• Show Date: 19/07/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: jenny campbell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/08/2023

Thame & Oxfordshire County Canine Society

Thank you to all the Committee for inviting me to judge the Gundog Group and several gundog breeds at your wonderfully organised show. You had a wonderful entry of over 1,087 dogs, well done. My Stewards were excellent, and I was blessed with some lovely quality dogs to go over. My day was topped off with my Gundog Group winner – a quality Viszla – going Reserve Best in Show under judge Carole Moore (Gadhelic).

Gundog Group

It was a pleasure to judge the Gundog Group at Thame & Oxfordshire Show. Many of the breeds represented were of super quality so in my winners I was looking for the dogs that excelled in movement and ring presence. I had already gone over a number of the dogs in the breed and AV classes and knew which of those drew my eye for higher honours. When all the breed winners entered the ring, I still liked my BOB Viszla and Cocker from my earlier breed judging, and my eye was also drawn a number of other quality exhibits who made my shortlist. In the final run round it was my Viszla from earlier who just had the edge, owned the ring the whole time and kept his energy levels up, powering around the ring with style and nobility, saying “look at me” which gained him G1 - Challis’ Vizslanya Aragonia JW. I was delighted to hear later that he went RBIS.

G2 Hazeltine, Razzell, Drake & Welch’s Pointer Clamerkin Jubilee Fly Past for Corotine, black and white male just over a year old, a very smart type, oozing quality, also had great presence in the ring and covered the ground well.

G3 Loakes’ English Setter Goldenbirch Heart’s Desire JW, always a breed that pleases me, 2 year old pretty bitch, lovely soft expression and overall balance, flowed around the ring effortlessly with style.

G4 West’s Cocker Spaniel Sheigra Super Special JW, BOB winner of my breed classes.

Gundog Puppy Group

G1 Sandiford’s Gordon Setter Hernwood Love Potion lovely 12 month old female who caught my eye as she entered the ring in style. I was not disappointed in her as I went over her. Feminine expression, well moulded head, good length of neck into well placed shoulders, elbows well let down, ribs well sprung, hindquarters well muscled, tail carried horizontally. Her coat was in beautiful condition, straight and well feathered. She moved with commanding strides, covering the ground well. My favourite puppy of the day and I had no hesitation in awarding her this Group.

G2 Brooksmith’s Pointer Millpoint Golden Pippin, 9 month old orange and white bitch, graceful in outline, pretty head and expression, long lean neck into well laid back shoulders, good brisket, well sprung ribs, back gradually sloping, muscular hindquarters, well arched toes, covered the ground well with a driving hind action.

G3 Whincup & Glendinning’s American Cocker Spaniel Partisky Restart De Parti, really eye-catching and stylish 8 month old black & white girl who I short-listed in the Gundog Group. A lovely refined chiselled head, dark eyes, intelligent alert expression, long neck into good shoulders, deep well sprung ribs, back sloping downwards into strong rear quarters, swished around the ring smoothly and effortlessly.

G4 Barnes’ Cocker Spaniel Challowdown Smoking Hot BP girl from the breed classes I judged.

A.V. Imported Breed Register Gundog

Yearling (2,0)

1. Stilgoe & Fox’s Teisgol Morgana, 1 year old Portuguese Pointer bitch, a new breed to me but one that I thought may appear and so had read and viewed beforehand. A lot to like about this breed. Pretty head with good length of skull to muzzle, broad skull, stop well defined, nice forward facing brown eyes, strong neck flowing nicely into withers, shoulders well laid back and muscular, good return of upper arm, topline sloped gently to croup, strong muscular hindquarters, neat tight feet. Although a little uncertain on the move she just managed to pip her brother on carrying herself better around the ring and head carriage. Well deserved RBOB.

2. Stilgoe & Fox’s Teisgol King Arthur, brother to the winner, a lot to like, noble male head, comments similar to his sister, slightly shorter cast, had his head down a bit on the move, was a little close coming toward although preferred his wider going away movement to my winner.

