• Show Date: 11/08/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Judi Whitworth Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 19/10/2023

Bournemouth Canine Association

Bournemouth Canine Association

Spaniel (Cocker)

Puppy dog/bitch (1)

1st Collier Miss R Pepperbox Midnight Parti D Balanced head not overdone. Well set shaped dark eye. Straight front with enough forechest and neat tight feet. Good length of neck, well laid back shoulders, good length of back Well rounded rear end. moved okay. BOB & BP

Graduate dog/bitch (2 1a)

1st Griffin Mrs Jana Griffial make it count. Neat head prefer a tighter throat, Strong neck with good layback. Deep chest with good spring of rib. Well boned and straight legs good bone at rear. Moved okay

Post graduate dog/bitch (2 1a)

1st Collier Miss R Pepperbox parti on. Nice head with lovely eye set and expression. Straight front well boned, deep chest with good spring of rib. Round rear end will develop in time. Moved well

Open dog/bitch (3 2a)

1st McWilliams Mrs M J Ferstone Speckled wood Nice feminine head, on good length of neck. Straight front with layback. Deep chest with cobby body. In good coat reluctant on the move today.

AV Gundog not separately classified

Post graduate dog/bitch (3e)

1st Pugh Mrs K Hungarian wire-haired Vizla Balanced head with the skull moderately broad, well proportioned. Neck of moderate length, slightly arched into well laid shoulders. Straight front, body is strong and well proportioned, Chest deep, Ribs moderately well sprung and carried well back. Thighs well developed and muscled. Used well on the move. BOB

2nd Dubois Mrs H Bracco Withamfriary Veni Vidi Vici Balanced long and lean head, powerful neck, shoulders well-muscled and well laid back, Chest broad, deep, reaching to the level of elbows. Well sprung ribs. Thighs long and muscular. Moved well

Any Variety Gundog

Puppy dog/bitch (9e 0a)

1st Golden retriever – Todd Mrs P Van Gogh of Sunshines Valley with Toddrosa (imp bel) D Head balanced with a broad skull without coarseness; well set on neck. Adequate neck, clean and muscular. Forelegs straight with strong bone, shoulders well laid back, Ribs deep and well sprung. Well-developed thigh for one of his age Moved okay.

2nd Chocolate Labrador – White Mrs J Lunarpet tails of the river B Lovely balanced head with broad skull, set on clean strong neck of good length. Good layback with good bone on straight front. Deep chest with well sprung ribs short coupled. Well developed rear for one so young. Moved well

3rd Spaniel (Cocker) – Collier Miss R Pepperbox parti on

Graduate dog/bitch (14e 0a)

1st Irish Setter – Maple Mrs L - Pollnac new miracle B Feminine head long and lean, muzzle moderately deep, kind expression. Clean neck with well laid-back shoulders. Deep chest with well sprung ribs, straight front good forechest. Good length of ribs, well-muscled rear end used well on the move.

2nd Hungarian Vizsla – Davis Ms S - Perlianside Royal fanfare B Feminine head set on strong moderate neck. Good spring of ribs level topline well developed rear, Moved well.

3rd Hungarian Vizsla – Mr & Mrs Challis – Vizlanya praxis

Open dog/bitch (5e 3a)

1st Hungarian Vizsla – Mrs & Mrs Challis – Vizslanya Aragonia JW – Moderate sized and boned feminine bitch. Good forechest with straight front. Deep chest ribs well sprung, well developed hind quarters, moved out with drive holding a level topline.

2nd Hungarian wire- haired vizsla – Mrs K Pugh Zoldmall- Hunter Erme – Masculine dog of good size. Strong muscular neck to good layback. good forechest with straight front. Strong level back, moderate rear angulation moved well.

AV Veteran dog/bitch (Gundog) (7e 1w/d)

1st Flat-coated retriever – Bellamy Miss A & Mrs P Bochlibarley blue moon Ai Shcex Lovely medium sized dog. Lovely masculine head on good length neck. Deep chest, straight front with good spring of rib. Muscular hindquarters used well to drive around the ring with ever wagging tail.

2nd Pointer – Barham Mrs L – Kenward Minnie me Vw B – Lovely head set on good length neck. Straight front deep chested with good spring of ribs of good length. Well developed rear end. Moved well

Gundog group

1st Italian Spinone – Knowles Miss A & Mrs S & Glen Bessalone Peaky Blinders – Caught my eye as it came in the ring with its effortless movement. Strong squarely built dog, lovely masculine head set on strong muscular neck. Strong bone throughout, well sprung ribs, broad muscular hindquarters, Moved well around the ring.

2nd Lagotto Romagnolo Fry , Norbury, Morehouse & Wells-cross Prada della fino Imp USA Naf. B Well balanced with good length of leg to body ratio. Neat head set on short strong neck, compact body with short wide loin. Muscular upper thigh with good bend of stifle. moved well

  3rd German wire-haired pointer Mrs C Brown Matravers Cherokee D

4th German shorthaired pointer Mr B Bradley ShCh Quintana diamond dust at friarsbelle JW

Gundog puppy group

1st American cocker spaniel Mrs A Betts – Sanelle Picholine Stylish puppy of lovely shape and size in good coat for age moved happily and with drive

2nd English setter Montell Mrs A Culverwell super scrummy d Lovely puppy raw at the moment but has it all there.

3rd Pointer – Cardif Mrs T Freebreeze pixar at prosperity

4th Retriever (Golden) Bardossy Dr E Dewmist dream weaver

Judge: Judi Whitworth