• Show Date: 18/02/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: John Abraham Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Ashington & District Canine Society


Thank you to the committee for the invitation to judge at their show and to my stewards.


Graduate (1,0)

1st    B Morris’s Norrayshay Madam Cholet at Mycalleys (B).

Alone here but what a super baby. So full of herself, showing at this early stage the flowing ground covering action required of the breed. Chiselled foreface, rounded skull, well defined stop, forward facing dark eye & soft expression. Clean cut neck of good length, compact sturdy body, sloping topline, good forechest & well sprung ribs. Showed a short strong loin & well bent stifles, true coming & going. BP, BPIG, BPIS.


Open (2,0)

1st    B Morris’s Churchhill Moser Dog at Mycalleys (D).

Strong, rounded skull, forward facing dark eye & soft expression. Clean cut neck of good length, compact sturdy body, sloping topline & good spring of rib. Showed a short strong loin & well bent stifles, true coming & going covering the ground well. BOB

2nd    B Morris’s Mycalleys China Doll (B).

Forward facing dark eye & soft expression, good reach of neck. Strong workman like, good angulation in front, well sprung ribs, short loin. She didn’t move with the fluency of 1.


Graduate (2,0)

1st    K Bacon’s Timbric Doris Day (B). Well presented youngster, liked her kind eye, good reach of neck and strong shoulders, straight front with correct bone, nicely angulated with square outline, she moved out well, flat silky coat & presented in good condition. Has many attributes of the BOB, has a bright future. BP. 4BPIG.

2nd    Mrs S MacFarlane’s Cooleela Electra (B). Still very immature, well made overall, liked her kind expression, square muzzle & chiselled foreface. She has good reach in neck, level topline.

Open (2,0)

1st    Mrs S MacFarlane’s Cooleela As Sweet as You Are (B).

Balanced head with a kind feminine expression, compact well made body with good bone, level topline, short coupled with good spring of rib moved with drive. BOB.

2nd    K Bacon’s Timbric Etta James (B).

Feminine, good head and expression, good neck going into sloping shoulders, good depth of chest & deep brisket, nice spring of ribs, lost her topline on the move, firm muscular rear end, moved out well.


Open    (1,0)

1st     Mr & Mrs Calvert’s Calvdale Ever This JW. (D).

Nice head and expression, correct eye shape & colour, kind expression, good length of neck flowing into well-placed shoulders, strong body, with a deep chest & well-sprung ribs, loin muscular and well coupled, moved with drive. BOB


Post Graduate (1,0)

1st    Mrs A Snook’s  Moorbrook Mobul of March (D).

Well presented, immature, long & lean head, expressive eye although could have tighter lids, well laid back shoulders, enough depth to the rib, well bent stifle, good set on of tail. In full coat.

Open (1,0)

1st    Mrs A Snook’s Dalreavoch Northern Caper (D).

Good sized, pleasing in head, good through the neck & shoulders, very dark almond shaped eyes, reach of neck, level topline, correct height to length ratio moved soundly with correct tail action. BOB


Graduate (2,0)

1st    Mrs P Cox’s Cushatlaw Athena J.W. (B)    

Standing she was balanced & feminine all through, kind eye & expression, good length of neck flowing into a well angulated front, good forechest & well ribbed, short strong loin, she had good angulation behind, well muscled. True coming & going. BOB

2nd    L Read’s Keugame Signe (B).

Young bitch, feminine, head with dark kind eye, nicely angulated all through with good forechest & good depth of chest, well proportioned & good bone, was presented in hard, fit muscular condition.


Puppy (3,0)

1st    Mrs T Ewart’s Parlickview Blaze of Glory Over Beaupippin (B).

Of  good type, shape & construction. Super head with lovely expression & dark kind eye, strong neck and shoulders. Straight legs which are well off for bone standing on excellent well padded feet. Undercoat dense with good feathering.  Her true movement won her this class. BP.

2nd    D & S Towers Alibren Majestic Dawn (B).

Of heavier type, good head & expression, well angulated both front & rear, good firm neck would prefer a touch more length, firm level top line, nicely developed second thigh, moved well.

