• Show Date: 23/09/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Joan Grimmett Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/09/2023

Stafford & District Canine Society

I would like to thank the Committee for asking me to judge at this well organised show. Also, thanks to the stewards they were efficient and very helpful.

I was delighted with the entry, particularly the Golden Retrievers, (largest entry of the show) Thanks to the exhibitors for bringing their lovely dogs, and the way they were all presented, my hands were as clean when I finished as when I started.

 Golden Retriever Dogs. 1st P. Loach and Zubair, Putjade Poldark. Super dark gold 11 month old puppy. Good reach of neck leading to beautiful head with gentle expression. Excellent bone, nice tight feet, level topline, good bend of stifle. Moved well. A really lovely puppy. B.P.I.B. JNR. 1st Putjade Poldark, this win gave him his junior warrant. 2. Harris and Ball. Wemcrest Out Of This World. Lovely outline, super head and expression. Good length of neck, good front and rear quarters, level topline, another lovely young dog. 3-Pratt. Rosyth Keltic Lord. 4- Liggins and Hodges. Swanavly Popsy’s Legacy at Nunsbrook. GRAD. 1- Putjade Poldark. 2- Garget and Morriss. Goldmarker Coming Home To Garvin. This boy presented a balanced outline, in Lovely coat and condition, Good reach of neck, level topline, and correct tailset, good bone. I just preferred the head of 1. 3- Wemcrest Out of This World. 4- Liggins and Hodges. Silver Passion Glam Fashion at Nunsbrook JW. 5- Millington. Golmas Guard Of Honour at Jarabees JW. POST GRAD. 1- Wemcrest Out Of This World. 2- Liggins and Hodges Swanavly Popsy’s Legacy At Nunsbrook Balanced outline, lovely pale coat and condition. Nice masculine head with good dark eyes and pigment, Level topline and good tailset, Moved well. OPEN. 1- Layland. Applecote Hearts Desire. My star of the day, really fell in love with this gorgeous boy. He has everything I would want in a Golden. He has a beautiful head and gentle expression, Dark Eye and good Pigment, Super coat and condition. Excellent bone, Straight front good bend of stifle, dead level topline, super tight feet. Moved with drive. B.O.B. and I was delighted to see him later awarded B.I.S.

Golden Retriever Bitches. P. 1- Walker and Roberts. Lamancha Trust Your Heart With Gloi. Dark Gold bitch, not quite yet in full coat, Excellent reach of neck leading to lovely femine head with dark eyes and good pigmentation. Good bone, tight feet, she was enjoying her day and moved with enthusiasm. JNR. 1- Chan. Lovissa Hello Dolly of Wemcrest. Lovely gold coat, femine head with good pigment, level topline straight front, good rear quarters, Moved well. 2- Lamancha Trust Your Heart with Gloi. 3- Pratt. Rosyth Kind Of Magic. 4- Hill. Sandaula Forest of Dreams. GRAD. 1- Griggs. Mulfield Mango Marmalade. Pretty pale gold bitch, Lovely coat and condition, Nice femine head with dark eyes and pigment, Straight front, Level topline, Good strong rear quarters, Moved really well. 2- Chan. Wemcrest Sound of Music. Very balanced outline, Good length of neck leading to femine head with lovely expression, dead level topline, good bend of stifle, moved well. B.B 3- Lamancha trust your heart with Gloi. 4- Rosyth Kind of Magic. P.GRAD. 1- Smith. Goldmarker Luminess. Lovely bitch, excellent reach of neck leading to good head with good pigmentation. Good bone, Level topline, good front and rear quarters, moved well. 2- Booth. Rocamoka Wind Dreamer at Alihelnix. Nice head and expression. Good topline, presented in mid gold coat in good condition, just needs a little more feathering to complete the picture. 3- Sandaula Forest of Dreams.

IRISH SETTER. Puppy. 1- Webb. Alolfrana Whole Lot Of Love with Redeshka. 6-month-old puppy at her first show, but she showed beautifully. Gorgeous head and such a gentle expression, super reach of neck, good topline, moved really well for one so young. B.P.I.B. YEARLING. 1- Sheldon. Bardonhill a Million Ways to Delsanto. This young dog has a gorgeous head and expression, Straight front, good topline and tailset, shown in a super condition, moved well. 2- `Cole .Riverbrue Ophelia Bobby Similar comments as 1. Lovely reach of neck. Good shaped head with gentle expression. Moved well. 3- Dale. Casachared Constance Tally Of Aubanjon. 4- Bently Penclippin Celtic Asthore. P. GRAD. 1- Webb and Danks-Kemish. Alolfrana Azzaro Beside Redeshka. Another lovely Irish, such a balanced outline, in super coat. Excellent reach of neck, good shaped head with the most gentle expression. Excellent topline and tailset, good rear quarter. Moved well. 2- Riverbrue Ophelia Bobby. 3- Bentley. Asleyview Coming Home To Penclippin. 4- Corless. Swiftlark Illustrious JW. OPEN. 1- Coreless. Swiftlark Spellbinder. Loved the outline and balance of this dog, Masculine head with lovely expression, Good strong rear quarters, nice feet, shown in a superb coat. Moved well. B.O.B 2- Dale Trefaine Aurora Aubanjon. Good length of neck leading to a lovely feminine head with the most gentle of expressions. Good topline, good bent of stifle, shown in lovely coat. 3- Ashley-Turner. Jonola Moonshine.

