• Show Date: 28/05/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: John Goodwin Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Shropshire Gundog Society


My thanks to the Society for inviting me to judge at this well run and popular show and to the exhibitors who gave me their entries. Thanks also to my efficient stewards. HUNGARIAN VIZSLA. Really enjoyed judging this lovely breed. GRADUATE (5,2) 1. Maiden’s Vizvale Golden Empress 3.5 year old b. Liked her head being lean and noble as per the standard, yet completely feminine. Long arched neck into well placed shoulders. She moved well, being true fore and behind, maintaining her level topline and with correct tail carriage. RESERVE BEST OF BREED. 2. Di Cesare’s Highforce I Feel Free. 2 year old b. Short coupled and shapely though not quite the topline of 1 on the move. Moved OK. Maturity placed her above 3. Wall’s Perllanside Street Party. BEST PUPPY. OPEN (4,1) 1. Ward’s Sh Ch Danton Obsession With Tantaraviz. 3.5 year old b in good condition. Best of head and eye, impressively straight in front and behind with good depth of rib, leading to very accurate and collected movement around the ring. Handled really well. Not at all surprised to find later that she had her title. BEST OF BREED. 2. Maiden’s Whipspan Royal Performance. 7 year old b, another nice, feminine head, correct shape with good angles and well let down hocks. Just preferred the head and movement of 1. 3. Di Cesare’s Highforce I Want It All. CLUMBER SPANIELS POST GRADUATE (1) Tilston’s Stonielea Toast. Dog pup coming up to 12 months. I liked his head at this age. He has good eyes and a nice expression, correct body shape with decent bone and moving very well for a youngster, being very collected and carrying his tail well. He could perhaps grown on a little more for a male but he has time. BEST PUPPY. Could have withstood some competition today. OPEN (2) 1. Two playful kennel mates in the ring together for the first time I understand, leading to the usual shenanigans. 1. Whitehouse’s Sh Ch Maursett Mallachie At Molvonia. 4 year old mature male. His masculine head and proportions really appealed. Good breadth of skull, with good stop and square muzzle. Good bone and a sound, straight front, well ribbed body and great for size and substance. Really powered around the ring, maintaining a level topline and with excellent tail action and carriage. My kind of Clumber. Well deserved BEST OF BREED. 2. Whitehouse’s Maursett Muttley At Molvonia d coming up for 2 years old and less mature than 1 as you would expect. I liked his head and general body shape and proportions. He moved OK with a level topline and good tail carriage, though not quite as together as 1. RESERVE BEST OF BREED. Both dogs very well presented. COCKER SPANIEL PUPPY (6, 2) A class of raw pups but all moving really well. 1. Collier’s Pepperbox Parti On. Dark blue roan 9m d, nicely headed with a dark eye and pigment. Good front with nice rib and square outline, carrying a lot of coat. Lively mover, which is all good. Well handled. BEST PUPPY. 2. Pendlebury’s Cooleela Black Beauty At Sandabys. Black 9m b. Sweet head and good skull for age. Square and cobby, moved OK with a level topline, nicely presented and handled. 3. Nelson’s Hallslake Hulahoop For Castlelodge. JUNIOR (2,1) Morris’s Riondel Solitaire, lovely dark blue b of lovely type, just out of puppy. Sweet, feminine head and expression with dark eyes. Good front with good bone, excellent spring of rib and short coupled, square body. She has well let down hocks, enabling her to drive from behind, with a level topline and merry tail action. Well presented in gleaming coat and condition, as were all this exhibitor’s dogs. RESERVE BEST OF BREED. POST GRADUATE (7,3) 1. Morris’s Riondel Enigma Litter brother to winner of the previous class, just out of puppy. Light blue d, a substantial male, who although has some maturing in head to do, has much promise. Great ribs and short coupled, cobby body. Well let down hocks, another excellent, busy mover. What a great litter this must have been. 2. Norris’s Joaldy Mr Happy At Amaranth. Stylish blue d of 21m. handsome head, good bone. A very close decision but just preferred the slightly shorter coupling of 1. 3. Collier’s Pepperbox Midnight Parti. OPEN (5,1) 1. Morris’s Riondel Blu Savana 21m blue dark b I have done well before as a puppy. Glorious coat and condition, she has a lovely head, ark eye and expression. Sound, straight front, with good bone, spring of rib and cobby body. She has well let down hicks and really stepped out well to win BEST OF BREED. Delighted to see how she has developed. Thanks to her breeder for bringing such a lovely team of Cockers today. 2. Collier’s Pepperbox Back In Time RL1EX. Masculine and handsome-headed 3 year old blue d. Short coupled body with level topline, short hocks and cobby body. 1 just had the edge for me today. 3. Hughes’ Dandyjan Partigift. SUSSEX SPANIELS PUPPY (2) 1. Hipgrave’s Lord Of the Glittering Caves 9m d of excellent size, type and substance, determined to throw the class away with his antics but this is part of the charm of the Sussex. At this age he has a decent head, eye and expression. He has superb bone. When he did settle he moved well with a level topline. Has lots of promise. BEST PUPPY. 2. Short & Bull’s Bakerscroft Beckley Belle. Just 6m b in a smaller frame as you would expect. Sweet head, good colour and body shape. Moved with a good roll, just needs time. JUNIOR (1) 1. Bradbury & Preston’s Harasteorra Big Bear JW. 16m d. Good head, eye and expression, well boned of correct shape, size and substance for his age. Moved well with a level topline. Promising and should mature nicely, though a bit proud of his teenage tail today. POST GRADUATE (1) 1. Beecham’s Meggamooch Xanadu At Rydonmist. b coming up to 2 years. Good coat and colour, still needs to mature in head and bone at this age. Well handled. OPEN (2) 1. Beecham’s Crumbledor Albus Dumbledor At Rydonmist d of 2.5 years whom I have done well for in the past. He is such a lovely Sussex type. Super head, eye and frowning expression. He has super bone, correct size and substance, correct coat and colour and impeccably turned out. He moved completely true front and rear with the desired roll. His title cannot be far away. I just love him. Well deserved BEST OF BREED. 2. Bradbury & Preston’s Harasteorra Aphrodite. 4 year old b in her mature prime. Lovely head and expression. Solidly built with substance and yet feminine. For me her hallmark is her superb sealskin texture coat and colour, being lush, thick and soft. She moved accurately with a good roll. She too must surely make up. Well handled to advantage. RESERVE BEST OF BREED.

Judge: JOHN GOODWIN (Serendel/Diggle)