• Show Date: 18/02/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: JIM MCCARTHY Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Queens Island Canine Club



I would like to thank Queens Island Canine Club, firstly for the invitation to judge at this show, but also for their hospitality throughout the day and for the gift that I received. The show was very well organised and with a really pleasant atmosphere. A special thanks to Frank McConnellogue who did a superb job stewarding with me and managed the proceedings in the ring with great efficiency, making my job so much easier.

Staffords had the joint highest entry figures for the day and I am very grateful to every exhibitor for affording me the honour of assessing your dogs. Thank you all very much. It was great to see the genuinely warm congratulations between exhibitors around the ring and to see plenty of Stafford people staying for the group judging to watch and cheer for our breed representatives in the Terrier Group and Terrier Puppy Group rings.

Finally, it was very gratifying to see my Best of Breed go on to win Terrier Group 2 and Best Puppy take Terrier Group 3. Congratulations!

Puppy Dog/Bitch (1, 0)

1. Doherty’s Hot King Staff Fulfil Our Destiny (IMP POL)

A tiger brindle bitch of 8 months, this pup was athletically built and with a very pleasing outline. She has ample lift, is short coupled and very well proportioned. Her head is not overdone and very well balanced, having a nice balance of skull to muzzle. She has a perfect scissor bite of large, white teeth in a strong jaw. Moving well for her handler, she maintained her topline and moved soundly fore and aft. This was her first show and she was inevitably a bit nervous but was composed enough to go on and take Terrier Puppy Group 3. Well done!

Yearling dog/bitch (6, 0)

1. Wood’s Calgacus Brianna at Bultery (B)

A very classy black brindle bitch with a strong but feminine head, the neatest of rose ears and dark, round eyes, together giving a very impressive expression. A strong underjaw houses a perfect scissor bite with large and clean teeth, especially her canines. She has a straight front and is well ribbed back, her rib cage being well sprung with her brisket to elbow. A strong neck leading to well laid back shoulders and a level topline. Her topline was maintained stacked and on the move, with her movement parallel and purposeful showing the required power and agility. Fitness is not in doubt with her muscles being hard and well defined, especially in her hind quarters. Her coat was short and shining. Very much the showgirl, she has lots of ring presence and breed type. I was very pleased to award her Best of Breed and equally pleased to see her go on to attain Terrier Group 2. Congratulations!

2. Windsor Smith’s Remstaff Thing Out Loud (D)

Red and white dog of standard size and athletic physique, with considerable strength and fitness. He has a well-balanced head, not overdone, with a distinct stop and a purposeful muzzle housing a perfect scissor bite and huge white canines. His eyes were round and dark. His construction is sound in all aspects; a broad front with a strong forechest, straight well-boned legs with no weakness in his pasterns. A strong neck, level topline, well sprung and deep ribcage, well-muscled hind quarters and a correctly low set tail, carried low on the move. His movement out and back was sound and purposeful. In the final challenge for Best Dog, he just lacked the spark to clinch it but well deserved his Reserve Best Dog award. I will be keen to see how he progresses.

3. Quigley’s Cilledoire Little Daisy (B)

A standard sized brindle bitch with an excellent head shape, dark eyes, a typical expression and good proportions. She has everything she needs to succeed in terms of her construction but would benefit from more fitness.

Open Dog (6, 1)

1. Higham’s Comberdown Kryptonite (D)

A standard sized black brindle dog in very fit, hard condition and oozing breed type. He is strong and with a strong head but not overdone in any way. A strong underjaw houses his perfect scissor bite and his canines are large and spotlessly white. His neat rose ears and round, dark eyes are used to give him an expression that defies you to pass him. Superb. On the move, he maintained his level topline and covered the ground well, carrying his tail low. He has plenty of forechest and a very good spring of rib with well boned front legs, well laid back shoulders and a strong neck. His stifles are well bent and his first and second thigh muscles are rock hard. I was able to span his loin and he is well tucked up. All in all, a very impressive package. He was my Best Dog today and had to give way for Best of Breed to the bitch for her superior movement, but congratulations and good luck for the future with him.

2. Dickenson & Stewart’s Aymstaff Ballade Dream

Top sized brindle dog, very strong in the head with a distinct stop and good, strong muzzle. A perfect scissor bite with large white teeth are housed in his strong underjaw. He has neat and well placed rose ears and round forward facing eyes. Another with a fantastic expression. He is very well boned in his front legs and has a deep brisket, well sprung rib and well placed shoulders. Carried his tail correctly and held a level topline on the move, striding out with little effort. Physically, an imposing dog in fit condition and with a short, gleaming coat. A credit to his owner.

3. McConnell’s Zolace God Of War

Standard sized black brindle dog in fit condition. He has an excellent headpiece with well-placed ears and round dark eyes. He moved well and maintained his level topline as he did so.

Open Bitch (4, 1)

1. Price’s Sweet As Candy Zolace

Brindle bitch with a powerful, muscular physique. Her head is balanced with a good muzzle and distinct stop, well placed rose ears and dark, round eyes. Muscular shoulders, well laid back and a strong, short neck lead on to a level topline. She has a barrel rib, deep brisket, a broad front and good forechest. Her loin is strong and can be spanned, and she is well tucked up. Her stifles are well bent and she has probably the strongest hindquarters I’ve come across, with rock hard muscles in her first and second thighs. Consequently, she drives from the rear on the move and covers the ground with ease, maintaining a level topline as she goes. She was Reserve Best Bitch today, congratulations.

2. Coffey’s Cicely Thunderhawk

Black and white bitch of standard height. She has a well-balanced head with a distinct stop, neat ears and round, dark eyes. Her muzzle is of good length and she has a perfect scissor bite. In very fit condition, she has a good front, good spring of rib, a level topline and well bent stifles. Slightly longer cast than 1. She moved well when settled and held her topline as she went.

3. Windsor Smith’s Magicgem Firestar at Remstaff

Red and white bitch with a balanced, feminine head, good muzzle length and strength and appealing dark eyes. She has a broad front, good rib and a level topline when stacked and held on the move. Well bent stifles and well laid back shoulders, she moved well and carried her tail correctly.

Jim McCarthy (Laochra)