• Show Date: 03/12/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jill Holgate Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 22/12/2023

Coventry & District Gundog Society




P (1 0) 1st Court’s Tweleveoaks Goodwin Pippin BP Striking young dog of good size. Correct pleasing expression, well proportioned in the head. Moderate length of neck, clean neck and shoulder. Tail well set. Moved well.

PG (3 2) 1st Court’s Twelveoaks Carolina Red RBOB Body of correct proportion, strong clean neck shoulder well placed.

O (2 0) 1st Court’s Tweleveoaks Crimson Delight BOB, Pleasing bitch with lovely expression, good eye colour. Head well proportioned. Clean strong neck, well placed shoulder tight at the elbow straight in front. Moved well around the ring. 2nd Lewis Enryb Lilly The Pink. Unfortunately not happy in the surroundings today and wasn’t happy to be gone over. However when stacked had all the qualities needed in the breed. Overall a very pleasing outline.


P (2 1) Hardy’s Zakhan’s Lady Lyanna With Cafotaliena BP A first outing for this young lady but she certainly took to the show ring with ease. Very feminine head, lovely dark eye. Ears well placed. Straight in front. Good depth of chest. Short in the loin and good rear angulation. Moved soundly around the ring.

Y (3 2) 1st Croker & Lewis Riverbrue Ophelia Winky JW RBOB Well put together young dog presented in excellent condition. I liked his head proportions and soft expression from his dark eye. Strong well shaped neck, clean in front. Good depth of chest. Level topline both standing and on the move. Correct rear angulation. Unlucky to come up against the BOB as it was a close decision.

G (3 1) 1st Hardy’s Cafotaliena Joker and Queen, Very nice outline both standing and on the move. Correct in front and topline. Good depth of chest. Clean neck and shoulders. Well bent stifle. Move well. 2nd Corless’s Swiftlark Invincible JW I just preferred the head of my winner in this class. However another well put together dog. Chest deep and well ribbed. Short over the loin good rear action on the move.

PG (2 1) 1st Corless’s Swiftlark Illustrious JW A really feminine young lady with a beautiful outline when stood and around the ring on the move giving that racy appearance that you would expect from the breed.. Pleasing in head, dark eye well set ears. Clean neck and shoulders. Chest deep good over the loin. Well bent stifle Moved with ease around the ring

O (2 0) 1st Bott, Allen & Morgans Sh Ch Quensha Crimes of Passion BOB, Quality bitch. Feminine in head with lovely dark eye and well shaped head, ears well placed. Neck moderately long and muscular. Shoulders well placed , Chest deep and ribs well sprung. Firm in topline Stifles well bent. Covered the ring with ease on the move. 2nd Corless’s Swiftlark Spellbinder.Well put together dog. Good bone Pleasing in the head, Correct front and fore chest. Strong topline and quarters. Just didn’t give his all on the move

AVG CHAMPION (7 2) 1st Bott, Allen & Morgans I S Sh Ch Quensha Crimes of Passion, As Irish Setter Open 2nd Bradley’s IWS Sh Ch Stanegate Stage Debut ShCEx, Close up to 1 and another that could easily change places. Well proportioned head, Strong well placed shoulders set well. Chest deep with good rib cage. Back short and broad. Good rear angulation and was a pleasure to watch on the move 3rd Bradley’s HV Sh Ch Vizslanya vivmany By Highforce JW ScCM ShCex VW, 4th Anstead’s NSDTR Sh Ch Riverwatcher Koda, 5th Ward’s HV Sh Ch Danton Obsession With Tantaraviz ShCEx


MPS (25 17) 1ST Adams GSP Tequesta Poldark, What can I say ! This dog just takes your breath away. So well put together. For his age Stunning in head, well defined stop, strong in the jaw. Slightly arched strong neck. Well muscled over the shoulder which were well placed. Elbows tight. Good depth of chest following onto to strong quarters. Took the ring in his stride on the move 2nd Allen & Betts P Hawkfield King’s Ransom, Another super youngster. Skull well proportioned with well defined stop. Ears set well. Clean long muscular neck. Shoulders well sloping. Ribs well sprung. Short in back and stifles well turned. Moved beautifully around the ring. 3rd Hardy’s Zakhan’s Lady Lyanna With Cafotaliena, 4th Webber & Sladden’s Paris Mon Tresore D’amoure (imp pol) naf taf, 5th Taylor-Kistner’s CS Merry Cocktails spice of Life At Frieljoanipa (imp swe)


(23 15) 1st Price’s HV Aldom Regimental Colours Striking Hungarian Visla. who caught my eye when coming into the ring. Excelled in head, Lean and noble. Smooth. muscular neck with the slight arch, Short in back, level holding the topline as all times. Hind quarters well angulated. Moved around the ring with ease. , 2nd Matthews & Moon’s Vanitonia Song And Dance another beautiful example of the breed. This clumber also took my eye and could change places with my winner at any time they were so close. Lovely large square head of medium length. Good depth of stop. Shoulder strong and well placed. Good depth of chest and well sprung ribs. . Hocks set low with good angulation of stifle. Moved with drive around the ring, 3rd Hardy’s IS Zakhan’s Lady Lyanna With Cafotaliena, 4th Ward’s WSS Glenbrows Flame For Tantaraviz, 5th Webber & Sladden’s BI Paris Mon Tresore D’amoure (imp pol) naf taf