• Show Date: 11/06/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Karen Anderson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 15/02/2024

Ashfield (Notts) Canine Society

Ashfield (Notts) Canine Society Open Show – Karen Anderson

Thank you to the committee for inviting me again to judge at your show. It is such a lovely show to attend and you’re to be commended on your hard work and lovely venue. Huge thanks to my steward who supported me and those before me all day in the hot weather, professional and helpful to the very last class dog.

Thank you to the exhibitors to for bringing such a lovely selection of dogs to go over.

Siberian Husky

Puppy (5,3abs)

1st Cunningham’s Siberiadrift Daring Minx from Icebex (B) 10 months. Promising youngster of nice shape and type who is maturing nicely Pleasing head with correct shape, muzzle slightly tapered. Almond eye. Ears of good shape and covering. Excellent reach of neck leading to a well laid shoulder. Chest still needs to develop. Nice body shape with slight tuck up and enough bone throughout without being heavy. Gives a pleasing outline when viewed. Moved out well once settled with a clean topline, neat in all directions (BP)

2nd Snelson’s Sakino’s Envy at Ashtrax. (B). 11 months. Another nice youngster with similar attributes as first. Touch larger in ear and front wasn’t as well angled as first. Head of good shape complete with dark brown almond eye. In nice coat and gave a sharp outline. Not as forward as first on the move (it was a very hot day). But again clean lines. Just not quite the forward extension as my winner

Junior (4,0abs)

1st Bolsover’Charmedkelz’s Dreamfyre. (B) 12 months. Really liked this bitch for type. Not the largest bitch but everything was nicely in proportion and she presented a lovely outline when first viewed. Head of foxy type with enough rounding of skull. Ears of correct size and set and well furnished. Ample neck and her front assembly was spot on. Clean body lines with enough tuck up. In correct coat. Moved well in all directions covering the ground well.

2nd Cunningham’s Siberiadrift Daring Minx from Icebex

3rd Snelson’s Sakino’s Envy at Ashtrax

Postgraduate (6,1abs)

1st Bolsover’Charmedkelz’s Dreamfyre

2nd Cunningham’s Siberiadrift Daring Minx from Icebex

3rd Bolsover’s Charmedkelz’s Arrax

Open (5,1abs)

1st Bolsover’s Charmedkelz Fozzie Bear. (D) 2 years old. Liked this boy for his type and overall outline. Masculine without being heavy. Pleasing head of good proportions. Ears set well and of correct size. Almond eye, colour harmonizing with coat. In nice coat and well toned throughout. Front and rear construction was good with enough length of upper arm and well laid back shoulder. Stood on a strong pastern. Tight feet. Moved out the best today keeping a good topline and accurate footfall in all directions (BOB)

2nd Allen & Hughes Ch Siberiadrift Keep the Love for Zimavolk JW ShCM (D) 6 years old. Another lovely male but for me a little too strong in head and heavy set throughout. Construction was generally good. Just a touch short in upper arm. Very strong bone. Movement was steady around the ring with clean strides. Again, weather probably had an effect. But didn’t have the forward paces of my winner (RBOB)

3rd Bolsover’s Magozi Zelda for Charmedkelz

Canadian Eskimo Dogs

Junior (2,0abs)

A lovely pair of youngsters in this class. Loved them both. My winner just was more together on the move and in body, having the age advantage on her class mate.

1st Mckinlay’s Carlotta Di Savoia (Imp Ita) 17 months. Really typy bitch who appealed in shape and construction. Feminine but can clearly see she’s built to do a days work. Head has substance of typical wedge shape. Dark brown eye of correct shape. Ears well covered. Strong straight neck onto good lay of shoulder. Front construction is good with straight leg. Chest still needs to finish in development. Good length of back with moderate spring of rib. Balanced rear assembly with enough turn of stifle. Has enough bone throughout. Carries the correct texted coat with plenty of undercoat. Tail set on correctly, well furnished and carried well over back on move. Neat efficient paces away and back and covers the ground well. Looks impressive in side profile.

