• Show Date: 28/01/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Julie Williams Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Wellingborough & District Canine Society

Wellingborough & District Canine Society held at the Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh on the 28th January 2023

Retriever (Labrador)

Puppy (9 entries, 1 abs)

1st BPIB & RBOB Linjor Heart To Heart 11 months yellow bitch, gave a balanced outline, lovely head, ample reach of neck into a good layback of shoulder, super topline and tailset which she kept on the move, stood on good bone and tight feet, moved well pipped the lovely male on rear angulation

2nd Bambrook’s Winsleywood Waghorn At Ravoakar 9 months yellow male, really pushed the bitch hard for her placing, he has the most super head with a melting expression, he just needs to drop into his stifles but otherwise everything is in the right place, moved really well. Good luck with him.

3rd Allen’s Timouron’s Olimpio

Junior (5,0)

1st Linjor Heart To Heart

2nd Young & Parkes’ Potterzuri Mystic Zain 11 months black male, loved his head and expression, good balanced outline, moved well. Handled to advantage.

3rd Young & Parkes’ Potterzuri Aramis

Post Graduate (5,0)

1st Rowley’s Treantagh Sweet Dream black bitch, lovely head and expression, good ear placement, made a good shape stood, shown in good condition, moved well

2nd Edwards’ Howcastle Josephine Of Chelmscote black bitch my notes say super muscle tone, sweetest of heads, ample bone, adequate angulation, firm topline held on the move.

3rd Sadler’s Talifen Gentleman Jack

Limit (2,0)

1st Nightengale’s Flyenpig Snazzy Sniffer 2 yrs yellow male, super shape, loved his head and clean lines, firm topline, good tailset, he was ok for angulation, bone and feet moved well going away but just a little wide in front.

2nd Rowley’s Treantagh Hot Spell Nearly 7 yrs black bitch, in good nick for her age, sweet head, I found her a little long in body for me.

Open (3,1)

1st & BOB Young’s Potterspinney Killian 8 yrs black male, he had a good outline, masculine head without coarseness and a melting expression, good strong neck into a super firm topline, he stood on good bone and feet, moved well and shown to advantage by his young handler.

2nd Bambrook’s Marshwiggle Shakespeare At Ravoakar JW Yellow male, when he concentrated he made a really nice shape, he had a masculine head good ear placement and good dentition. He was quite unsettled and his mind on other matters.

Retriever (Flatcoated)

Puppy (6 entries, 1 abs)

1st BP Egginton & Davis’s Pajanbeck One Moment In Time (AI)

2nd Egginton & Davis’s Pajanbeck Think Of Me (AI)

Litter brother and sister and just 6 months, both these puppies had a lovely shape about them, beautiful heads hers feminine and him masculine without any coarseness, they both had ample bone, good angulation both fore and aft, nothing was phasing these babies with their outgoing personality and super temperament. Both very sound on the move for such young pups, the bitch just had the edge on him today on feet and pasterns. Will follow these pups with interest.

3rd Turner’s Angel Undercover Take My Breath Away (Imp Fra)

Junior (6,2

1st & RBOB Pingree’s Telurn Final Attraction Among Heatheridge Super bone and feet on this boy, masculine head without coarseness, good clean dentition, his topline just flowed, he made a super shape, had the correct amount of angulation and this showed on the move, shown in tip top condition and was very well muscled.

2nd Angel Undercover Take My Breath Away 3rd in a quality puppy class and what an absolute character this puppy is, she has a super head and throws a lovely shape when she is settled, moved well. She really made me smile.

3rd Warrington’s Woodavens Frozen Flame

Post Graduate (1,1)

Open (4,0)

1st & BOB Phipps-Baker & Phipps’ Never Say Never Of Peace To Maddouse headed a lovely open class. Super bitch handled to advantage, she has a beautiful headpiece, super eye and clean dentition, this bitch really filled the eye with her super outline, correct angulation, ample bone, stood on lovely feet, she has a firm topline which she held on the move. Loved her.

2nd Pingree’s Calzeat Gentleman’s Agreement To Heatheridge JW (Imp Swe) upstanding male, he again has a lovely shape to him, masculine head flowing into the best of shoulders with a firm topline, he was shown in super condition, well muscled moved well going away just a little untidy in front but the ring really was not big enough to see this lad move as his construction says he could.

3rd Egginton & Davis’s Go With The Flow Dynamic Faithful (Imp Ned)

Retriever (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling)

Thoroughly enjoyed judging this lovely breed.

Puppy (2.2)

1st & BP Adshead’s Afonbach Syrax 6 months bitch, really fell for this young lady, for one so young she was so sound on the move, loved her head and that lovely expression, good neck and shoulder, good topline and depth to body, stood on ample bone with good feet, ample angulation. Handled to perfection.

2nd s Kindell, Anstead Kindell, Anstead Kindell & Anstead’s Eusanit Pride And Joy another nice puppy just not so sound on the move at this moment in time.

Junior (3,0)

3 very nice exhibits in this class.

1st Tricket’s Cfyre’s High Tea At Tollpepper (Imp Can) loved the head shape and overall size of this bitch, loved her expression, ample bone and angulation stood on super feet, good topline and tailset moved really well to take this class

2nd Smith’s Tollisty Couldn’t Careless another quality bitch, similar remarks apply as 1 just preferred the feet on 1st but really nit-picking

3rd Afonbach Syrax

Post Graduate (7,0)

1st & RBOB Streven’s Tollisty You Can’t Decline Super male all through, not the biggest but he cannot be denied (or declined), he has a masculine head and a super expression, balanced all through, stood on ample bone and feet, good depth and plenty of heart room, moved really well and handled to get the very best out of him

2nd Elkin’s Tollelkin Dream Harbour JW another super larger framed male, attractive head, super shape another that moved really well.

3rd Elkin’s Tollelkin Dream Dancer JW

Open (7,2)

1st & BOB Streven’s Ch Tollelkin Caife Americano SGWC nothing not to like about this male, he must be at the top of the standard for size but saying that he is balanced, well off for bone, super feet stunning headpiece, adequate angulation, plenty of heart room, moved really well covering the ground with ease and precision.

2nd Adhead’s Afonbach Winter Is Coming JW another lovely male, super head and expression, good reach of neck into a lovely shoulder, topline firm and another that moved really well

3rd Tollisty Couldn’t Careless

Julie Williams