• Show Date: 15/10/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jennifer Millard Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 18/10/2023

Goyt Valley Gundog Society

GOYT VALLEY GUNDOG SOCIETY 15 OCT 23 My thanks to the committee for the lovely invitation to judge at this show. Thank you to those exhibitors in the breeds where I was a replacement judge, who were so accepting and supportive. My very best wishes to Kerry Roberts, who had to withdraw. NOVA SCOTIA DUCK TOLLING RETRIEVER J 3(1) 1. Warren’s Afonbach Dreamfyre at Shorrocks. 15 month old medium size bitch with a clean cut skull and appealing expression, together with a tapering muzzle and triangle ear, scores in body and chest and was springy and active on the move, just the right for size for age and complimented by the correct coat. 2. Stait’s Afonbach Balerion. Upstanding male who showed well, very sound and workmanlike at first glance, he really took my eye, lovely coat of correct colour and texture, good head and neck, just preferred the set of shoulder and upper arm of 1st today but suspect they will change places regularly. PG 6(0) 1. Greenwood’s Coedhelyg Son Shine. Smart, attractive, medium Nova of lovely size and great type, in super condition, which struck me immediately, good substance and body without weight, cracking clean cut skull and almond shaped eye, good neck, shoulders, body and rib without weight, balanced fore and rear and moved cleanly and actively, a pleasure to assess, pushed very hard for best of breed and I will watch this one’s progress with interest. 2. Warren’s Afonbach Dreamfyre at Shorrocks. 3. Trueman’s Cretshengan Lake Itasca (AI). O 4(0) 1. Adshead’s Afonbach Winter Is Coming JW. Struck me immediately being medium sized, compact and powerful, he was, balanced with that distinct lovely typical outline, balanced fore and rear, right amount of bone, shown in super condition, great coat, lovely tight feet, correct appealing head, moved well and had lovely rapport with handler, headed a very good class, OB. 2. Copeland’s Camusmor Bring Me Sunshine to Menstonia. Much to like but carrying too much weight, tight feet and of good size, lovely head, expression and eye, rich colour to coat, scores in body and moved well, unlucky to meet 1 today, coat at an awkward stage and not as straight today as 1 but quality all the same. 3. Stait’s Acadiabyrne The Baker’s Son. RETRIEVER (LABRADOR) P 5(0) 1. Gower’s Deniangill Scarlet Ribbons at Aughtonchase. Appealing puppy with melting head and expression, balanced fore and rear, good body, not overweight, good neck into well laid shoulders, good outline, tired a little as the class went on, which affected an otherwise good top-line but thought she had the best balance, tail set and carriage of the class, she was pleasure to assess and was so sound, BP. 2. Smith’s Potterzuri Mister Puma of Flyenpyg. Much to like and was unlucky to meet 1st today, scores in leg length and coat with the density and texture one expects, with much to like, particularly appreciated his coat colour and texture, tail carriage a touch high for me but good body and lovely neck with good pigment too. 3. Markham’s Stmakajo Chengelo Cordova. J 7(2) 1. Smith’s Meadowline Heartbreaker. A strongly built exhibit but not overdone, good balance in length of leg and depth of body, good amount of bone, soundness in abundance, good strong top-line, lovely neck into well laid shoulders, tight feet and good ribs, moved eagerly and with ease, pushed hard in the challenge, much to like. 2. O’Neill’s Ramsayville Gigi at Taligal (AI). Taller than 1st, would prefer a little more width throughout but in super condition and very well handled, I would imagine some would prefer more of her but I thought she wasn’t overdone and there was much to like with good dentition, pleasing kind eye and good density to her weather resistant coat. 3. Smith’s Flyenpyg Amy Swinehouse. PG 14(4) 1. Baron’s Landebec Crazy In Love. Noticed this bitch from the start, liked her for size and type, she has a broad skull with a wide nose and medium sized eyes, her top-line was level and held on the move, her coat was dense and weather resistant, on the move she was a little restricted in the rear which cost her higher honours but I liked her type and style sufficiently to head a good class. 2. Evans’ Dream’s New York at Evesmoore (imp ITA). Upstanding, robust sturdy male in good coat, well off for body and good angles, he is balanced and all male but with real agility and a free flowing movement to match, a good colour and nice tight feet to compliment. 