• Show Date: 01/10/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jennifer Millard Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 05/10/2023

Mid Western Gundog Society

MID WESTERN GUNDOG SOCIETY 01 OCT 23 GERMAN LONGHAIRED POINTER P 1(0) 1. Gale’s Cadanbyrig Fire and Ice. 10 month old youngster, lacking weight but otherwise with much to like, balanced and moderate but not overly done, exceptionally sound on the move and so clean coming and going, a really relaxed attitude and a very promising prospect. BP. G 1(0) 2. Speck’s Sarscottah Du Specktacular. 14 month old bitch at a slightly awkward age but I was immediately took by her adorable outgoing personality, I liked her for size and substance, with a good spring of rib and plenty of depth, she scores in construction to the fore and was sound on the move, balanced and workmanlike combined with femininity. RBOB. O 1(0) 3. Thomas/Taylor/Richards’ Sophisticated Lady. A pleasing bitch with style and substance, her size appealed and she has a melting head and expression, good angles, not as clean coming and going as some but I liked her for type and maturity, not in the best of coats today but more than happy to forgive this. BOB. IRISH RED AND WHITE SETTER Y 1(0) 1. Barney’s Romaunt Ain’t Misbehaven. When this bitch cooperates and relaxes her outline is absolutely classic and I was rather taken, she has oval bone, body and condition and is so sound moving around, she is balanced in the rear and has a clean and appealing in head. Lovely neck. Not totally cooperating on the stack but going around she more than made up for this with her long easy stride. BOB. O 4(2) 1. McDonald’s Roanjora Montepulciano. 8 year old bitch not showing her age, classic in outline with a lovely level top-line she held so well on the move, oval bone, appealing head and moved with great determination, she really scores in body with well sprung ribs and a good depth of chest, not in full coat today. In the challenge she gave way in coat and enthusiasm on the move. RBOB. 2. Taylor’s Laoirebay Monte Carlo. Upstanding male, not feeling the cooperation vibes today, but he is all male and most handsome, super coat and condition and a lovely size with the most appealing of heads, better on the move than the stack today. RETRIEVER (CURLY COATED) Y 1(0) 1. Huckle’s Foxriever Storm Cloud. Attentive alert male who stood covering the ground freestanding, his outline was classic with a lovely coat comprised of tight ringlets of curls, his head and expression were appealing and were correct, he went around with a long freely stride. BOB. SPANIEL (COCKER) P 4(1) 1. Kelly’s Chativore Melody. Nice size pup with the most appealing attitude which shone through, the most settled in the class, has plenty of rib and good bone appealing head and expression, gave a good account on the move. BP. 2. Ketley’s Dartemis Under The Moon. Pup in full cost, appealed in head and expression and showed very well, good feet and very much enjoying the day. 3. Kent’s Laurellakes Are You Reddy. J 1(0) 1. Griffin’s Griffial Make It Count. A very showy and merry 17 month old bitch, correct proportions and a really good body, would prefer a touch less weight but her head and expression were most attractive and she moved as one expects from this breed, was better than most coming and going. PG 2(1) 1. Kitchen’s Annilann Bhama Mama. Appealing exhibit shown in first class condition and turned out immaculately, merry and active and really good in body without excess weight, sufficient work in the head, scores in neck and fore construction, a pleasure to assess. RBOB. O 3(0) I found this a challenging class. 1. Remington’s Rozamie Black Pearl Jessremjul. Immaculately presented bitch who just has a habit of looking a little moderate behind but when it comes together she’s quite the picture with balanced proportions, she has style and substance but isn’t overdone, on the move she is sound and as good as the others coming and going, she excels in the fore and rear angles and had an air of sophistication. BOB. 2. Sewell’s Wintonia Hidden Gem at Quattrozampe. My class winner at the outset, I just felt today she lacked a little spark although she was extremely well handled and presented, she oozed that classic cocker outline and really scores in neck and shoulders, coat and condition, admirable for her six years, she was unlucky to meet 1. 3. Saunders’ Carmelfair Corocenzo at Oxfordogs. SPANISH WATER DOG P 2(0) 1. Capille’s Lendever You Snooze You Lose. Really promising pup, so outgoing for one so young, lovely outline, showed like a veteran and moved around so very well, pleasing head and good bone, so sound and literally taking it all in, like they had done it a million times before. RBOB & BP. 2. Capille’s Lendever’s All Eyes On Me. Litter mate and much to like, absolutely made me smile, longer than 1 but not incorrect, again so much to like on the move, just needs to a settle a little more, but adored the outgoing robust temperament. G 1(0) 1. Capille’s Lendever’s All Bets Are Off. 6 month old pup, another full of promise, really outgoing, feminine but workmanlike, super coat, good head and expression on the move, she was sound, determined and covered the ground with a style often reserved for more mature dogs. O 1(0) 1. Capille’s Zorrazo Kind Regards at Lendever. 18 month old, great proportions, super disposition, balanced and moved so well, lovely rapport with his young handler, super tight coat, great strong correct bite, lovely feet and plenty of body, a pleasure to assess. BOB. AV HPR P 10(5) 1. Castledogley Firenze. Viszla shown very well, moved really nicely coming and going, classic colour and oily coat, balanced fore and rear, would prefer a little more depth to chest but may come in time, otherwise a sterling performance for one so young. 2. Owlspoint Askin For Trouble. Upstanding, outgoing Bracco, very much enjoying his day, scores in body and bone, pleasing head with strong dentition, super rib and very sound. 3. Jassendue Usoa. Y 12(7) 1. Keigame Hvitserk of Sparkenhoe. Old fashioned type of GSP who seriously appealed, super chest, depth and forechest and really scores in body and bone, really balanced fore and rear, thought him something of real quality and was a highlight of my day. 2. Perllanside Fly The Flag. Sound, classic Vizsla with nothing overdone, great bone and rib, super coat, moved very well, would prefer a lower tail carriage on the move but in other attributes excelled. 3. Braccorions Xclusive. G 6(2) 1. Perllanside Street Party JW. Upstanding, attractive, appealing male who had great coat and condition, lovely head and expression and great angles fore and rear, so sound on the move and when he settled on the stack too. 2. Vonstrahlend Kam Das Leben. Large Munsterlander in super coat and condition, looked like he could go all day, very sound with a great body and bone, a real stud of a dog, super head and expression. 3. Fraulynzway Hayley’s Comet. JENNIFER MILLARD