2nd Bailey’s Gerifreki Devils Food made for Akna NAF TAF (D) 8 months. Loved this youngster. Still so much more to come with his tender age, but the foundations are all there. Strongly built. Head of typical shape. Just needs to broaden and develop as he grows. Eye of good shape and colour. Small ear, correct rounding to top and well covered. Enough upper arm to the front onto straight leg and rounded feet he is still growing into. Needs to grow on more in chest but it’s where I would expect for his age. Coat of good texture showing the start of his mane around neck and shoulders. Powerful dog on the move even in today’s heat. A touch untidy at times at the rear but more down to his exuberance rather than construction. BP

Postgraduate (1,0abs)

1st Bailey’s Akna Knight Templar* 2 year old male. Has a good outline from all directions. Correct in height and length. Head still needs to mature on a bit more, but of good proportions and typical wedge shape. Dark brown eye and small neat ear which was well covered. Strong short neck onto laid back shoulders. Plenty of upper arm length onto straight leg. Good depth of chest. Excellent bone and condition throughout body, with moderate spring of rib. Rear angulations ok. Coat has the harshness required with a dense undercoat. On the move. Sets off a little untidy but then settles into a good pace keeping a straight, level topline and clean in all directions.

Open (3,0abs)

A lovely class where really all three could swap places on a different day in different conditions. Was splitting hairs on my placings.

1st Bailey’s Akna Run Silent Run Deep ** (D). Beautifully made 2 year old male. Well off for bone throughout and even in this heat, showed the strength and exuberance of this breed. Head of correct proportions, brown eye. Ears small, rounded and well covered. Strong neck onto well laid back shoulder. Solid body with good topline and moderate spring of rib. Excellent depth of chest, plenty of breathing room. Enough rear angulation onto strong hock. Well muscled throughout. Strong movement in all directions defying the heat today. Very clean paces. BOB

2nd Graham’s Akna Voorhees**u768. What a beautiful example of the breed. She has all that I look for. Substance yet femininity. 3 years old. Today decided to leave some of her coat at home but still had the required harshness in places. But her condition throughout is lovely. Head although feminine has the desired proportions and strengths. Brown eye. Lovely, alert expression. Ears small and well covered. Strong short neck. Good lay of shoulder. Enough length of back with moderate rib. Slight tuck up. Rear angulation good onto strong vertical hock. Another good mover. She was just pipped as my winner moved out more positively on the day and felt his front construction was slightly better. RBOB

3rd Bailey’s Akna Tumnes**

AV Imported Breed Register Pastoral

Junior (2,1abs)

1st Henshaws’ Whitehemi’s Brabham. (WSSD). 10 month male. BP. Lovely youngster. A little bit unsettled in ring at first but settled down well. Promising head shape which needs to grow on and develop. Angulation was good front and rear but narrow at the moment throughout due to his age. Chest still needs to develop. In good coat. A touch erratic on the move but could see moments where he strided out well. Just needs to grow on and gain confidence.

Open Dog (2,1abs)

1st Pickering’s IR CH Murray D’ered Luin Avec Picarbook (Imp Fra) (Picardy Sheepdog). 4 year old bitch. Love this breed and a pleasure to go over. Head of pleasing proportions and balanced when viewed from the side. Dark oval eye. Ears of good size, set high and alert and erect. Such a pleasing expression. Good shape when viewed from all sides. Carried the correct harsh coat with ample undercoat. Moved well in all directions. Just a tad close moving away.

Open Bitch (5, 4abs)

1st Pickering’s Whitehemi’s Aurora.(Picardy Sheepdog). 2 year old. Lovely bitch and pleasing to go over. Enough bone throughout and good muscling to thigh and rear end. Head of nice proportions and balanced ratio of muzzle to skull. Tail of correct length to hock. In clean coat which had the correct harshness and length. Moved cleanly in all directions, striding out well, particularly in this heat.

AVNSC Pastoral

Puppy (4,1abs)

1st Treasures’ Pavoskas Galaksiitii (Finnish Lapphund). 10 month male. Lovely youngster who is developing well. He is all male but has the nicest expression with the darkest of brown oval eyes. Head shape is good at this stage with muzzle length balancing with back of skull. Ample padding to muzzle. Clean bite. Ears set correctly and well furnished. Strongly made neck sitting on correct shoulders. His front construction has good angulation. Still needs to drop in chest towards the elbow which will come with age. Just a touch long on leg at the moment but expected given his age. Nicely rounded spring of rib. Rear angulations are sound and well muscled. His coat is on the change but carries the correct harshness required of the breed. Dense undercoat. Furnishings coming through nicely. High set tail with enough length. Again, well furnished. Moved well in all directions and was delighted to award him a place in the puppy group later that day. Promising youngster. BP PG2

2nd Thomas’ Skipest Winter Blues (Lancashire Heeler) 9 month male. A nice youngster. Just needs to gain the experience in the ring to settle into his best movement. Head proportions ok. Skull flat with ears set wide. Carried erect and used well. Eyes of correct almond shape. Strong neck onto laid back shoulder. Front construction. Would like a bit more upper arm, but elbow tight to body. Good length of body. Rear had good turn to stifle. Clean lines when viewed from all angles. Movement once settled was tidy front and rear and covered ground well in side profile.

