• Show Date: 22/10/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Julie Williams Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 10/01/2024

South Western Gundog Club



Many thanks to the Officers and Committe for the invite to judge at this well run, friendly show.

BIS 1 Stirk’ Stanegate Hey Its Bianca JW Irish Water Spaniel

BIS 2 Burgess’ Gunalt Vettel To Hantzburg Weimaraner Have watched this boy over time and he is maturing into a super male, he has a really good head, strong muscular neck into good shoulders and a super strong topline held on the move, good bone and super feet. Moved so well. Handled to perfection by both handlers and in real good muscular condition

BIS 3 Matthews Medogold Tartini With Sonham OSW JW ShCM ShCEx Pointer such a beautiful bitch, super all through and moving so well in a bigger ring.

BIS 4 Stephens Ravenho Uptown Girl For Brightmeadow JW Curly Coated Retriever

BPIS 1 Dewhurst’s Glowhill Silver Arrow At Lapidary Cocker Spaniel fell in love with this young man, could have taken him home. nothing not to like about him from his super head to his merry tail. Presented in tip top condition. He has ample bone really good feet, super firm topline held on the move and moved extremely well

BPIS 2 Condron’s Covarney Mini Minx Irish Setter super pup will be looking out for her in the future, lovely to go over and had the most beautiful head and shape, she moved really well for a young Irish, just unlucky to meet the cocker today. I loved her.

BPIS 3 Courtiers Maycourt Take Me To The Top Curly Coated Retriever

BPIS 4 Scanlon’s Meadow Haven Rudolph Golden Retriever very nice young lad, novice handler but I am sure they will go from strength to strength, super balanced boy stood on ample bone and tight cat-like feet. He had adequate angulation and moved really well. Good luck in the future with him.

BVIS Challis’ Highforce Future Legend For Vizslanya JW ShCEx VW Hungarian Vizsla

RBVIS Clunie’s Warrantor Maplemoon VW Golden Retriever

Retriever (Curly Coated) Graduate (5, 0abs)

1st BOB and BIS 4. Stephens Ravenho Uptown Girl For Brightmeadow – loved the outline on this bitch, she had the most beautiful head and good dark eye, strong, slightly arched neck into well laid shoulders, topline was level and held on the move, deep through the chest and well bodied, strong muscular hindquarters, stood on good bone and tight feet. Moved extremely well showing extension and drive from the rear. Turned out to perfection and handled well.

2nd BPIB and BPIS 3. Courtiers Maycourt Take Me To The Top half sister to 1, 10 months bitch, this girl will be one to watch, another with a super outline. She was stood on good bone and feet, strong level topline held on the move, moved with drive. Handled really well.

3rd Perkins Maycourt Miss Sweetness At Tengore

Retriever (Curly Coated) Open (4,1)

1st and RBOB Edworthys Maycourt Heartbreaker Imposing male, he had a super masculine head, strong muscular neck, deep through the chest, level topline held on the move, good angulation stood on good bone and tight round feet. Moved well

2nd Finchs Molokain Doing The Do At Cetgueli young male, still looking immature against 1, stood on good bone and feet with adequate angulation, moved with drive. Handled well

3rd Davies and Bradstocks Maycourt Kashmir Con Redanimo

Brittany Graduate (6,2)

1st RBOB and BPIB Gudgin Jessendue Usoa 7 months bitch, lovely shape, adequate bone and angulation, good body and spring of rib, short coupled stood square, moved well and when moved by a different handler really showed her brisk movement.

2nd Scotts Patouche Usapp 8 months tri dog, stood on adequate bone with ok feet, moved ok.

3rd Scotts Kentwone Eastern Flame

Brittany Open (4,1)

1st and BOB Finchs Jassendue Manet’s Medley Am Cetgueli 7 yrs male, in super condition, he throws a super shape on the stack, good clean dentition, ample bone, correct angulation, moved correctly. Put down in a super condition and handled to advantage,

2nd Finchs Patouche Peiam Am Cetgueli lovely shape on this bitch, just moved a little erratic in front.