IRISH RED AND WHITE SETTER. Open. 1- Collins. Sh.Ch. Romaunt Bloomin Grand at Forestpoint. 8 year old boy, nice head and expression, good reach of neck, good topline and tailset, moved well. B.O.B.

ENGLISH SETTER. YEARLING. 1- Stephenson. Mariglen Wave Dancer for Bondgate. A lot to like about this young boy. In lovely coat, lovely well-proportioned head, and nice expression. Good topline and tailset, moved well. 2- Owen. Marwessett Ysobel Enigma At Cornsett. Orange Belton bitch, lovely reach of neck, good head, good topline, good rear quarters, moved well. P. GRAD. 1- Mariglen Wave Dancer for Bondgate. 2- Owen. Sharnyx Sparklin Starlight At Cornsett. Shown in good coat and condition, lovely feminine head. Good topline, moved well. OPEN. 1- Owen. Cornsett You My Everything. Orange Belton Dog. Balanced outline, good head with nice expression, straight front and good rear quarters. Good feet. Good topline, moved well. B.O.B. 2- Kelly. Cornsett The Wise One. Lovely balanced outline, in good coat, good reach of neck leading to nice masculine head with kindly expression. Moved well.

AVNSC GUNDOG, Puppy. 1- Davies. Foulby The Dark Knight At Kandrelli (Irish water spaniel) 7 month old, in super coat, lovely balanced outline, nice head and expression. Moved well for one so young. 2- House. Gleadsbury Destiny Belle. (English Springer Spaniel) 11 month old, Good straight front and good rear quarters, lovely head with gentle expression. Good topline and tailset. Moved well. 3- Fazenfield & Smith. Owlspoint Askin For Trouble. (Bracco Italiano). YEARLING. 1- Quin & Skeemer. Germanus Hotwyr Yindi (German Wirehaired Pointer). Liked this dog a lot, super coat, gorgeous head and expression, lovely balanced outline, excellent topline, moved with drive. Best AVNSC. 2- Steel. Braccorion’s Xpelliarmus To Juhua. (Bracco Italiano) Good reach of neck leading to nice head. Straight front and good rear quarters. Moved well. P. GRAD. 1- Willetts. Prodigy Of Jacob (Weimaraner) This boy gave his handler a hard time, but she did manage to stand him and move him, Nice outline, good rear quarters, good reach of neck. Moved OK. OPEN, 1- Steel. Sazmallin Beijing Boy To Juhua (Bracco Italiano) Lovely elegant outline, lovely markings, Excellent reach of neck leading to lovely head. Straight front and good rear quarters. Good topline and tailset. Moved well.

AV Import Register Gundog. OPEN. 1- Stilgoe. Teisgol Henrique (Portuguese Pointer) 2year old dog, Lovely head and expression, a very balanced outline, good straight front, level topline well-muscled rear quarters, Moved really well. Best AV Import Register. 2- Stilgoe & Fox. Teisgol King Arthur. (Portuguese Pointer) 14month old dog, Not got quite the balance of 1. In good coat, good reach of neck, nice head, good front assembly. Good rear quarters, Moved OK.

GUNDOG VETERAN. A lovely class of veterans. 1- Gilder & Blunden. Fullforge Free Horizons Con Mikette, ShCM. (Lagotto Romagnolo) Loved this cheeky looking 8 year old. Gorgeous head and expression. Balanced outline, excellent reach of neck, good front and rear quarters, excellent coat. Moved really well. Could have taken him home. Best gundog veteran. 2- Sh.Ch. Mulfield Peach Blossom JW. ShCM. (Golden Retriever) It is hard to believe that this girl is 10 years old, beautiful outline, good neck, gorgeous head and expression, level topline, good quarters fore and aft. nice feet. Her movement was excellent. 3- Corless. Swiftlark First Knight VW. (Irish Setter) 4-- Wheatley. Wilmerella Keep Dancing With Melandroy. (Cocker Spaniel). 5- Millington. Carneval Of Golden Duck-Cobley at Jarabees VW.

GUNDOG GROUP. 1- Applecote Hearts Desire. (Golden Ret.) 2 – Gloi Dubh Just One Look ( Flat Coated Ret.) 3- Arcticbreeze Turbulence At Allsong. ( Lagotto Romagnolo) 4 – Germanus Hotwyr Yindi (German Wirehaired Pointer).

GUNDOG PUPPY GROUP 1- Sunhouse Black Is Back At Salmonmist. (Pointer) 2- Putjade Poldark (Golden Ret.) 3- Gloi Dubh Lady Muck. (Flat Coated Ret.) 4- Mikette Blues Brothers. (Lagotto Romagnolo).

Judge Joan Grimmett.