3rd Hughes’ Poolheywood Barney (Lancashire Heeler)

Junior (3,2abs)

1st Treasures’ Pavoskas Galaksiitii.

Postgraduate – No entries

Open (2,0abs)

Two lovely girls here to go over and easily could have swapped places on a different day. Just found my winner was more positive on the mood on this hot day in this class.

1st Treasures Infindigo Riemu Emmi ShCM VW ShCEx (Finnish Lapphund) 11 years young. Lovely girl who doesn’t fail to impress in condition or on the move even in her mature years. She has a nice balanced head with enough width. Oval eyes harmonise with the coat. Ears with enough covering and set correctly. Moderately strong neck. Front construction of correct angles and enough upper arm. Chest just above her elbow and well developed. Nice length of back. Rear with correct turn of stifle and well muscled. Tail set on high and well furnished. She is very clean in all directions with neat paces. Good breadth throughout and very tidy in rear. BAVNSC (Grp4)

2nd McKinlay’s T’Safira Do Cabeco Do Seixo (Estrela) 3 year old bitch. What a beautiful example of this breed she is and lovely to go over. Well made head with good width of muzzle. Striking black mask the breed calls for. Top of skull slightly rounded. Dark medium oval eye and has a lovely focused expression. Small triangular ear of correct set and fold. Strong short neck onto slight lay back of shoulder. Good length of back and neat topline. Rear again had moderate angulation to stifle. Presents a very balanced picture. Well boned throughout. Tail set on low and well furnished with hook on end. In good coat with correct harshness with enough undercoat. On the move she covered ground well with even, clean paces. RAVNSC.

AV Pastoral Veteran (16,6abs)

1st Jenkinson’s Kiltondale Spring Evening for Ellishar (Bearded Collie) 8 year old female. Loved this girl for type. Medium sized bitch with a lovely outline and length. Head of good size and proportion and carried good width to skull. Muzzle equal to skull with a moderate stop. Eyes of good size and complemented coat colour. Ears of medium size and sat correctly to skull. Good body shape and length of rib. Rear has moderate turn of stifle set on a low hock. Tail low set and of good length. On the move, covered the ground well whilst keeping a good topline. In good coat which had the required texture and length.

2nd Treasures’ Infindigo Riemu Emmi ShCM VW ShCEx (Finnish Lapphund)

3rd Pickering’s Ir Ch Murray D’ered Luin Avec Picarboo (imp Fra)

Pastoral Group.

I was spoilt with this quality line up of dogs. A pleasure to judge.

1st Foster’s Fosterbrie Just Unique JW LUX JUN CH (Briard) 22months. Exuberant young man who does demand attention. Lovely head in proportion. Square muzzle, enough stop. Ears of correct shape and length and used well as very responsive to handler. Arched neck onto well laid back shoulder. Body of excellent construction. Depth of chest to front. Excellent angulation from shoulder to upper arm down straight leg. Body has moderate spring. Clean topline sloping slightly. Correct set of tail with required j hook. Feet well covered and padded. This dog just keeps going and going. Excels on the move with clean strides, really covering the ground. Couldn’t be denied the group and pleased to watch him go on to win Best in Show.

2nd Nolan’s Talraz Badge of Honour (Bearded Collie) 2 year old. Lovely girl who pushed winner all the way. Everything to like about her. Viewing from all sides, she has clean lines and a lovely shape to her. Lovely head. Muzzle balanced with skull and plenty of width. Eyes of harmonizing colour. Ears of nice shape and set. Strong neck slightly arching down to a good lay of shoulder. Body has correct length of rib. Clean level topline. Tail set low and well furnished. Beautifully presented in good coat. Top coat has the harshness required, with soft undercoat. On the move she just flowed round the ring with minimum lift, extending out well in front.

3rd Hollingworth’s Highashes Plan Bee JW (Pembroke) 22 months. This sweet girl couldn’t be denied a group place. She just says, look at me. Attractive foxy head. Round, brown eye, finished with lovely pricked ears to finish her stunning expression. Lovely to go over. Body of medium length. She had good depth to chest. Legs, short and straight. Nice spring of rib and clean topline. Rear with enough turn of stifle onto a strong hock. Presented in good coat with dense undercoat. Moved so freely, extending out front with good strong follow through from rear.