3rd Dixon's Capenor Coco Cosette

Spaniel (Clumber) Open (1,0)

1st and BOB Wareham and Dustan’s Maursett Melwyn Stood alone but deserved his placing and BOB, 2 yrs male, loved this boy, he had a gorgeous head with a super expression, good reach of neck into a super topline held on the move, stood on good strong bone and with super feet, moved so well with drive and covered the ground with ease. Well presented and well handled

Spaniel (Irish Water) (1,0)

1st BOB and BIS Stirk’s Stanegate Hey It’s Bianca JW. Love everything about this bitch, judged her as a youngster and she has matured into a super girl. She has the most feminine head, super eye and good dentition, strong, powerful neck. Compact in body, good spring of rib giving that barrel shape required of in the standard. Stood on good bone with correct large feet, on the move she is powerful and covers the ground with such ease. Her coat is put down to perfection and is well muscled and super fit. Handled to advantage.

AV Import Register Post Graduate (1,0)

1st and RB Import Condron’s Coco Dianell Morava At Covarney (Imp CZE) Braque D’Auvergne super youngster with a lovely shape on the stack, loved her head, dark oval eyes, good strong dentition, ample angulation and stood on oval tight feet. Could not fault her on the move.

AV Import Register Open (2,0)

1st and B import Condron’s Khyannes Valance At Covarney (Imp Hun) super shape on this male, many of the comments of the PG bitch apply to this male, handled to get the very best out of him, moved well.

2nd and BP import Webb’s Stormdancer Bits’n Bobs Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer, just 8 months but already moving really well. loved his head, good reach of neck into well laid back shoulders, correct topline and tailset. Super rough coat.

AV Gundog Veteran (8,0)

1st and BVIS Challis’ Highforce Future Legend For Vizslanya JW ShCEx VW . 7 ½ yrs Vizsla loved his head and his super expression, good dark eye, clean dentition, strong muscular neck, level topline, prominent breast bone, ribs well sprung, tight feet. Rich colour. This boy was super fit and had the hardest of muscle, could imagine him working all day. Moved extremely well covering the ground.

2nd Parkhouse’s Sandlauga Magic Spell For Shivani ShCEx Cocker Spaniel 7 yrs black dog, super shape on this lad, lovely head and melting expression, ample reach of neck into well laid back shoulders, super topline, good bone and super feet. Moved really well and really is a Merry cocker.

3rd C Coco Cosette Brittany

AV Gundog Veteran Bitch 7-9 years (13, 4)

1st RBVIS Clunie’s Warrentor Maplemoon VW Golden Retriever. Rich gold, super head and feminine expression, good reach of neck into a well laid back shoulder, super bone and lovely tight cat like feet, she holds a super level topline, deep through brisket and well sprung ribs, good turn of stifle and a super tailset. She moves so well with drive and is true both coming and going. Turned out to perfection and handled to advantage

2nd Matthew’s Millpoint Simple Bootifull With Sonham Pointer Love the clean lines on this girl, she has adequate angulation and stood on ample bone with good feet. Clean through the neck and stands proud she has a really good front and was well muscled which allowed her to move so well

3rd Simon’s Gwenadillo Montesori Coedylan VW Flatcoated Retriever

AV Gundog 10 yrs and over (9,5)

1st Hughes’ Eusanit Cut And Run At Abacot NSDTR 10 yrs male, lovely shape on this well handled lad, loved his head and expression, ample reach of neck into a well laid back shoulder, good topline which he held on the move, ample bone on good feet, shown in the best of condition. Moved really well. Congratulations on keeping him in such a good condition.

2nd Challis’ Sh Ch Beo Valentina By Vizslanya 13 ½ yrs young, this lass was in the best of condition, still well muscled and very fit, just unlucky to meet 1 today.

3rd Vaughn’s Teisgol I Am What I Am At Phlynnies ShCM Pointer

AV Good Citizen (22,6)

1st Purves’ Grousehill Dream Boy Irish Setter. Loved his head and gentle expression, super reach of neck into good shoulders, deep through chest, ample bone and good feet and well-muscled, shown in a super condition and moved really well.

2nd Goords’ Dartview Formula One Weimaraner another nice boy, ample bone and angulation, moved well

3rd Morgan’s Benoveor Endless Love WSS

AV Brace (12, 6)

1st Purves’ Brace of Irish moved really well together

2nd Simons’ Brace of Flatcoated Retrievers

3rd Ray and Challands Brace of Cocker Spaniels


Julie William