• Show Date: 19/03/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Karen Coombs Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

South Western Toy dog Club

South Western Toy Dog Club

                                      Sunday 19th March 2023

I would like to thank the officers and committee for the invitation to judge at this lovely show, and the very warm welcome I received, also a big thank you to my steward who kept things running smoothly. Last but certainly not least thank you to all the exhibitors for their entries and allowing me to go over some truly lovely dogs.


Junior. Entries (2) Abs (0)


Pirrie, Suzanne. Afterglow Cheddar Gorgeous. 9 month old bitch.

Typical Affenpinscher look, I liked her as soon as I seen her, full of Affen spirit with that beautiful cheeky monkey like face. Very attractive head with beautiful Bright dark intelligent eyes, nice breadth of muzzle with a good turn up, short neck leading on to lovely shoulder placement. Cuts a lovely outline , correct rough coat, just lovely all round.moved like a little train . Pleased to award . RBOB/ BPIB


Pirrie, Suzanne .Riogaioch Dear Prudence. 7 month old bitch.

 Another nice type that made my decision hard. Lovely correct head with dark sparkling eyes full of mischief. Lovely turn up finishing the look off with an abundance of correct rough coat. Lovely shape and size, very well balanced . Moved well once settled.

Open. Entries (1) Abs(0)


Pirrie, Suzanne. Riogaioch Beth Le Hem. 15 month bitch.

Another class act from this kennel. Still so young but this one has an awful lot to be desired .

Such a show off and full of fun just as this breed should have. Loved her head with the most delightful monkey like expression, dark beautiful eyes, small ears, lovely Length and breadth of muzzle , right amount of turn up. Such a well balanced girl and correct coat texture. Moved with such attitude she really did please me . Pleased to award. BOB

Chihuahua Long Coat.

Puppy. Entries. (2) Abs (0)


Taylor, Chanel. Chantaydan High Priestess . 8 month old cream and white bitch.

Such a nicely balanced girl, with the sweetest of heads giving her the most feminine expression.

Beautiful dark round eye, perfectly set ears and great pigment. There so much to say about this girl, such a lovely type. Just coming into adult coat, she’s in such lovely condition. She moved around the ring with grace holding her correct tail giving her a perfectly straight top line. A bright future awaits this one . Pleased to award. BPIB


Poyner, Michelle. Ismirelle’s Shining Star. 6 month old Fawn and White bitch.

A lovely youngster in tip top condition, very feminine head with melting dark round eye, good dentition that’s not often found in one so young. I like her size and shape and in good puppy coat. she was a little shy today but still moved well .

Junior. Entries (2) abs (0)


Taylor, Chanel. Chantaydan Strike A Pose. 13 month old tricolour bitch.

Loved this little one, she has the most delightful expression with a correct dome head, lovely dark round intelligent eyes, short stop and lovely dentation .straight front and well ribbed. Her dainty size and shape is eye catching and is very well put together. She moved with such confidence holding a firm top line , a showgirl from start to finish. Pleased to award RBOB.


Skinner, Anita. Mulerosa Bobby In Heaven. 17 month old Fawn and White dog.

A quality dog in the most beautiful condition. This was a tough decision for me as on another day he could easily take first. He had the most masculine head with lovely short stop, dark dreamy eye, lovely pigment, straight front and well ribbed, good length of leg and again very well balanced. Brisk movement, he was a delight to watch.

Post Graduate. Entries (1) Abs (0)


Taylor, Chanel. Chantaydan Pray For Poetry. 22 month old tricolour bitch.

A sweet girl with an adorable expression ,well balanced and beautifully correct . A darker tricolour in fabulous condition, I judged another from this kennel today and they are all a credit to their owner. Such a typey girl . Correct straight front and nicely ribbed. Spirt level top line and moved like a true show girl. Moved so well both coming and going.

Open. Entries ( 3) Abs(0)


Berrington, Rachel. Ellochi Crazy Night For Pappersley JW. 6 year old Sable And White dog.

Loved this boy, came into the ring with oddles of style and confidence. At the top end of the breed standard but could not be denied his placing. Such a beautiful dome head with a sweet dark round eye, short stop with lovely pigment. Typical erect ears set well apart. Straight front with good length of leg and good bone. Moved with Chihuahua attitude and class. Striking while standing . Pleased to award . BOB.


Skinner, Anita. Tyssul Zafira At Mujerosa. JW. 4 year old fawn sable bitch.

Again I was spoilt for choice and had to make another difficult decision. Such a lovely type with the most delectable head, very short muzzle with the correct dentition, beautiful dark round eye and perfectly placed large ears. Straight front with just the right amount of rib, straight top line and correct tail set. Moved very well both coming and going.


Skinner, Anita. Tyssul Awely Mynydd.

Chihuahua Smooth Coat.

Puppy. Entries (1) Abs(0) |


Dodd, Mrs Helen P. Anadeia Amaris. 11 month old fawn bitch.

