• Show Date: 03/12/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Justine Waldron Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 22/01/2024

Burton On Trent Kennel Association


Puppy (6,2) 1 Morley’s Lizlanmor Nevinson Pekingese 10 months old, this boy had lovely balance with a compact body presenting a good shape. Super head being wide and broad, with firm underjaw. Short thick front well laid back, leading to well sprung ribs. Level topline. Low hocks with strong pasterns. Moved out well with typical rolling gait. Well presented. Best AVNSC Puppy 2 Wilson’s Brokengate’s Rebel Heart Bichon Frise just a day over 6 months and at her first show. Sweet girl with correct head, with moderate stop and good pigment. Dark round eyes giving appealing expression. Nicely arched neck leading to correct forequarters and compact body. 3 Clifton’s Lizlanmor Queenie Panini at Clifcastle

Junior (2,1) 1 Morley & Hitchcock’s Lizlanmor Essence of Pearl Pekingese Smaller type but still balanced. Correct head being wide and broad, flat between the ears with large dark eyes. Well pigmented. Short thick neck. Sound rear and moved out well with typical roll.

Post Graduate (1,0) 1 Clifton’s Hemmingway’s Marley at Clifcastle Pekingese Well built young boy with large wide skull flat between the ears. Round dark eyes with good pigment. Well set ears with profuse feathering. Short thick neck leading to well laid back shoulders. Level topline and moved well with typical roll.

Open (7,3) 1 Wilson’s Manoir Edge of the Universe at Kantosky Bichon Frise Well presented young boy with a super head with correct ratios. Dark eyes with good pigment. Well set ears leading to nicely arched neck. Well sprung ribs with good width to loin. Moved out with effortless reach and drive. Best AVNSC 2 Clement’s Roxholm One for the Road Havanese Presented a lovely outline on the stand. Correct head with broad skull and correct length ratios. Kind eye giving a gentle expression. Correct bite. Well laid back shoulders leading to well sprung ribs and good tuck up. Moved out well. Lovely quality coat. 3 Morley & Hitchcock’s Lizlanmor King of Hearts Pekingese

AV Imported Breed Register Toy

Junior (2,0) 1 Hobbs’ Grande Misterio Carte Blanche aoc for Beaconsfylde (Imp LVA) Russian Toy Red long haired 17 month old boy with a lively temperament. Good head with clearly defined stop. Lean muzzle with correct bite. Finely boned with straight legs. Correct slope of topline to croup. Moved out well. Best Imported Breed Register Toy 2 Milroy’s Ascella Sidera Valles Farthinghall Russian Toy 7 month old smooth coat, black and tan. Good head, nicely rounded with clear defined stop. Well set ears. Straight legs with fine bone. This little girl was not very happy on the table which made assessment difficult. Best Imported Breed Register Toy Puppy

Open (5, 4) 1 Milroy’s Ollarena’s Uspex of Farthinghall Russian Toy Another that was not happy on the table. He has a pleasing head with large rounded eyes and good pigment. Large erect ears with good fringing. Correct length to body with good rear angulation. Moved out well with a brisk movement.

AV Toy Veteran (12, 7)

1 Colavecchia’s Carolus Miss Liberty JW 10 year old CKCS who was immaculately presented and in beautiful condition. Kind expression coming from correct head and large dark eyes set well apart. Good length of neck leading to well laid back shoulder. Level topline held well on the move which was free flowing. 2 765Wiggin’s Ch Scapafield Schwarz Nite Sky JW 9 year old Affenpinscher who had personality plus and not showing her age at all. Round dark eyes with nicely domed head giving that typical monkey-like expression. Nice straight front with correct length to body. Good rear angulation with hindlegs set well under body. 3 Stading’s Lemaritz Skyes the Limit Chihuahua

Toy Group

G1 Goochs’ Lireva’s Well Fancy that for Cassibawn JW Pomeranian who pulled out all the stops to win the group. Good head with well set ears giving a typical foxy expression. Well laid back shoulders leading to compact body. Rounded rib with good depth of chest. Moved out well and beautifully presented. G2 Wiggins’ Carmichan More Than A Dream with Scapafield Young Affenpinscher male who pushed hard all the way. Appealing head with dark sparkling eyes. Well set ears. Correct height to length ratios, with well sprung ribs and harsh quality coat. Moved out well with typical style. G3 Wilson’s Manoir Edge of the Universe at Kantosky (Bichon Frise) G4 Pap Lees Lafford Black Onyx JW Papillon Black and white boy with good head and large mobile ears well fringed. Deep chest and well sprung ribs. Well fringed tail set high. Moved out positively. Lovely presentation.

Toy Puppy Group

PG1 Stading Stadmeyer Jesslyn nearly 8 months old Smooth Coat Chihuahua. Well rounded head with large round eyes giving correct expression. Correct bite. Nicely arched neck leading to well laid back shoulders set well under. Level back with correct rear and good turn of stifle. Moved out with confidence and a look at me attitude which earned her the group. PG2 Pap 839 Slater’s Bresar’s Almeno Tu Bell Universo in Zizula (Imp ITA) 8 months old Papillon who didn’t stop showing. Nicely rounded skull with dark eye and good pigment. Large mobile ears set on well. Correct bite. Good length of body with level topline. Moved out well. PG3 Parker’s Riveralca Tulla at Khatira Black and white Powder Puff Chinese Crested. Presented a lovely picture standing and did not disappoint on the move. Correct head with dark almond shaped eyes. Well set ears. Well laid back shoulders leading to good length of body and well rounded rear. PG4 Morley’s Lizlanmor Nevinson (Pekingese)

Justine Waldron (Judge)