3. Markham’s Knowjoes Bwalya Sabine Ania. L 4(2) 1. Smith’s Flyenpyg Amy Swinehouse. Pleasing bitch, her shape and size appealed, she has robustness balanced with femininity and looks like she could go all day, good bone and body without too much substance and weight, well bent stifles and moved around the ring well. 2. Merrison’s Oakenholt Altan. Upstanding dog, a little more bodied and boned than the normal show type we are accustomed to seeing in the show ring but he was extremely sound with a wonderful laid back temperament and correct coat, he scored in forechest and showed very well. OD 4(0) 1. Smith’s Flyenpyg Porky Pig JW OSW. A lively active exhibit, clearly a mummy’s boy who was perhaps a little light in condition today but he was typical in outline and had a good length of leg balance to body, was balanced fore a rear with good body, neck was evident and had a strong level top-line, a little over exuberant which I was more than willing to forgive, very sound, the more I saw the more I liked, in full credit to his owners he was in outstanding condition with fabulous muscle, I would perhaps like a touch more of him all over to complete an otherwise very sound performance. 2. Disley’s Acredam Yellow Hammer. Much to like on the stack and on the move, in head I would prefer more stop and breath to skull, in body and on the move he scores with a deep chest and well sprung ribs, he retained his outline which won him this place in a well filled class, clearly enjoying his day. 3. Evans’ Farnfield Pumpkin at Evesmoore. OB 8(3) 1. Ennis-Holden/Lammens’ Stand By Me of Misty Dreams (imp FRA) NAF. Much to like about this beautifully presented and well handled bitch, although for me I would prefer less weight, her shoulders are well laid back and she benefits from a good fore chest and a good depth of chest, she has a strong top-line which she holds on the move, her head and expression is ultra feminine and she topped the class on her showmanship, she holds her typical typy outline and didn’t let herself down on the move, her coat could have been harsher but she really took me and was undoubtedly a highlight of the entry, BOB. 2. Baron’s Mariank Vanity Fair at Landebec. I liked this bitch, I suspect she had not long had a litter and today she was beaten by a bitch in marginally better condition, I liked for her type, size and length of leg however with a merry and outgoing disposition, the relationship with her handler was something to behold. 3. Evan’s Flower’s South Kylie at Evesmoore (imp ITA). GORDON SETTER P 1(0) 1. Speed’s Ronaldsbill Magic Stars. 7 month old bitch with the most lovely head and outgoing attitude, moved very cleanly coming and going around, super body and size, lovely coat emerging, will be interesting to watch, handler was a little sceptical about the experience but I thought they had the makings of a lovely team! BP. J 1(0) 1. Fudge’s Fieldberry Secret Weapon at Rufusmoor. 16 months, all male, in super coat and condition with rich tan markings, lovely bone and good top-line held on the move, I was most taken with his head and expression with strong dentition and lovely clean neck, on the move he had a long easy stride and coped well on the challenging surface. PG 3(0) 1. Fudge’s Fieldberry Secret Weapon at Rufusmoor. 2. Hartley’s Balnakeil Can Liath. Would prefer more width but classic head, good coat, moved well, would prefer more substance but gave a good account on the move. 3. Garbett’s Langstrumpf Hochsummer. O 3(0) 1. Ashley-Turner’s Hernwood the Botanist. All male chap in full coat with that classic outline, he was so handsome and had a real air of arrogance about him, I was quite taken, lovely head and is so good to handle, I found myself pausing to appreciate it and take it all in, good expression great dentition, super bone that one expects from this breed, sadly clearly didn’t like the floor but I was willing to forgive this, a pleasure to assess, still young and I suspect just beginning to come into his own, I suspect, outside in the summer months, he is something to behold, BOB. 2. Fudge’s Fieldberry Secret Weapon at Rufusmoor. 3. Garbett’s Langstrumpf Hochsummer. LAGOTTO ROMAGNOLO P 1(0) Tanner/Kirkham’s Arcticbreeze Smile and Wave. 8 month old puppy, super outgoing nature, a real show girl, liked her for size and substance, in super coat and condition with good bone, on the move she was very sound and light footed eating up the ring, she sang Lagotto and was so classic and classy in outline, I must admit to be rather taken with her, I later learnt that both her and her handler were newcomers and I wish them every success, I suspect they have some fun ahead of them, BP. PG 1(0) 1. Wilson’s Emmroche Dancer. Lovely showy girl standing over good ground, really scores in the rear with well bent stifles and low hocks, tight feet and she has a good body appealing head and expression, moved well but could be more positive to the rear, BOB. DOREEN GATELY MEMORIAL STAKES 13(4) 1. Davey Eald Bull Ealgle. Sussex with good legs, clean and well presented, great bone, round feet, well off for rib, clean eyes, sound, much to like, really rather taken, so showy and so unexaggerated, I was immediately smitten. 2.Short Ferndel Fire Gem at Toftwood. Pleasure to judge this bitch again and despite her carrying more condition than I would prefer my opinion hasn’t changed, I think she oozes welshie-ness and is balanced with a lovely head, well bent stifles and a great size, correct feet and superbly handled. 3. Smith’s Flyenpyg Porky Pig JW OSW. Jennifer Millard