• Show Date: 19/03/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jo White Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Retford Canine Society

Many thanks to the committee for asking me to judge at their show. I had a really enjoyable day and I would like to thank all the exhibitors for accepting my decisions graciously.

SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS – P (8,2) 1 Sorockyj’s SHELTISHA ROYAL APPROVAL. 9 mth b/m b. Pretty bitch with balanced head, good underjaw and good ear carriage. Good reach of neck in to well laid shoulder. Level topline and good tail set. Alert to handler and moved with purpose around the ring. 2 Johnson, Jacobs & Johnson’s WILLOWTHORN’S SUNDAY REIGN. 6 mth s/w d. What a cute little baby at his first show. Lovely balanced head, alert expression and well set ears. Good underjaw. Ample neck, level topline and good length of back. A bit straight at the front but good rear angulations. A bit unsure at first but the more he moved the more it came together. Just felt that 1 was more settled today but this one will be one to watch. 3 Ambler’s GEMSHELLS LA ROSS. J (3,0) 1 Walker’s TOORALIE’S TORNADE. 9 mth b/w d. Well schooled and well presented puppy in full bloom today. Loved his overall balanced size and shape. Well placed black eyes, flat cheeks, good underjaw and bite and great ear set, although could be a touch less tipped. Strong neck and level topline. Good depth of chest well off for bone. Neat feet. Moved confidently with good reach and drive and good tail carriage. BP & RBOB. 2 Dicks’ NATARA MOODY BLUES. 11 mth b/m b. Good colour. Clean head and feminine expression. Not as confident as her sibling who was placed 3rd but had the better ear carriage. Good length to height ration. Firm feet and good angulations. Good mover. 3 Hickling’s NATARA TRI TO BE GOOD. PG (7,1) 1 Hickling’s SHELTISHA BELL OF THE BALL AT NATARA JW. 4 yrs b/m b. Balanced head with parallel planes, flat skull and well rounded muzzle. Nice dark, well placed eye and correctly placed ears giving sweet expression. Being picky I would prefer less tipping on the ears and more underjaw. Good length of neck and straight front. Well sprung ribs and sweep over the croup. Beautiful clear blue coat of correct texture. Lovely shaped bitch with effortless movement. BOB/PG2. 2 Saunders’ TACHNAMADRA BUTTON MOON AT FERNFREY. 23 mths tri b. Lovely jet black coat with equally good tan markings. Good head with nice dark eye and sweet expression. Good underjaw. Correct ear set but a tad heavy. Good reach of neck and placement of shoulder. Good angles front and rear and lovely long tail. Very attentive to handler and moved well round the ring. Just preferred overall picture of 1. 3 Deveson’s MILESEND SEA PEARL. O (5,2) 1 Deveson’s JANETSTOWN JE SUIS JW ShCM. 8 years s/w b. Beautiful feminine bitch who I judged as a puppy. Balanced head with sweet expression and neat, well used ears. Good length of neck, well laid shoulder and good bend of stifle. Moved round the ring with ease. Just met good competition today in the challenge. 2 Johnson, Jacobs & Johnson’s WILLOWTHORN DREAM GAZER JW ShCM ShCEx OSW. 5.5 years s/w d. Well presented shaded sable male. Overall larger size. Strong head, correct dentition and eye placement. Well set and used ears. Good showman. Firm neck, well placed shoulder and level topline. Neat padded feet. Good movement and tail carriage. 3 Hounsell’s MYTER MADE OF MAGIC.

SMOOTH COLLIES – P (1,0) 1 Jerrett’s COLDELEE ETERNAL SUNSHINE. 11 mths s/w b. Nicely moulded muzzle, clean cheeks and well balanced head. Correctly set dark eyes giving feminine expression. Good ear set and well used for her handler. Good depth of chest and well arched neck. Level topline and correctly set tail. Strong hindquarters which allowed her to move easily round the ring. BP. J (no entries). PG (3,1) 1 Davies & Brown’s BRECKAMORE BLESSINGS AT WYSTRY JW. 2.5 years tri b. Nice flat skull, foreface a little fine and would prefer more underjaw. Well set dark eyes and good ear carriage giving sweet expression. Good reach of neck in to well laid shoulder. Good depth of chest and length of back. Well bent stifle allowing flowing movement. Would just like her to be more animated. 2 Swan’s KOCZKODAN SILVER BULLET. 21 mths b/m d. No mistaking he’s a boy. A bit unsettled and challenging for his handler. Nice head planes. Neat, well placed ears and nice masculine expression. Nice sized dog, good colour and strong rear drive. Preferred movement and forward reach of 1. O(9,5) 1 Smith’s CH/MULTI CH WINTER IS COMING TO TENTOLA. Almost 7 years bm d. Not showing his age and very sound and well balanced. Masculine head with parallel planes, dark knowing eyes and well placed ears which he used to advantage. Correct dentition and good underjaw. Good reach of neck, depth of chest and well sprung ribs. Firm topline and good length of tail. Well angulated front and rear. Good colour and correct harsh coat. Moved effortlessly around the ring. BOB. 2 Cowling’s KOCZKODAN SERENITY. 6.5 years tri b. Well put together bitch. Clean skull, dark well set eyes and correct ear placement giving desired feminine expression. Good dentition. Good reach of neck and well laid back shoulder. Good front and rear angulation allowing her to cover the ground with ease. Unfortunate to meet 1 today. RBOB. 3 Russell’s KOCZKODAN MIDNIGHT SUN JW.

Jo White (MEJOLA)