• Show Date: 16/09/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jennifer Nolan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/10/2023

Eastern Counties Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Society

Class 1 Veteran Dog 3:3

1st Hobb’s Beaconsflyde Catch The Kiss JW SHCM VW - The first thing that strikes you on this 8 year old Blenheim veteran is the gorgeous depth of colour to his well broken coat. He has nice head proportions. There was a true fluidity to his gait that was missing in many of the younger exhibits. Therefore he looked graceful on the move, as a Cavalier should. A veteran to be proud of.

2nd Luphenex Lord of the Rings -Lovely large bright eyes on this Blenheim, with a very typical Cavalier disposition that was very attentive to his handler. His coat was well broken and he had good pigment.

Class 2 Minor Puppy Dog 2:2

1st (Miletree Gabriel )Delightful typey puppy of just 6 months . Could of scooped him up and took him home, short coupled puppy that was balanced . Such great head proportions and lots of cushioning for one so young with lovely dark eyes and truly gentle expression. He had a great fore chest and good angles , still learning his craft but one I will watch with interest.

2nd (Ouzelewell’s Theadore) Very sound puppy of a bigger type, lovely expressive eyes, good dentition and pigment. Lovely silky coat that was well broken, he had a happy disposition.

Class 3 puppy dog 1:1

1st (Long’s Arroline Kryptonite) Stood alone in this class but is a quality puppy. Although a little longer cast than ideal he has a lovely outline and a super silky well broken tri coat, which as breeders we all know is so hard to achieve ! He has a lovely head developing well, so well cushioned for his age and is a true series of curves, lovely dark eyes and well feathered ears and a gentle expression. He showed his socks off for his clever handler. BPIS

Class 4 Junior Dog 2:3

1st (Gibson’s Toraylac Harvard )My star of the day! This 15 month old Blenheim has a lovely balanced outline and he is a lovely size, a true toy spaniel. His well broken coat has a lovely deep colour. He has a lovely head developing with an almost flat skull and curves in all the right places , a symmetrical blaze and dark eyes, great pigment and dentition. He moves well and holds his topline stood and on the move. He had great depth of chest. I couldn’t resist him and enjoyed looking up his breeding. BIS

2nd (Morgan’s Hearthfriend Trafalgar) Another nice Blenheim with lovely large dark eyes and well feathered ears. He has a good outline that is short coupled with moderate bone. He has a long silky coat.

Class 5 Novice 3:3

1st Arrowline Kryptonite

See critique in puppy dog

 2nd Fortunamajor Remus – lovely head and eye on this ruby boy. He had a scissor bite and good pigment. A little out of coat today but he has lovely movement and carriage although a little long in the coupling than I would prefer.

Class 6 Graduate 3:3

1st Gibson’s Toraylac Harvard (see junior dog)

2nd Hubert’s Hearthfriend Just William lovely head shape , curved in all the right places, flat skull well fathered ears and a great backskull. He had expressive dark eyes. He is blanket coated but comes alive on the move and has an ever wagging tail for his handler.

Class 7 Post Graduate 3:3

1st Jackson’s Fortunmajor Ruebus -A tough choice between first and second such a soft expression that said pick me! This lovely ruby he has nice head proportions, fantastic pigment and dentition and really well feathered ears. He has well laid back shoulders and excellent bone and he has a beautiful silky coat that was beautifully presented , so easy to see who his sire is. He moves really well holding a level topline and tail carriage, albeit a little close behind. He has a typical temperament and an ever wagging tail. Once his coat arrives to finish the picture I’m sure his presence will be felt. RBD

2nd Li’s Avalcier Ace A lovely balanced outline on this blanket coated tri who is maturing beautifully. So well turned out too! Lost out here as I preferred the expression of the winner, moved well, has good pigment and lovely width of upper thigh noted.

Class 8 Special Limit Blenheim or Tri 2:3

1st Knowles’s Luphenex Solent Lad Lovely eyes and symmetrical blaze with good pigment. Well tapered muzzle with well feathered ears and pleasing disposition.

2nd Morgan’s Hearthfriend Top Withens – 9 years young tri colour! Lovely dark eyes, great pigment and ever wagging tail, good head shape and bone with a nicely tapered muzzle

Class 9 absent

Class 10 Open Dog 1:1

Wimbley & Newman’s Trishines Celestial Dream with Finjaro Lots to like about this 5 year old delicious headed Blenheim with the sweetest expression which I see he gets from his beautiful Mother who was BVIS. He has great bone and looks lovely in profile. He was a little upright in shoulder which spoilt his reach but he had lovely fluid movement and was very attentive to his handler. I also noted he had lovely clean large teeth with a scissor bite.

Class 11 1:1

Newman’s What’s it all about Finjaro – excelled in head and eye, neat muzzle, great pigment and soft expression. He had great ribs which were in the minority today. Would of liked better shoulders but he had a happy disposition and good drive from behind

Class 12 Veteran B 3:3

Two beautiful Blenheim ladies in full coat to make you smile

1st Wimbley & Newmans Finjaro Celestial with Trishine -A new lady to me but I could not resist the large sparkling eyes and gentle expression on this spritely 11 year old Blenheim, what a joy she must be to own. She had a gorgeous disposition and an ever wagging tail , her animation couldn’t fail to delight you. She was well ribbed, short coupled and a happy mover, a lovely Cavalier. I couldn’t wait to look up her breeding, what a fantastic sire he has been. BVIS

2nd Colaveccia’s Carolus Miss Liberty Another well know Veteran cracker here- Just couldn’t match in eyes or animation today but another to be super proud of. She is elegant, with a lovely long silky coat, well ribbed and still has super pigment. Another who has a sire who has had influence on the breed.