Limit (2,1)

1. Fox’s Teisgol Calisto Of Dappleline, another Portuguese Pointer, very smart mature bitch, lovely overall shape to her and quite a presence, nice striking head with a smart intelligent expression, good width of chest, sturdily built, strong through the body, covered the ground well, moved true fore and aft, well deserved BOB.

Open (2,1)

1. Walker’s Nantiderri Dancing Daisy To Baikel, 7 year old Korthals Griffon bitch, good overall build and profile, Head was long, not too broad, well covered with strong thick hair, large rounded dark eyes, would have preferred a better bite, Moderate neck into well set shoulders, deep chest, slightly sprung ribs, well muscled hindquarters with a moderate bend of stifle, straight hocks, covered the ground well although moved a little close in rear today.

Irish Setter

A breed I am very fond of but today I found movement was of very varied, a number being particularly disappointing in rear movement.

Puppy (2,1)

1. Flinders & Robinson Slater’s Kerryfair Misty Morning TAF 7 month old male, stood well in profile and flowed around the ring really well. Beautiful refined head, dark eye, lovely lay of shoulder, narrow front, good rib to loin, straight topline, gradual bend of stifle, neat feet, in good coat. Rather loose coming and going today, time will improve. BP

Yearling (6,2)

1. Bentley’s Penclippin Jubilee Flame liked this 13 month old boy on the first move around, he covered the ground well and positively. Lovely head with a kind dark eye, well-defined stop, graceful neck into strong shoulders, deep chest, good bone, level topline, moderate bend of stifle, tight feet, moved true fore and aft with confidence RBOB

2. Markey’s Yokohama Lofty To Everflow (Imp Pol) 14 month old bitch who I also liked, she just didn’t have quite the same confidence on the move as my winner. Conformation attributes very similar to 1., slightly longer cast with longer length of stifle, moved well, in lovely coat.

3. Levene & Lewis’ Quensha Remember The Name

Limit (5,1)

1. Fox & Fiders’ Kerryfair Heart To Heart, the first two placed moved soundly and true, an elegant bitch, pretty head, nice laid back shoulders with good width of chest, level topline, good rear quarters, moved soundly coming and going.

2. Robinson Slater’s Kerryfair Lucky Seven impressive male in profile, well made all through, handsome head, muscular neck into strong clean shoulders, deep chest, powerful hindquarters, very profuse rich-red coat, covered the ground well, moved true fore and aft, would have just liked more coat refinement and a bit more “joie de vivre” on the move

3. Catling’s Quensha Family Portrait For Teleri

Open (4,1)

1. Crocker & Lewis’ Riverbrue Wonderwall At Hernwood looked like a winner as he came into the ring, substantial male, beautifully constructed with a handsome head leading into a long neck, excellent front, great bone, good balance of rib to loin, gently sloping topline into strong withers, good bend of stifle into strong straight hocks, lovely rich-red flat coat, covered the ring well and moved true fore and aft. BOB

2. Fox’s Kerryfair Special Diamon, couldn’t match the winner today, feminine head, kind dark eyes, nice length of neck, front OK, well sprung ribs into short loin, presented well and moved soundly.

3. Catling’s Teleri Here Comes Summer (AI)

Hungarian Vizsla

Some very nice exhibits presented to me, thank you. I was pleased to subsequently award my BOB with G1 who later became RBIS, well done.