3rd    Miss T Pratt’s Rosyth Kind of Magic (B).


These two are very promising youngsters, should do well.

1st    Mrs T Ewart’s Parlickview Blaze of Glory Over Beaupippin (B).

2nd    Mrs F & Mr M Bell’s Hoaaloha Kealoha (B).

Well-made youngster, feminine head with a lovely expression, dark eye, good reach of neck into a well laid shoulder, straight front, good bone & feet,. Moved freely.  

Post Graduate (8,2)

1st    Mrs H Keay’s Treeveville Coatguard AI AY2 (D).

Masculine, dark eye with lovely expression, black nose, broad skull, wide deep muzzle, defined stop without coarseness. Showed good forechest with plenty of heart room, well sprung ribs carried well back, this was coupled with a good width of croup & short strong loin. Standing on good round padded feet, legs strong & straight. Showed good angulation fore & rear. Moved with reach & drive.

2nd    H & B Towers Greygoose Noverber Rain (D).

Well balanced. Sound and level movement, strode out with purpose. Kind expression, chiselled skull without coarseness, good clean & muscular neck, short coupled, deep through heart, ribs well sprung. Straight and true in front and rear.

3rd    Mrs T Ewart’s Parlickview Blaze of Glory over Beaupippin (B).

Open (5,1)

1st    Miss T Pratt’s Rosyth Jennifer Eccles (B).

Full of quality. Head of correct proportions without being coarse, kind expression with dark eye & black nose, foreface deep, wide with well defined stop. Good reach of neck flowing into well laid back shoulders & length of upper arm. Held a strong level topline. Moved with reach, drive, is true coming & going. BOB

2nd    Mrs H Keay’s Treeveville Coatguard AI AY2 (D).  

3rd    Mrs T Ewart’s Parlickview Blaze of Glory over Beaupippin (B).


Junior (1,0)

1st    Barker & Reid’s Flinthill Ruby Rebel (B).

An elegant bitch with rich chestnut coat & good outline. She is well balanced with no exaggerations. Classic lean head with expressive eyes & low set ears. Well-proportioned body with straight front, neat feet & good depth of chest. Shows a good reach of neck flowing into well-laid back shoulders, wide rear quarters with good bend at the stifle. Moved well.

Open (1,0)

1st    Mrs J Dodds  Bardonhill Any Dream Will Do (D).

A male with a pleasing outline, he has a masculine head, good stop & lovely soft  intelligent expression, clean reach of neck. Good length of body with ribs well developed & a firm loin. Powerful hindquarters, went round the ring driving from behind. BOB


Graduate (3,0)

1st    Hackett & Williams Woodrocks Marla Mabel at Foulby (B).

Feminine bitch of 7 month. Pretty head with a twinkle in her eye. Pleasing looking youngster, good head & sweetest expression, she has presence in the ring, good drive & rolling gate, ribs well developed, strong & well-muscled, good angulation, well developed natural coat, fit for purpose. BP. BPIG3.

2nd    C Foody’s Lospith Storms Over at Cairgella.

Plenty to like. Lovely head with correct dome & width, well placed ears. Straight front leads to round feet. Good length of rib. Not as positive on the move as the winner.

3rd    Hackett & Williams Malanis Belle at Foulby (B).

Open (2,1)

1st    Hackett’s SH.CH. Curly Co My Hot Rockstar (B).

Quality, good type. Has all the essentials, pleasing head with skull of good length & width. Muzzle strong, smooth & square with a gradual stop. Balanced body proportion with barrel rib, coat of good colour & texture which was well presented, moved well in profile with reach & drive. Characteristic rolling gait. BOB.  BIG.


Post Graduate (2.0)

1st    C Smith’s Flyenpyg Pie Eyed J.W. (D)

Clean cut features, kind dark eyes, good reach of neck, well placed shoulders, good forechest & depth of chest. A level topline, good set on of tail & well developed thigh. Showed a balanced flowing movement in profile.

2nd    C Smith’s Flyenpyg Amy Swinehouse (B).

Still very immature. Feminine head, she has a good eye & balanced proportions. Neck into shoulder is good. Good through the body with decent angles front and rear.

