• Show Date: 07/10/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Julie Williams Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 15/01/2024

Guildford & District Canine Society

Guildford & District Canine Society held on the 7th October 2023

Gordon Setter Junior (3, 0abs)  

1st Aston’s Forester’s Northern Hunter Of Darkmoor With Gadieburn (Imp Deu). 15 months male lovely make and shape to this young man.  Liked his head, good dentition, ample angulation, good firm toppling.  Well off for bone and tight feet.  Moved well.    

2nd Horler’s Colourbox Wild Wild West With Rackens 14 months male, another nice young lad, similar remarks to 1, stood on excellent feet, moved well once he settled.  

3rd Williams’ Longrow Ruby Tuesday

Gordon Setter Post Graduate (2,0)

1st & RBOB Morgan’s Caradilis Sky Rocket JW just 2 yrs male, well off for bone, shown in full coat and in super condition, moved well with drive.

2nd Williams’ Longrow Foxy Lady lovely bitch, not in full bloom, super head with melting expression just not happy on the move today

Gordon Setter Open (2,0)

1st & BOB Johnston’s Glenquin The Patriot Lovely shape on this male, shown in good solid condition, he had ample bone and stood on good feet, super firm topline held on the move. Moved really well with drive and a wagging tail.

2nd Horler’s Heartwood Jack O’Lantern By Rackens JW shown in good condition, would like better feet but that could be down to the surface of the floor, longer coupled than one.

Spaniel (Sussex) Junior (1,0)

1st BOB & BPIB Edge’s Sovaroma Bee Witched By Tawnyka delightful young lady, just 6 months.  Jaunty happy puppy, lovely shape, loved her head, good dentition. Ample angulation, good bone, super topline held on the move. Moved really well and thoroughly enjoyed her day out.  Good luck with her in the future.

Spaniel Sussex Post Graduate and Open - No entries

Spanish Water Dog Puppy (1,0)

1st BOB & BPIB Searles’ Rommy De Ubbadat 6 1/2 months such a happy young lady. Liked her head and eye, good dentition. Adequate angulation, good bone and super feet, just needs to firm up behind on the move although moved well enough in the challenge to take BOB.

Spanish Water Dog Junior (1,0)

1st Rommy De Ubbadat

Spanish Water Dog Post Graduate (1,0)

1st Searle’s Cravessa’s Bottoms Up  young male, ok in head, correct clean dentition, adequate angulation, topline correct moved out really well, just moved a little close in front today.

Spanish Water Dog Open (2,0)

1st & RBOB Brewster’s Blackyboric (Imp Esp). 9 years male, lovely shape on this lad, super head, kind eye, good coat and in super condition for his age. Moved soundly.

2nd Searles’ Adormmdera Apache Rose At Cravessa 3 yrs bitch shown in a short coat, lovely shape to her but just didn’t move so well.

German Spitz (Klein) Junior (1,0)

1st Chambers Claran Court You Looking For Musique Super head and eye, good ears and earnest, ample bone, moved out well handled to get the very best out of him.

German Spitz (Klein) Post Graduate (4,1)

1st & BOB Chambers, Chambers & Gepp-Cox Loved everything about this young man, he has a super head and a lovely eye shape, small ears used well, neck flows into a firm topline and good tail set, he has ample bone and stood on good tight feet, moved really well. Shown in A1 condition.

2nd Trendle’s Lusam Cheeky Boy 9 1/2 yrs young, super sound boy who strides out, out of coat today but did enough for his placing.

3rd Brown’s Yamakasi For Puplicity

German Spitz (Klein) Open (3,0)

1st & RBOB Chamber’s Ch Musique  Born Legacy cream male  holding a super shape, loved his head and correct eye, good mobile ears square outline, ample bone moved well.

2nd Trendle’s Lusam Toodle Pip. Lovely 12 yrs sable sweetest of heads, square, ample bone and neat feet. Moves really well.

3rd Ferry’s Ch Longsdale’s Little Bird With Ferrybelle

German Spitz (Mittel) Junior (2,1)

1st Saunder’s Daraydala Star of Jeri At Brookwell sable just turned a 12 month, young lad good all through. Handled well

German Spitz (Mittel) Post Graduate (1,0)

1st & RBOB Barnes & King’s Izlou Gossip Girl Lovely shape to this cream bitch, such a pretty bitch with a lovely head and eye, mobile ears used to advantage, she is clean on the move and moves out well, handled to perfection and pushed her kennel mate hard for BOB

German Spitz (Mittel) Open (2,1)

1st BOB & Gp 2 Barnes & King’s Ch Izlou Shiver Me Timbers Black  male, super head and eye, good dentition, mobile ears, shown in super fit condition. Once he settled he moved well.

Tibetan Spaniel Junior (1,0)

1st BOB & BPIB Stevens & McKnight’s Mullagh My Irish Ivy At Tibbygold what a super young lady 9 months, loved her head and eye, good under-jaw, she has a super topline held on the move, ample bone, moved well with a super tail carriage.  Best of luck with this young lady in the future.

Tibetan Spaniel Post Graduate (1,0)

1st Brown & Colaco's Saxted Norby super head and ears on this male, ample bone, good topline, moved out well just not so positive behind on the move

Tibetan Spaniel Open (2,0)

1st & RBOB Lilley’s Torfness Edward Bear At Kensing charming male, he had a lovely head and super dentition, stood on ample bone and correct feet, loved the length on him. Moved well

2nd Stevens & McKnight’s Ch Rhubisk Dressed To Impress At Tibbygold lovely bitch, just didn’t want to cooperate today and kept dropping her tail. She has a super head, neck and shoulders. Moved soundly

Julie Williams (Trebettyn)