Puppy (4,1)

1. Warnes’ Debian Deerhunter 11 month old dog, on the first go round this puppy showed real drive, covering the ground well. He is nicely balanced with a noble head, dark eyes, good scissor bite, ears well set, strong smooth neck, well laid muscular shoulders, quality bone, moderately broad front, level back, ribs sprung, nice tuck-up, well muscled croup, handled to advantage true BP

2. Malins’ Wallaroo Golden Dragon 9 month old dog, also a nice example, nicely moulded head, good layback of shoulder, well made front, level topline, balanced and muscled, gave his handler a hard time

3. Dunkley’s Seren Shimmer At Maebeck 10 month old bitch

Yearling (6,2)

1. Da Silva & Sexton’s Amarantos Katana For Ertekes this male just had the edge over the 2nd for his powerful frame, solidly built, covered the ground well in a showmanship way. Handsome head with kind expression, good forechest, balanced well muscled body, strong hind quarters, moved true fore and aft

2. Rackett, Rackett & Wilcox’s Afanleigh Caitlin Rose Of Solencia a very nice feminine specimen, pretty head with dark eyes, lean neck, straight forelegs, level back, ribs lightly sprung, croup nicely muscled, rounded arched feet. Moved a little close in rear today.

3. Challis’ Vizslanya Praxis

Limit (6,2)

1. Dolman’s Zebec Frankel just pipped the Yearling winner, liked his deep russet colour, nicely made male, handsome head, strong front, good layback of shoulder, straight forequarters, gently sloping topline into well muscled hind quarters, nice size and overall balance, drove around the ring, moved true RBOB

2. Da Silva & Sexton’s Amarantos Katana For Ertekes, winner of Yearling

3. Rackett, Rackett & Wilcox’s Afanleigh Caitlin Rose Of Solencia

Open (3,1)

1. Challis’ Vizslanya Aragonia JW 2 nice dogs in this class. This boy is a deep russet red with excellence substance and balance. Lean and noble head, skull slightly longer than muzzle. Long lean neck into strong shoulders, straight front, well arched ribs into short loin, well muscled rear quarters, gently sloping stifle into straight hocks, stood all-4-square, moved so true coming and going BOB

2. Rackett, Rackett & Wilcox’s Roughshoot Heaven Sent Of Solencia JW a boy that I have done well before at Southampton 2022 with BP, RBOB and PG4. Conformation comments similar to 1., lovely in profile and flowed well around the ring. Today his movement was a little off coming and going.

Spaniel (Cocker)

I was very impressed with the number and quality of Cockers that came under me, thank you. Movement and fronts were really good. Heads were a little varied with the girls not always as feminine as I would like. It wasn’t until after the judging that I realised how well the Sheigra kennel had done under me, all very typey and consistent.

Puppy (5,0)

1. Barnes’ Challowxown Rock With Me almost 12 month old dog, very close between 1 & 2, this boy nearly losing out through not settling for his handler but I liked him a lot from when he merrily entered the ring. Lovely light blue roan, well balanced, liked his head and expression, dark eyes, moderate length of neck into sloping shoulders, strong front, well developed chest, ribs well sprung, short firm loin, topline gently sloping, well set on tail, cat-like feet BP & later PG4

2. Collier’s Pepperbox Midnight Parti 11 month old dog also a lot to like, dark blue roan, compact and balanced, similar comments as 1. apply, just preferred the head of 1.

3. Hutchison’s Kasordon Maid Of Fire

Yearling (10,3)

What a lovely class, loved my first 5.

1. Griffin’s Griffial Make It Count, dark blue roan bitch, very close decision, won on head in the end, had the kindest of expressions. Both 1&2 have lovely heads, really good fronts and necks, are well balanced, and had a joyous attitude as they went round the ring, covering the ground well.

2. Beckwith’s Sheigra Special Secret With Balaambeck, black sibling to 3rd which I also liked. Comments above apply.

3. West’s Sheigra Super Secret JW

Limit (11,4)

1. West’s Sheigra Super Special. Mother to my 2nd and 3rd in Yearling. What a gorgeous bitch! Won on her merry attitude and gorgeous head. Oval eyes and kind expression. Super overall balance. Lovely front, strong topline held well, moved so true coming and going, very well presented, gleaming black coat BOB and later my G4.