Open (2,0)

1st     C Smith’s Flyenpyg Porky Pig J.W. (D)

Liked him a lot, no wasted energy, moved round the ring with the correct head carriage & balanced action, well boned legs & arched  feet, loved his head & expression with good neck & shoulder, level topline & well muscled hindquarters. BOB

2nd    C Smith’s Hurstmeon Hey Look Its Me at Flyenpyg (B).

Positive movement, good reach in front & excellent drive from behind. Loved her head, classic planes, endearing expression, muzzle wide & deep. Good length of neck, straight legs front and back, deep chest, good spring of ribs with plenty of depth, strong hind quarters. BP


Graduate (2,0)

1st     C E Wardrope’s Goldstar Struttin Her Daisy Dukes. (B).

Feminine bitch of excellent type, she is balanced & quality all through, correct size with such a good head & expression. Kind eye matches her coat, well set & carried ears, on the move kept a good topline & well set tail. Enough length to neck, good spring of rib, excellent hindquarters.

2nd    Mrs A & Mr T Yallard’s Serentan Noctula. (B).

Feminine head, she has an expressive kind eye & well set ears, neck into shoulder is good. Well angulated front and rear & stands on well arched feet. A touch rangy & tall for me.  


Open (1,0)

1st     C E Wardrope’s Danehaven Nouvel (B). Good coat texture with sufficient double coat, good head & kind expression, correct length to neck & good front construction, straight front legs & tight feet, well ribbed & clean top line, well muscled & characteristic happy / jaunty movement, showed straight & parallel coming & going with good drive.BOB


Graduate (3,1)

1st    S & J Anderson-Rowell’s Raigmore Limelight at Daledancer. (B). Clean flowing outline with correct topline. Lovely feminine head with good ear placement. Good length of neck and well laid back shoulders. She has a smooth ground covering action driving from the rear.

2nd    White & Keith’s Codnorhawk Dolly Daydream. (B).

Heavier in build. Plenty of foreface & a soft well shaped eye, good length of neck & strong through the neck & shoulder with plenty of depth to chest, strode out well.

3rd    Mrs F Barker’s Flinthill Hot Shot. (B). BP

A sweet baby. Medium breadth of skull with well- defined stop, slightly concaved foreface, with ears set high. Long muscular neck, good oval boned forelegs & lengthy strong pasterns. Well sprung ribs & a gradual sloping top line with short coupled loin. Medium length of tapering tail which she lashed from side to side on the move.

Open (2,0)

1st    Mrs F Barker’s Caithpoint Maia at Flinthill. (B).

Standing shows a well-balanced outline. Chiselled head, long muscular neck into well angulated shoulders, straight front & well boned. Good depth of rib, width between elbows shows good heartroom, muscular hindquarters & oval tight feet. BOB

2nd    Barker & Hart-Simm’s Ragus Lets Get Moving at Flinthill. (D).

Mature masculine head & kind expression, his clean cut neck flowing into long laid back shoulders, good depth of chest & well-sprung ribs, nice turn of stifle, correct topline and tail set, which was used well on the move.


Open (1,0)

1st    J Wood’s Changerhill Eagle Eye (D).

Well balanced all through. Head with slight stop & longer in skull than muzzle. Short strong neck seamlessly leading to excellent lay of shoulder & corresponding return of upper arm. Good deep chest. Correct topline. Moderately angled hindquarters with low hocks set square to the ground. Excellent coat texture. Powerful on the move, drove around the ring. BOB. RBIG.


Graduate (2,0)

1st    Mrs S Mowbray’s Crumbledor Bella Lestrange (B).

Excellent coat & condition well made with plenty of bone & a firm topline, gives a balanced picture standing. Feminine head, straight front & good feet, she moved out well with a balanced stride.

2nd    Hope & Cane’s Konnie Cova Da Iria for Jenesta NAF TAF. (B).

Loved her head, outgoing puppy, super condition & shown in first class order, good angulation fore & rear, correct coat, wide skull with a pronounced stop, nothing overdone, on the move she was eager & demonstrated that distinctive ‘roll’. Just needs time to mature. BP

Open (1,1)    

1st    Mrs S Mowbray’s Gainsmill Lilly Luna Potter at Crumbledor (B).

