• Show Date: 10/06/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jennifer Millard Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Newmarket & District Canine Society

Newmarket & District Canine Society.

10th June 2023.

Thank you to the officers and committee for a lovely day at this well organised show, it was a privilege to be invited. The heat of the day hit early in the morning and during my breed judging there was very little breeze, I didn’t push exhibitors or exhibits as hard I might normally do.

Junior Handling

6-11 years (3).

1. Jack Davies - Super smart handler, extremely well turned out and taking his task most professionally, lovely rapport with his charge, very polite and complimentary to his fellow handlers, which was an absolute joy to see, very aware of the judge and very attentive a real pleasure to assess – his future is bright!

2. Bethany Gulliod - Rees very A well-turned-out handler, she was not quite as tidy on her triangle as the winner but there was much to like, lovely rapport with her charge, who she took good care of, a sympathetic and kind handler who seemed to understand the breed she was handling.

3. Isis Spall.

12-16 years (5).

A fabulous class, full to the brim of very talented handlers, I do hope that the breeds they are supporting are nurturing them in return.

1. Megan Slack - fabulous unassuming handler who was quiet, attentive but unobstructive, but on a fabulous handling display but also got the very out of her free stood Brittany, they had a lovely rapport and were a pleasure to judge. I was pleased to award her Best Junior Handler. One of the best around at the moment I would think.

2. Isabelle Collier - lovely responsive hander, immaculately turned out, who again showed a great degree of skill and competency with her Dalmatian, attentive but not over the top she pushed hard today and was rewarded with a strong placing in a very competitive class.

Bracco Italiano

Junior (3,1)

1. Dodd Silvestre Golden Dragon - 17-month-old male well off for bone, giving the image of substance, appealing head with lean cheeks with the correct divergent planes complimented by a lovely expression, in body he typical almost square appearance one looks for, on the move he was true and covered the ground easily.

2. Webber & Sladdon Valcor Killer Queen Younger exhibit more moderate, would prefer a little more depth of chest but this may come in time, in head she is feminine but its narrow and angular with a pronounced occiput and slight stop, she was in super condition and showed very well she moved around the ring with ease. BP.

Postgraduate (1)

1. Sladdon Valcor The Confessor at Canemamans JW 23 month appealing male my goodness does he demonstrate the unique untiring extended fast trot with soundness too, he showed like an absolute pro and is of the correct proportions with a super body in super hard condition he also coped admirably with the heat a pleasure to assess. BOB.

Open (3,1)

1. Sladdon Bushwacker Dangerous Dave at Canemamans JW Upstanding male who showed particularly well, well bent stifles complimented by long shoulders, tight feet and is well off for rib, his head is classic and appealing with a soft expression, with correct dentition, moved very well and was pleased to award him RBOB.

2. Forbes Canemamans Primo Al Fine JW A good exhibit who really scores in depth of chest and upper arm nice tight feet and moved around the ring with ease, particularly appreciated the head planes and eye on this, sadly today his top line was unsettled and lost out, albeit totally forgivable given the heat.

English Setter.

Junior (2,1)

1. Cook Pernickety Quidddity 12-month male good amount substance with the elegance one expects, in body he well ribbed for one so young and depth in addition, his body is moderate in length, he has a lovely silky coat and an appealing head moved well in the large ring with a good width behind. I was pleased to award him BOB.

Postgraduate (4,1)

1. Cook Pernickety Quartz Young bitch, litter sister to the previous class winner, not as settled on the move today, she is moderate fore and rear but with good body of moderate length, and a the leaner head I was looking for she has a super coat and is balanced for and rear with a good neck and correct ear set, right amount of bone and nice size. Just needs to settle.

2. King Sirius Blue Heaven at Grantastar Lovely appealing chap in super order he is all male with quite eye catching particularly when he relaxes and holds himself to best advantage he was just a touch heavy in head for my liking but otherwise much to like and pushed hard.