2. Beckwith’s Sheigra Special Secret with Balaambeck 2nd in Yearling. RBOB

3. Anderson & Foster’s Zakova Sundance Kyd At Sabaloo

Open (5,3)

1. West’s Sheigra Simply A Star JW, black female, head OK, nice neck into fine shoulders, well boned, compact body, balanced, moved well.

2. Taylor-Kistner’s Black Lord Wildest Dream At Frieljoanipa (IMP HRV), 4th in 2 previous classes, and at only 15 months is giving away a lot of maturity in this class, slightly longer cast. Refined head, good neck into sloping shoulders, level topline, well rounded hind quarters, moved well.

A.V. Gundog

Puppy (24,15)

1. Taggart’s Altindan User Friendly, Golden Retriever, 7 month old bitch, what a lovely girl! Took my eye as she came into the ring. So balanced and nicely bodied, beautiful coat. Her head was broad but still feminine and expressive, dark brown eyes, good neck, straight forelegs with good bone, well laid back shoulders, good length of upper arm, elbows nicely tucked, deep well sprung ribs, muscular hind quarters, well let down hocks, stood true and moved positively around the ring.

2. Collier’s Pepperbox Midnight Parti, Cocker Spaniel, 2nd in the breed class, comments apply.

3. Roles’ Nancynooo Blue Diamond, Flatcoated Retriever

Special Yearling (26,17)

1. Welch’s Hookwood Starman JW, B&W Pointer, impressive male, noticed his nobility as he entered the ring, nice masculine head, skull of medium breadth proportionate to foreface, long muscular neck, super front and return of upper arm, well ribbed and bodied, fit and muscular, moved with power and grace, my notes say “just the picture”.

2. Bowen’s Clandrift Bring Me Sunshine, Flatcoated Retriever, had to leave for the breed classes before I did my notes or got a photo but I recall I very typey young male, lovely head, good bone, well balanced, moved soundly.

3. Beckwith’s Sheigra Special Secret With Balaambeck

Limit (11,7)

1. Challis’ Vizslanya Vizi, Hungarian Vizsla moved the most true with a showmanship attitude. Nicely made, dark russet colour, sweet head, lovely neck, good front and layback of shoulder, level topline, well balanced.

2. Latheron’s Fynder Reacher, Irish Water Spaniel also moved well around the ring with a joyous attitude. Very smart and upstanding, compact, in good coat. Nicely domed skull with long muzzle and large brown nose. Neck set strongly into well laid shoulders, powerful forequarters, well boned straight forelegs. Well sprung ribs giving the required barrel shape, short back, strong hindquarters. Lovely large round feet.

3. Williams’ Berrymeade Coeur Blimey At Busheyhall SGWC, Golden Retriever

Open (8,6)

1. Riley’s Wylloh Lost In translation JW, Golden Retriever very nicely made, good overall balance, kind well-made head, good forechest, nice lay back of shoulder, level topline, well let down hocks, profuse golden coat well presented, moved a little close in rear today

2. Maffia’s Jenberry Furlough, black Labrador Retriever, very fit and attentive to his handler, head a little broad for me, body long and lean, stood square, moved OK when settled

Veteran (20,11)

1. Challis’ Highforce Future Legend For Vizslanya JW ShCEx, Hungarian Vizsla, close call between 1st and 2nd, chose the Vizsla on overall power and drive, owning the ring, lovely dark russet, moved true fore and aft, masculine well proportioned head, super strong shoulders, well bodied, good bone, level topline, sloping croup, strong hindquarters, well handled.

2. Loakes’ Sh Ch Rachdale Painted Lace At Goldbirch, English Setter, a beautiful graceful bitch, very classy, belying her age. Feminine head carried on a long lean neck into well set back shoulders, deep chest, straight forearms, elbows close to the body, short back with level topline, well sprung ribs into short loin, thighs long from hip to hock which were well let down. Freely flowing true movement.

3. Bellamy’s Bochilbarley Blue Moon (AI) ShCEx

Jenny Campbell (Ronevorg)

July 2023