• Show Date: 29/01/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Julia Bateman Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

South Eastern Welsh Springer Spaniel Club




I would like to thank all the exhibitors for their superbly turned out dogs and braving the cold to attend the show. I would also like to thank the committee for the invitation and making the show such a friendly one! Overall the quality of the dogs was very good. I was very pleased with all my winners and my final line up.

Class A: Special Award Junior Dog or Bitch (3)

1st – 44 Tew´s Pamicks Dream With Me – Such a pretty headed bitch with correct head shape, lovely expression, dark eyes and well laid back shoulders into level topline. Balanced construction with well muscled rear hindquarters and well muscled second thighs, tight feet and moved well. One to watch for the future!

2nd – 42 Stone´s Kidenoan Mark Time for Merrem – Very playful dog with correct head shape and expression. Long neck set into correctly sloping shoulders.

Straight front with elbows tucked in, Moved satisfactorily showing his level topline with rise over the loin.

3rd – 49 Williams & Harrisons´s Glenbrows Marquis

Class B: Special Award Post Graduate Dog or Bitch (7) 1 Absent

1st – 26 Hankins´s Julita Rainmaker with Woodelrond – Well balanced and constructed dog with dark eyes and typical expression. Long neck flowing into well laid back shoulders. Correct spring of rib and well muscled rear hindquarters. Well muscled second thighs. Rich red and white coat colour. Moved straight and true covering the ground with ease.

2nd – 22 Gaylor & Robertsons´s Heniveruce King of Brewers – Another lovely well balanced dog. Well presented and handled. Correct head shape and expression. Long neck into well laid back shoulders. Correct topline with rise over the loin. Just preferred the strength, bone and compactness of the winner.

3rd – 48 White´s Mymmsbrook Malbec with Fiergen

4th – 21 Ferguson´s Julita Raindance at Teaselwood

5th – 8 Bennett´s Cerysan Crusader

Class C: Special Award Open Dog or Bitch (7) 3 Absent

1st – 18 Cemis´s Taimere´s Talk About Me – This was my type of dog! Beautiful head shape and expression. Dark eyes. Correct length of neck neatly set into sloping shoulders. His length of body was proportionate to the length of leg with well sprung ribs.Well coupled. Strong and muscular hindquarters which he used to move with drive around the ring. Tight feet and deep red and white coat, with correct length of feathering to complete the picture. Best Special Awards Dog

2nd – 13 Caldwell´s Hillpark Queen Bee for Cerysan – Lovely constructed bitch showing off her conformation and balance. Correct balance of body length to leg length. Straight front with good laid back shoulders. Correct topline with rise over loin. Tight feet. Strong and muscular hindquarters which she used to move around the ring with drive and enjoying her day out!

3rd – 50 – Woodhams´s Glynell Jiffy

4th – 10 – Brown´s Bowdonia Ozzie VW