Open (3,1)

1. Woo Juldeane Prime Suspect (AI) A 3 year old moderate quality male with a good neck and appealing head with the length and leanness one looks for, good outline complimented by correct amount of bone in super hard condition, he headed the class on soundness, but gave way in the challenge to the younger more enthusiastic exhibit who was a little more determined, a real pleasure to judge. RBOB.

2. King Dobbies Delight at Grantastar Giving away a little on age but not noticeably his 9 years, today he wasn’t quite as sound as 1 but he really appealed he scores in upper arm and shoulder and pasterns and is a super body in fabulous condition, I thought he was quite typical but would have preferred a tighter foot.

Irish Setter

Puppy (3)

1. Thomas Meldor-Sett Fairy Lily at Dawnmaen TAF Upstanding racy exhibit, demonstrably affectionate, won on head with super coat emerging good depth of chest, would be prefer a little more substance, she didn’t always show to best advantage but was enjoying her day out. BP.

2. Poplawska Shelindair Sing to A Rainbow This exhibit was a little rushed in the class, but later settled but just preferred lounging around a little too much, nice bone, and once settled moved soundly, pleasing head, good dentition and moved well, just needs a little more experience for the handler and exhibit to find their rhythm.

Yearling (2)

1. Parsons Quensha Thinking Out Loud at Bransett Upstanding all male exhibit shown to best advantage on the stack he is rather eye catching, masculine but not overdone in anyway and super coat with excellent top line and lovely head and expression moved well and kept his outline. However today he was carrying too much weight which was a little distracting on the move, one to watch. RBOB

2. White Paduan Golden Girl A slighter bitch of nice size, lovely affectionate temperament and so at one with her handler, she has well bent stiles, perhaps a little moderate in upper arm she is pretty in head and has a lovely neck, not always standing to best advantage.

Postgraduate (4,1)

1. Parsons Forfarian Flutter Yer Lashes at Bransett Quality bitch of lovely type nothing over done she is racy and of good sized coped well in the heat holding her typical outline, oozes femineity, she took my eye straight away, she had the sweetest temperament and was really enjoying her day out, a pleasure to judge. BOB.

2. White Paduan Easter Blessing This bitch doesn’t always stand to best advantage and can look a little moderate in front, but she was a moderately long muscular neck into a good body shown in super condition with a lovely coat moved well and gave a good account. Just needs to relax a little to stand to best advantage.

Open (4 entries).

1. White Swiftlark First Desire at Paduan Moderate bitch of a nice size not settled on the move today, but did enough to head this class, appealing in head and expression and well bent stifles and a good coat, handled to full advantage.

2. Adams Harreds Sophie at Danbryeli An older exhibit in super condition lovely nose and a kind eye good ribs and well off for body appealing head and lovely easing temperament.


Puppy (0)

Yearling (3,1)

1. Coleman Smilek Sweet Caroline Moderate exhibit in good order scores in fore chest good condition with appealing head and expression moved soundly with a lovely easy stride and a nice tight foot.

2. Goldbourn Kallasilya Swan River Daisy Bitch of a different type with good bone would prefer a little more depth of chest, in head she is feminine with a slightly lighter eye than one not as settled on the move, and slightly distracted with her fly catching mission!

Postgraduate (3,1)

1. Martin Deifstock Déjà vu For Teufel JW All male upstanding chap who scores in body not showing to full advantage today but has the correct proportions a good depth of chest, tight feet and looked like he could go all day good bone complimented by a nice expression.

2. Anderson Hollieseast Chanel Chic JW This bitch can really move and covers the ground absolutely effortlessly she is moderate but not incorrect on the day I preferred the head and eye of 1 a little more depth would complete the picture.

Open. (1,1)

Reserve Best of Breed Stakes.

1. Stocks Nospar’s Gin & Tonic A pleasing showy bitch who coped so well in the condition moved freely and easily and was balanced throughout, she was particularly eye catching in this class and was determined not to be beaten.

2. Parsons Quensha Thinking Out Loud.

Judge; Jennifer Millard