• Show Date: 13/05/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jo White Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Smooth Collie Club Of Great Britain


Many thanks to the committee for asking me to judge at their show. It was a lovely atmosphere and I really enjoyed my day, even the sun came out. Although not as many dogs to bitches entered they were all masculine and of a good size and no apparent short tails, things I do worry about in the breed. I would like to thank all the exhibitors for entering under me and accepting my decisions graciously.


PD (3,0)

1 Muir’s KELEKONA’s SPARKS AT DAWN. 10 mths tri d. Handsome boy. Like his overall make and shape. Rich tan markings against the jet black coat colour and large white collar. Had left most of his coat at home. Good underjaw and well placed dark eyes. Correctly tipped neat ears finished the sweet expression. Long arched neck and straight front into correct lay back of shoulder. Good depth of chest and level topline. Good bone, neat oval feet and long tail. Needs to settle on the move. This young man is a challenge to his handler and I’d like to see him when he matures.

2 Walton’s SASSARI SMUDGE. 10 mths tri d. Finer all over than 1. Jet black coat. Correct bite. Correct eye and ear placement giving nice expression. Good reach of neck and length of back. Preferred overall shape to 3 but needs to tighten on rear movement.

3 Noble’s BELDONES HUGO LLORIS FOR TONOVA. Rounded muzzle, correct dentition and nice dark eye. Alert to handler. Nice expression. Good deep chest. Would prefer a bit more length to back and was rolling on the move.

JD (1,0)

1 Cooper’s KELEKONA HEARTS OF GOLD. 10 mths s/w d. Litter brother to the Puppy class winner. Attractive shaded sable with fitted coat. Good length of back to height. Good underjaw and clean cheeks. Dark obliquely set eyes and good ear set, which he used all the time. Good length of neck into well laid back shoulders. Good forward reach on side gait. Muscular thighs which gave him strong rear drive. Finer in bone than his brother but more calmer and collected on the move and therefore I awarded him BPD/RBPIB but I suspect they will change these placings frequently.

PGD (3,0)

1 Hanson’s JARDS RING PRESENCE. 2.5 yrs s/w d. Liked this boy’s head properties and overall make and shape. Shaded sable long fitted coat. Clean cheeks, lovely dark eye and well placed ears, which he used constantly to give kind but masculine expression. Strong neck, well sprung ribs and good length of back. Good bend of stifle and strong rear hocks. Good forward reach when allowed to get in to his stride.

2 May’s CAMANNA CAREERCHANGEING FOR MAQUEEBA. Almost 4 yrs s/w d. Shaded sable. Good size and ample bone. Clean head, moulded foreface and dark eyes giving desired expression. Would prefer a bit more underjaw. Correct length to height and length of tail. Strong neck and deep chest. Free mover fore and aft.

3 Tilley’s INGLEDENE DARK MOON RISIN. 23 mths tri d. Slightly shorter than 1 and 2 but good body shape and jet black coat. Good bend of stifle and good mover with correctly held tail. Just found him too broad in head and larger eye.

LD (no entries)

OD (3,0)

Best class of the dogs and all 3 well presented and showing their best for their handlers. You can’t mistake them for boys.

1 Benton’s CH BROOKLYNSON EL DORADO ShCEx. 6.5 yrs s/w d. Standing off from his handler he presents a correct outline. Good dentition and underjaw, clean foreface and lovely dark, correctly set eye giving sweet expression. Correctly set ears, flat skull and very alert to handler. Strong, long neck in to correct lay of shoulder and length of back. Correct angulation front and rear. Well muscled thighs and powerful rear movement. Covers the ground with ease. Pleased to award him BD and RBOB.

2 Randall’s CH LADNAR MUSTRIHARDER. 4 yrs tri d. Flashy tricolour with jet black gleaming fitted coat and white collar. Good underjaw and bite, correct dark eye and neat small ears, although wider set than 1. Very attentive to handler. Strong neck in to correct shoulder. Well sprung ribs, rise over loin and powerful hocks. Another great mover with correct angulations keeping that level topline. Just preferred head properties of 1. RBD.

3 Allsopp’s AQUALITA IT’S A MIRACLE. Almost 4 yrs tri d. Jet black fitted coat and pleasing profile. Excels in rear movement with strong powerful hocks. Well rounded muzzle and kind dark eye. Ears a tad wide set but a nice expression when he chooses to use his ears.

VD (2,0)

1 Collino’s WICANI ALTITUDE AT IMAGINIST. Almost 9 yrs tri d. A bit deep in skull but has correct dark eye and good earset giving him a sweet expression. Good length to height ratios. Would prefer more neck. Good length of back, deep chest and correct angulations enabling him to move freely round the ring. BVD.

2 Cooper’s LANLIN DAYDREAMER OF KELEKONA. 7 5 yrs tri d. Head is too broad for me but has a better body shape than 1. Ears wider set but has correct dark eye and a kind expression. Good length of neck and back and correct black fitted coat. Good rear drive on the move.

