dog. Lovely type. Good head and expression, compact and cobby. Well defined wrinkles, open nostrils, well placed ears. Level top line and High set and tightly curled tail, a lovely mover. Pleased to award BOB.

Judge : Mrs Karen Coombs .