4th Treasures’ Infindigo Riemu Emmi ShCM VW ShCEx (Finnish Lapphund)

Pastoral Puppy Group

Again, a lovely line up of promising puppies. My final placings were:

1st Jenkinson’s Irisaddition Victorious with Ellishar (Bearded Collie) 7 months. What an exciting prospect this youngster is and lovely character. Presents a super picture in profile and didn’t disappoint going over her. Balanced head with muzzle balancing with skull. Eye’s wide set and good expression. Ears set correctly of good shape. Medium, arched neck. Front of good angulation. Plenty of upper arm onto straight leg. Enough length of back. Rear angulation had plenty of angulation to stifle and good muscling for age. Presented in good coat, with enough furnishings. Feet and toes well covered. She is very clean in her paces keeping a good topline and covering the ground effortlessly. Delighted to see her go Best Puppy in Show.

2nd Treasure’s Pavoskas Galaksiittii (Finnish Lapphund)

3rd Fieldend & Kirkland’s Hollybeck Ticket to Ride to Starwell DEL RIU GOST (IMP ESP) NAF TAF. (Catalan Sheepdog). Nice youngster of ten months. Head coming on with short muzzle, skull width correct with pronounced occiput. Round eye of correct colour. Triangular ear of good size and well furnished. Good length of coat covering to muzzle and forehead. Neck of enough length onto strong well laid shoulder. Straight leg, elbows tight to body. Correct length of pastern onto oval feet which were well covered. Chest still needs to drop a little more. Body with even topline, moderate spring of rib. Rear well muscled with let down hock. Enough width and parallel at front and rear. Very clean moving. Parallel from front and rear and short striding with minimum lift.

4th Deakin’s Darwillow Queen of Puddings (OES) 9 month old female who is maturing nicely. Correct in shape when viewed in profile. Going over her, she carries enough bone throughout. Head developing well. Muzzle equal to skull length with well defined stop. Skull still needs to broaden. Ears of nice size and shape. Ample neck onto a good lay of shoulder. Front is straight with enough upper arm. Chest still needs to broaden and drop but where I would expect for age. Strong, short back with good spring of rib. Rear has enough thigh with correct turn of stifle. Short, strong hock. Presented in good coat with desired harshness. Moved well going away and back, parallel. Extends well in side profile, driving well from the rear.

AV Pastoral

Puppy (17, 14abs)

1st Jaskolski’s Piece of Happiness Mickey (imp Hung). (Border Collies) 11 month male. A sweet boy maturing nicely. Head of nice shape. Touch long in muzzle and still to broaden to it’s full width. Ample neck onto correct shoulder. Found him a touch short in upper arm at this time but he still has a lot of maturing to do in chest and front. Nice length of back. Rear had correct turn of stifle onto a low hock. Just needs to mature and gain his furnishings on leg. Top coat was ok. Needs a bit more undercoat. Oval tight feet. Tail of ok set and length. Nice to watch in profile. A little close and untidy moving away.

2nd King & Myall’s Altussi All That Razzmatazz. (Australian Shepherd). 6 month old bitch. Very raw at the moment and on the typical puppy leggy side. Head of promising proportions for age. Muzzle needs to thicken and skull obviously yet to finish broadening. Enough upper arm. Just a touch sharp in shoulder at the moment. Good length of back. Rear again has the angulation but just needs to strengthen up with age, and a touch narrow. Coat still coming on but found good texture. Length is getting there. On the move her paces are ok. Once she develops front and rear, should improve in extension.

3rd Poolheywood Barney.

Junior (12, 9abs)

1st Foster’s Fosterbrie Special Edition. (Briard). 13 months. Really liked this girl for type. Presented in good coat with correct texture and length. Very balanced from all sides with enough bone throughout. Correctly slightly longer than tall. Head of good proportions. Nice eye and lovely expression. Slightly rounded skull. High set ears of good size and well covered. She has a well constructed front. Deep chest. Plenty of room between legs. Level back with moderate spring of rib. Slight sloping to tail. Enough angulation to rear and well muscled. Very animated on the move, striding out well in all directions.

2nd Thomas’ Chesmes Kutya Magyar Gryff at Mournebrake. (Hungarian Puli). 1 year old male. What a character this boy is. Good overall shape to him. Promising head. Dark brown eye. Ears of correct V shape, good covering and required length per skull ratio. His coat coming along well and had the desired texture I was looking for. He has the sweetest expressions, such a happy boy. Neck of good length. Front still needs to finish dropping and growing out. Elbows a touch loose at this point. But his angulations front and rear balance well. Tail of correct length Covers the ground on the move well with short stepping strides in all directions.

3rd Jaskolski’s Piece of Happiness Mickey (imp Hun).