Feminine & strong with plenty of bone. Balanced proportions & she moved well. Nicely balanced head, kind eye, deep muzzle and low set ears. Good length of neck, well laid shoulder, well ribbed & firm loin, held a level topline. BOB


Graduate (5,3)

1st    D & K Robson’s Kalimor Nancy at Robricci J.W. (B).

Typical head and expression, liked the squared off flew & characteristic ear fold which seems to be less prevalent, clean & moderate length to neck, forelegs straight and strong, correct body proportions with good body length. Level top line with the slightly sloping croup, strong moderately angulated hindquarters.  Moved with a balanced & easy ground covering action.


2nd    Mr P & Mrs T Murray’s Mabanika Just Good Friends (B).

Feminine head with correct proportions and a kind expression. Good body length. Moderately angled fore & aft. Well muscled, strong short loin, moderately turned stifle. Firm well arched feet. Moved with reach & drive.

Open (3,1)

1st    D & K Robson’s SH. CH. Nemrac Connie at Robricci J.W. Sh.Cm. (B).

Well balanced with moderate angulation front & rear which gives her the easy ground covering action of the breed. Well-shaped head, good reach & slightly arched neck liked her body proportions showing good length to height ratio. Moved true coming & going. Prefered her overall balance to 2. BOB

2nd    Mr P & Mrs T Murray’s Mabanika Just Good Friends (B).


Open (1,0)

1st    Mrs A Chandler’s Chanangel Jo Sugden J.W. (D).

An appealing male, kind expression & correct ear set, tight feet & correct top-line, balanced fore & rear. Has that long neck typical of the breed. Of good type, beautiful balanced masculine head with dark eye. In profile, moved steadily & happily with drive maintaining his outline. Presented in the best of condition. BOB



Open (1,0)

1st    W P Reekie’s Kayannes Avakanche, Braque D’Auvergne (B).

Well balanced all through. Head of good length with oval shaped skull. Long neck leading to well laid shoulders with elbows close to the body. Good depth and breadth of chest. Height to length ratio correct, well ribbed & short loin. Excellent bone and feet. On the move showed a smooth ground covering action. It was a pleasure to see & judge this breed for the first time. BOB. BIG3.



1st    Whittingham Bexon & Wright’s Diggmere Cortona Sofia Del Riccini, Italian Spinoni (B)

Liked this youngster a lot. In profile strongly built & she has a well-proportioned head with large nose, well placed ears & pronounced occiput. Strong neck, she is well boned & has a lovely front, deep chest & is strong over the loin. Excellent width & strength to her quarters, with long broad thighs. Coat has a good harsh texture. Moved out well with good rear drive. BNSC. BIG4. RBPIG.


1st     Whittingham Bexon & Wright’s Diggmere Cortona Sofia Del Riccini, Italian Spinoni (B)


1st    B Morris’s Norrashay Madam Cholet at Mycalleys (B).

2nd    Mrs F Barker’s Flinthill Hot Shot, Pointer. (B).


3rd    MD & S Towers Alibren Majestic Dawn. Golden Retreiver (B).


1st     Mrs F & Mr M Bell’s Hoaaloha Kealoha (B).

2nd     Mrs S Mowbray’s Crumbledor Bella Lestrange (B).

3rd    Mr P & Mrs T Murray’s Mabanika Just Good Friends (B).


1st     Mrs S Mowbray’s Gainsmill Lilly Luna Potter at Crumbledor (B).

2nd     Mrs A Snook’s Dalreavoch Northern Caper (D).



1st    D & K Robson’s SH.CH. Nemrac Connie at Robricci J.W. Sh.Cm. (B).

2nd     Mr D & Mrs J Taylor’s Stormford Honeysuckle ShCm. (B).

A quality bitch that I have had the pleasure of judging before. At 10 years old has the typical breed profile. Head of correct proportions without being coarse, kind expression with dark eye & black nose, foreface deep, wide with well defined stop. Good reach of neck flowing into well laid back shoulders & length of upper arm. Held a strong level topline. Moved with reach & drive & is true coming & going.


Mr John Abraham.