• Show Date: 14/05/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: John Goodwin Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Border Counties Gundog Club


My thanks for the invitation to judge at this popular show and to my super stewards Judith Carruthers and Moray Armstrong. AMERICAN COCKER SPANIEL G (1) 1. Stokes’ Jaclee Ghost Writer At Twizzeltree. Smart 8m Buff dog, masculine head with dark eye and pigment, short coupled and compact, good topline, well angulated, moving with drive for such a youngster. Handled & presented well. BEST PUPPY & BEST OF BREED. COCKER SPANIEL A disappointingly small entry for my first love breed but very high quality, all presented and handled well to advantage. GD (2) 1. Rahman & Williams’ Chataway Dark Louis lovely 15m golden boy, beautiful yet masculine head with dark eye, low set ears, great neck into sloping shoulders with good length of upper arm, good bone, short coupled and cobby with great spring of rib and short loin. Super topline, well let down hocks providing good drive from the rear, excellent, merry mover, true front and rear. Shown in super, flat coat and simply faultless presentation. BEST DOG & BEST OF BREED which he just edged over the bitch on accuracy of movement. 2. Sinclair’s Claramand Mercury Rising At Duclarus 12m blue, larger framed, masculine with good head coming on though not as mature as 1 at this age, an exuberant handful for his handler. Good bone and shows promise. Just needs time. OD (2,1) 1. Skarek’s Beauty Lord Skar-Line Colour Range (CZE) 5 years orange roan, lovely type and shape in full coat, masculine, quality head, long neck into well laid back shoulders, good spring of rib with short, cobby body. Really appealed for type but just lacking some enthusiasm today on the move. PB (2,1) 1. Bacon’s Timbric Doris Day, dark blue of 10m, sweet head with dark eye, good neck into sloping shoulders with decent bone and great spring of rib. Well let down hocks and level topline which she kept on the move, merrily bustling around the ring with energy and enthusiasm. Promising. BEST PUPPY. GB (1) Todd & Rahman’s Chataway Dark Crystal 16m black b, really lovely head with a lot of work in her beautifully balanced skull and foreface, dark eye, low set ears, lovely neck, shoulders, rib and body. Low hocks provide drive from behind, merry mover though just pinning slightly in front and behind today. Another quality exhibit from this kennel. BEST BITCH. LB (1) Rahman & Devine’s Devmont Rumour Has It. Excitable, young o/r of 17m with feminine head, dark eye and low set ears. Great neck and shoulders, cobby, short body and good spring of rib. Well boned with low set hock, moving well in good coat and condition. OB (1) 1. Sinclair’s Chataway Dress Tartan At Duclarus JW. Quality 2 yr b I have done well before. Super feminine, quality head with dark eye and low set ears. Good, slightly arched neck into well laid back shoulders. Another with good bone, spring of rib. In full, glossy coat and presented to perfection. I just felt she was carrying a bit of extra weight over the shoulders today, which affected her topline when standing. CLUMBER G (2,1) 1. Nixon’s Stonielea Williams Charm 2.5 yr b, standing alone today. Nice size, feminine head, good eyes. Decent bone, well coated, moving true front and rear with a level topline. BEST OF BREED. SPANISH WATER DOG O (2) 1. Wood’s Chanderhill Eagle Eye brown d of 2 years in good coat. Good head and eye. Body of excellent, correct proportions and shape, deep ribs and level topline. Moved effortlessly around the ring, holding his shape impressively. BEST OF BREED. 2. Ward’s Pabiaga Sergio 6m, raw brown/white baby, immature as yet and needs ring practice and time but he is very eye-catching. Lovely body shape with handsome head for his age and good bone and substance. Hampered slightly today by switching handlers in this single class but he’s very promising and one to watch I’d say. BEST PUPPY.

Judge: JOHN GOODWIN (Serendel/Diggle)