PB (2,0)

1 Newman’s INGLEDENE CRYSTAL VISION OF PHREELANCER. 11 mths b/m b. A beautiful blue merle bitch who was presented to perfection. Still in her full puppy coat but with the correct harsh texture and a glorious silvery blue that glistened in the sun. Correct dentition, well filled foreface with rich tan markings and slight stop. Well placed correctly tipped ears and obliquely set blue eyes giving a sweet, knowing expression. Ample forechest. Good reach of neck leading in to sloping shoulders and a good length of back into rise over the loin. Good bend of stifle which helped her power round the ring keeping a level topline. In the challenge she just cocked her head at me as if to say ‘pick me’ and I did. BOB/BPIB.

2 Geddes’ INGLEDENE SNO FLURRY. 11 mths b/m b. Sister to 1 and another stunning silvery blue who was presented and handled to perfection. Clean cheeks, dark, well placed eye, rich tan to face. Ears correctly placed but heavier tipped than her sister. Beautiful body shape, good reach of neck and correctly set shoulder, slight rise over loin and good bend of stifle. Movement just not as free flowing as her sister.

JB (2,0)

1 Flower’s SERENLAS CHLOE. 14 mths tri b. Another two peas in a pod. Good overall shape and jet black fitted coat. Correct bite, nice dark, well placed eyes and correctly tipped ears giving feminine expression. Ample forechest, long neck in to good shoulder placement and good length of back. Well let down hocks. Good forward reach. Strong rear moving away.

2 Howard’s SERENLAS ANGEL OF CASATENTOLA. 14 mths tri b. Sister to 1. Jet black coat and rich tan markings. Dark almond shaped eye and better underjaw than her sister. Well placed ears giving sweet expression. Nice arched neck, good topline and good length of tail. Attentive to handler. Felt 1 moved better today.

PGB (2,0)

1 French’s BRECKAMORE PITCH DARK. 22 mths tri b. Smaller bitch overall but balanced for her size. Tricolour with rich tan markings. Good bite, ears correct size and shape. Dark eye and alert expression. Nice spring of ribs with firm topline. Ample neck. Neat feet and good bend of stifle. Strong mover coming and going and wanted to race her handler.

2 Philpin’s TUDORLYN ALICE IN WONDERLAND. 3 yrs b/m b. This young lady wasn’t at all settled today. Lovely silvery blue fitted jacket, nice outline with long tail. Clean cheeks, well placed ears but reluctant to use them. Good length of neck and back. Good mover fore and aft but wouldn’t settle standing.

LB (5,2)

1 Flower’s SERENLAS PUMPKIN SPICE. 19 mths s/w b. Correct bite, dark almond shaped eyes, clean head planes and neatly tipped ears giving sweet expression. Out of coat but this showed her long neck leading in to well set shoulders and good length of back to height. Neat feet and well let down hocks. Good forward reach. Flowing movement coming and going.

2 Collino’s IMAGINIST PERFECT PITCH. Almost 4 yrs s/w b. Nicely shaped head, correct bite, well filled foreface with dark eyes and alert expression. Deeper in skull than 1 but better earset. Good reach of neck and length of back. Well off for bone. Good rear angulations and moved with drive. Harsh fitted coat. Being picky, carrying a tad too much weight.

3 Philpin’s TUDORLYN A KIND OF MAGIC. Almost 5 yrs tri b. Good shape. Correct bite and dark, well set eyes. Reluctant to use ears. Good reach of neck into long back. Good tail length. Covered the ground with ease.

OB (5,3)

1 Cooper’s LILITH NAR SULE OF KELEKONA. 3.5 yrs s/w b. Shaded sable. Good head properties, parallel planes, correct bite, clean cheeks, prefer a bit more underjaw. Lovely dark expressive eyes and good earset. Good depth of chest, correct length to height ratio. Strong hindquarters and well let down hocks which showed in her movement. Good tail carriage and held her topline. Pleased to award her RBB.

2 Flower’s SERENLAS HEAVEN IN BLU. 5 yrs b/m b. Lovely coloured blue, well off for bone. Correct length to height. Good bite and underjaw, well set eyes, ears slightly wider than 1 but still giving sweet feminine expression. Long neck in to correct lay of shoulder. Good bend of stifle. Another who powered round the ring just preferred overall picture and movement of 1.

VB (4,2)

1 Benton’s CH BROOKLYNSON JANE RUSSELL OF OAKESTELLE. 8.5 yrs s/w b. BVB/BVIB. Elegant, well presented shaded sable. Feminine outline with good length to height ratio and fitted coat. Correct bite, dark well placed eyes, perfectly tipped ears if a little wide set. Would prefer a sweeter expression. Ample neck in to correct lay of shoulder. Good depth of ribs, long back, tight arched feet, well muscled thighs and good bend of stifle. Beautiful long tail. Excelled on the move. Good reach and drive. BVB/BVIB.

2 Stillwell’s BELLAWAVE CAUGHT IN A DREAM. Almost 9 yrs tri b. Lovely tricolour enjoying her day and not showing her age. Good overall balanced construction. Deeper in head than 1. Good bite and underjaw, lovely dark eyes and ears well set giving feminine expression. Well arched neck in to sloping shoulders, good length of back and deep rib cage. Well angulated and graceful mover. Just outmoved by 1.

Jo White (MEJOLA)