Class 13 Minor Puppy Bitch 3:3

1st Hubert’s Rabymar Secret Obsession- a cheeky looking black and tan puppy who is full of life and confidence at such an early age, a real show off! Lovely bright markings and lovely head developing, dark eyes,soft expression and lovely scissor bite and big teeth. She’s a really neat package due to being short coupled, with great ribs but I would of liked a bit more neck.

2nd Towse’s Miletree Una -More my type but not as well schooled as one so was hard to assess on the move. She is balanced with a well broken coat Blenheim coat. She had a lovely head with dark eyes. From what I could see she has good angles and movement. When her confidence comes, she will be one to watch I’m sure.

Class 14 Puppy B 3:6

1st Li’s Avalcier Adeline one I have admired from the ring side I couldn’t resist her super smart outline with true movement that holds a topline and is so graceful. Lovely dark eyes and well feathered ears she has great pigment a really happy show girl – one I’ll watch with interest. RBPIS

2nd Long’s Arroline Eternity – what beautiful eyes this girl has , she is so well schooled and has a lovely well broken silky coat and a balanced outline, a little narrow all through at present but I will watch her development with interest.

Class 15 Junior B 5:8

1st Jackson’s Juzandia Maygarland – A lovely toy spaniel here such a sweet expression and typical dispostion. Pleasing head shape, well laid shoulders and lovely overall balance. Good forechest and nice width of thigh.

2nd Hubert’s Rabymar Maggie May- A nice short coupled ruby, nice head with correct ear set and great dentition and good sized teeth. Lovely dark eyes to draw you in with. Great depth to her chest, moved out with confidence, would like a bit more neck . Lovely bone and width of thigh.

3rd Wimberley’s Trishine’s Snow drop – A blanket coated tri lady of bigger type with a lovely outline but a little proud of her tail today she had lovely angles and a great neck but a little long in the hocks.

Class 16 Novice B 8:9

What a lovely class! I was surprised to find them all in novice !

1st Gibson’s Toraylac Honolulu Notes say little typey firecracker – lovely size, balance and shape a lovely cavalier silhouette , a really gentle expression and lovely curves to the head. She had a well broken silky coat Good bones and really good angles, in short I could of picked her up and took her home. I was really taken with her RBB. Her clever breeder must be delighted with this litter as her litter brother was also BIS.

2nd Floyd’s Laurami Comfortably Numb A really graceful and elegant bitch who I have admired since a puppy, a bit naughty today for her handler. Lovely gentle expression and fantastic eyes lovely shoulders and great ribs presents a really appealing outline when she cares to show it off! Lovely temperament and an ever wagging tail.

Class 17 Graduate bitch 5:6

1st Smith & Aldous’s Aranel Ella – Lovely head and dark expressive eyes – she is well bodied and has great shoulders and angles and moved really well, which clinched her the class.

2nd Riis Whites’ Tamyse Pretty in Pink for Cerneyleaze - Not as soft in expression as the winner nor the depth of colour to her coat but a lovely girl all the same. She presents a lovely outline and has a well broken coat , good bone and tail set. She can loose her topline when stood.

3rd Knight’s Carolus Miss Chloe – A sweet Blenheim girl with a lozenge . She is a nice size and shape and has a truly silky coat . for me she is a little upright in shoulder and narrow in front but she is a happy showgirl.

Class 18 all entries absent

Class 19 Limit Blenheim or Tri 2:3

1st Colaveccia’s Carolus Miss Elsie A 5 year old Blenheim with a spellbinding disposition, she has a sweet head with dark eye and pigment and with some work on her tear stains she could look even more appealing. she is so well made and moved true with grace and style and she truly drives from behind. She has such great tail carriage and set and although I would prefer a little more neck she absolutely stole the show with her ever wagging tail and eagerness to please her handler. What a delight she must be to own and she would not allow me to overlook her so I didn’t and made her RBIS.

2nd Brewer and Moody’ Bowfort Minuetta – a real sweet headed Tri girl with a well broken coat, dark eyes that I would prefer a touch larger , she is well ribbed and has a glamorous well broken coat.

Class 20 Special Limit Black and Tan or Ruby 3:3

1st Hobb’s Beaconsflyde A dorable -Sweet balanced black and tan with good shoulders , good angles and lovely width of thigh. |Plenty of heart room in her deep and well sprung ribs. She has lovely bright tan marking and the darkest of eyes – a real sweetheart with an ever wagging tail.

2nd Wilson’s Peters Cavalier Naomy Black Medgic - Such a balanced and pretty head on this black and tan, she has a very glamour coat and is well ribbed and is so attentive to her handler. I’d like more neck and for me her grace and beauty is lost on the move.

Class 21 no entries

Class 22 Open Bred by Exhibitor 1:1

1st Stavonga Secret Crush JW -Well made Blenheim with a well broken coat that today she had left at home. When settled she moves well. A little strong in the head for me.

Jenny Nolan