Postgraduate (9,6 abs)

1st Cave’s Casiann Ate. (GSD) 2 year old bitch. Very feminine but has good substance throughout. Head of good shape. Good length of muzzle, enough stop. Good breadth to skull. Almond dark eye. Ears highly set apart of good shape, completing a lovely expression. Strong neck. Front construction is good and straight when viewed. Balance in shoulder and upper arm. Enough length of back with short loin. Rear carrying good muscle, enough angulation. Tail reaching to hock. Dense top coat supported by enough undercoat. Longer around neck, shoulder area and good feathering to tail. Nice movement going away and back. Extended and clean in side profile.

2nd Edward’s Pajkos Fine ‘n’ Dandy (imp) (Hungarian Pumi) 4 year old male. Head of good shape. Shorter muzzle. Skull of good width with slight rounding to top. Medium, dark eye with good pigment. Triangular ear shape of nice size set high to skull. Strong, arched neck. Front had ample upper arm. Elbows tight to body. Chest to elbow at front. Short in body with slight slop to croup and correct high set tail. Well muscled in rear, medium turn of stifle onto a low hock. Dense wavy coat with enough undercoat. Moved ok on move with short stepping. A touch close when viewed from behind.

3rd Jaskolski’s Rollingbones Venue.

Open (6, 5abs)

1st Edward’s Cseresznyeskerti-Csalfa Zajos (hun Imp) (Hungarian Pumi) 9 year old male. Nice shape when viewed from side. Clean bite. Head shape ok. Touch long in muzzle. Dark eye. Good pigment throughout. Ears a touch large but set correctly and of good shape. Front construction has good length to upper arm, but a tad upright in shoulder. Body shape good. Rear, ok in muscle. Coat had good texture. A bit lethargic on the move and threw his front out slightly. Affected by the heat I think.

AV Rare Breed Pastoral

Puppy – No entries

Junior – No entries

Postgrad – (1,1abs)

Open (2,1abs)

1st Mckinlay’s T’safira Do Cabeco Do Seixo (imp prt) (BRB).
Previously judged earlier in the day. She moved even better this time relaxing into her stride. Pleased to see her awarded Reserve Rare Breed in Show.

AV Vulnerable Native Breed Pastoral

Puppy (6,2abs)

1st Fitzpatrick-Graham’s Ancksunamun Hallows Eve (Cardigan) 6 month bitch. Pretty bitch. Head of nice proportions for age. Skull needs to develop and broaden. Lovely ear and set. Ears set high of good shape. Enough length to neck. Shoulders a touch upright at the moment but should soften as she matures. Front is as expected. Angulation is good but needs to drop and broaden in check. Rear again, of nice angles but needs to tighten up. Moved nicely when settled. A little out of sync while she grows but nice side profile.

2nd Hughes Poolheywood Barney (Lancashire Heeler) 10 month male. Nice youngster. Head proportions ok. Prefer a little more length in muzzle. Good rounding to skull. Dark eye. Ear set ok, touch large, but erect and used well. Strong neck. Touch upright in shoulder. Nice overall body shape. Enough angulation to rear. On the move. He was slightly short steeping at front which affected rear. Nice in side profile. Just needs front to develop and shoulder to settle.

Junior (3,3abs)

Post Graduate (4, 2abs)

1st Fitzpatrick-Graham’s Elessar Moon Dancer of Ancksunamun (Cardigan) 3 year old Bitch. Has a balanced profile when viewed from side. Head proportions ok with good width to skull. Dark eye. Ear set ok of good size with rounded tips. Strong neck onto sloping shoulder. Front straight construction onto rounded feet. Clearly defined breast bone. Good length of back. Rear angulations ok. Straight hock. Coat had desired texture with enough undercoat. Moved ok. A touch loose at elbow, but clean paces in side gait.

2nd Jay’s Talraz Song of Summer (Bearded Collie) 2 year old bitch of good size. Nice proportions to head with enough width to muzzle and skull. Kind eye. Ears a touch large but set correctly. Arched neck. Front would like a touch more upper arm. A shade long in body, but good topline and spring of rib. Well muscled rear and the desired turn of stifle. Shown in coat of good texture. Dense undercoat. A little sluggy on the move, I think due to the heat as her gait was true and straight.

Open (4,3abs)

1st Jay’s Matamata Lorien Lady at Talraz (Bearded Collie) 2 year old bitch. The final dog on the day and she didn’t disappoint. Pleasing head. Correct eye giving lovely expression. Muzzle of correct length and enough width. Broad skull which carried ears of nice shape and set. Well laid back shoulders onto generous upper arm, straight leg. Feet oval and furnished well. Correct in body length. Balanced rear angulation with good bend of stifle and strong hock. Parallel when view from front and rear. Another in good coat. Fluid around the ring, extending out well, following through well at rear.