Super little girl in lovely condition. I loved her size and shape. She has the sweetest of expressions with a dreamy dark round eye. Lovely short stop with a good bite. Straight front, good bone and in fab condition .She is just coming into her own and should blossom into a little beauty . Good overall and moved so well for one so young. Promising bitch.

Junior. Entries (2) Abs (0)


Poyner, Michelle. Anadeia Ovation For Mikichi. 9 month old cream Dog.

This very attractive little boy caught my eye as soon as he walked into ring he has all the qualities you would expect from a good quality s/c. nicely rounded scull , Short stop with a very good bite, lovely dark round eye, super well placed ears, good depth of rib. Moved extremely well holding an excellent straight top line and tail set .Pleased to award. RBOB/BPIB 


Dodd, Mrs Helen P. Anadeia Endeavour. 9 month old cream Dog.

It didn’t surprise me to find that first is a littler mate to this little chap. Nothing between them , very similar in all ways. Lovely type with a lovely rounded scull , short stop, good correct bite, dark round eye . Nicely ribbed, I could add all the same qualities as first but fear repeating myself . First had ever so slightly the edge.

Post Graduate. Entries (1) Abs (0)


Dodd, Mrs Helen P. Mikichi Diamond Marquise. 23 month old Cream Bitch.

A very nice type, good head and expressive eyes, correct large well placed ears. Straight front and a good arch of neck, nice top line and a beautifully carried tail . Cuts a lovely outline . Loved her size and shape , in lovely condition . Moved really well with delightful attitude.

Open. Entries (2) Abs (0)


Morris, Ann. Mikichi Mr Moonlight. 3 year old Blue Fawn dog.

Simply delightful, he danced into the ring like her was announcing his presence . He didn’t disappoint on the table. A beautiful head with all the correct features. A nice depth of chest, straight front, well bodied , lovely in profile with his tail carried as it should . Moved so very well . Cuts an eye catching outline. Pleased to award. BOB.


Dodd, Mrs Helen P. Anadeia Gingerbread. 3 year old cream bitch.

Pretty girl with a good rounded scull, correct large well placed ears and the sweetest of eyes. Good the depth of chest and a good straight front. A little longer than first but still a very nice type. Moved very well both coming and going.

Griffon Bruxellois.

Open. Entries (1) Abs (0)


Hershaw, Trace. Beauview Sun Blessed. 5 year old bitch.

Mature dog , nice head with large dark cheeky eyes. Good neck leading on to a correct short back. Super coat texture and In tip top condition, this boy has the most beautiful outline with a razor sharp top line finishing with a gorgeous tail set. Moved exceptionally well, cuts a lovely silhouette , brisk both coming and going . Pleased to award BOB

Japanese Chin.

Puppy. Entries (0) Abs(0)

Post Graduate. Entries (0) Abs(0)

Open. Entries (1)Abs (0)

Paradise, Mrs, J. Shardlow Knickerboka Glory SHCM V W. 10 year old white and black.

This old timer did surprise me , he could give the youngsters a run for their money. Nicely balanced dog with the most Devine head and eye giving that sweet Japanese Chin look. So well constructed. Lovely straight front , nicely laid shoulders, level top line and carries his tail beautifully correct. I could go on and on about this boy. He showed himself so well. Pleased to award. BOB.


Open. Entries (1) Abs (0)


Paradise, Mrs J. Shardlow Rag ‘n’ Bone Man. 21 month old black dog.

A quality dog, very nice open face with lovely open nostrils. Inquisitive eyes and nicely cushioned muzzle .well boned with correct elbows. Lovely firm body with a good top line carrying a beautiful high tail set. Beautiful on the move. In fabulous condition but not over coated. Pleased to award. BOB


Puppy. Entries (3) Abs (0)


Brown, Mr & Mrs CJ, & FS. Yoshe It’s Now Or Never. 7 month old cream dog.

This one has a very sweet expression , small and compact , he looks bigger then he his due to being in the middle of changing coat. He has the most beautiful almond eyes, short muzzle , short neck and back. Coming in to good correct coat. He finishes his look off with a gorgeous full straight plume. Didn’t disappoint on the move. Pleased to award. RBOB/BOIB


Lovell, Miss, Amy. Pawsamy’s Rose. 6 month old orange sable bitch.

A very nice bitch with a lot of promise, she has the sweetest of heads with a nice short muzzle, good dentation, nicely placed ears. She has the most beautiful straight front and a short back . She carries her full plume with confidence. Moved very well, on another day she could easily take first.


Lovell, Miss, Amy. Pawsamy’s Sweet William

Junior. Entries (0) Abs (0)

Post Graduate. Entries (1) Abs (1)

Open. Entries (2) Abs (1)


Brown, Mr & Mrs , CJ & FS. Snowvilla Tropical Storm. J W

This boy is full of Pomeranian pizzazz, with a melting expression, nice eye, lovely ear placement, short stop and a good bite. He has such a sort neck and good shoulder leading on to a very short neck, this give him that adorable round look that only this breed possesses. This one has such a good harsh full coat and a lovely thick plume. Moved out so well. Pleased to award. Bob.

Mrs Karen Coombs .