• Show Date: 18/03/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jennifer Millard Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Guildford & District Canine Society


18 MAR 23

My thanks to the great stewards who kept things moving at a good pace and to the committee for a warm welcome and happy atmosphere which resulted in plenty of applause and merriment ringside!


J 1(0)

1. Moore’s Affilato We Will Rock You. My exhibit of the day, stood alone but immediately took my eye, robust and balanced, squarely built Spinone of correct size with right amount of bone, classic head with divergent planes, a great expression to compliment a cheeky attitude, correct coarse and dense coat and so sound on the move with a free relaxed trot, BP & BOB.


PG 2(1)

1. Watts’ Oakleaf Manor Bay of Oakmarsh (imp DEU) JW. A pleasing well proportioned exhibit in super hard condition, strong, well muscled and powerful hindquarters, possessed a femininity but with a workmanlike attitude, super distinctive coat.

O 4(1)

1. Watts’ Sh Ch. Oakmarsh Chestnut. Took a little while to warm up but displayed a bright and happy attitude, shoulders strong and powerful with a balance to the rear, covered in the classic coat of lovely colour one expects with this breed, muzzle and skull of correct proportions with a medium stop, covered the ground with ease, BOB.

2. Watts’ Oakmarsh Acord VW SGWC. At nearly 13 years this exhibit is to be commended for soundness and aptitude and I understand that she was out working during the last season, a credit to owners, she was in hard condition with a melting soft expression, scored in body, she was a pleasure to assess.

3. Watts’ Oakmarsh Freedom


P 5(0)

1. Tagg’s Oiyou Double Espresso. Upstanding exhibit with a showmanship that others lacked, had an intelligence and a raciness with nothing overdone, well ribbed up with a short loin, she was free flowing on the move and the best in the class coming and going, really at one with the handler, BP.

2. Stock’s Oiyou Espresso Martini. Head with required length and nicely moulded, a kind eye of correct colour, neck of adequate length and free from throatiness, moved well, just a little less settled on the stack compared to 1.

J 3(1)

1. Eggington/Davis’ Pajanbeck Think of Me (AI). Put on a good show but a little relaxed on the stack losing the top-line which ruined an otherwise lovely outline, good length of neck, correct coat with a lovely deep body and short loin, sound and cleaner than others coming and going.

2. Eggington/Davis' Pajanbeck One Moment in Time (AI). Unlucky today as I was very taken by this exhibit, she was just showing a little immaturity but her day will come, she was feminine and a pleasure to judge, lovely long head and correct bone with good proportions.

PG 5(1)

1. Strudwick’s Burpham Lotties First Love JW. A quality exhibit with nothing overdone, I was struck by her size and balance, she possessed soundness others lacked with a real ability to cover the ground, she was clean coming and going, she didn’t always show herself to best advantage on the stack but her attributes were sufficiently numerous, I was pleased to award her BOB in good company.

2. Thomas’ Tywgyn Rhiwbina.

O 5(0)

1. Wilson’s Hameldowntor Music Of The Night (imp). Upstanding exhibit who showed off to full advantage, I was particularly struck by the top-line and short loin, in super condition and well presented, in the challenge just gave way to the Post Graduate winner who gave a better account going around, RBOB.

2. Tagg’s Empire Glory Black Brianta At You (imp CZE) JW SGWC KCWGC. Pushed 1 all the way, a little less showy but quality all the same, lovely coat in gleaming condition, long moulded head with a good expression, longer neck than some, clean going around, not quite the determination of 1.


J 1(0)

1. Walden’s Taramont Golden Ticket. Young male, just out of puppy, eye round and full with correctly set ears, neck strong and arched, well off for body with a deep chest, smooth movement where he covered the ground well, just carrying a touch too much condition today.

PG 1(0)

1. Kemp’s Arrowbien Ivy Queen. Appealing exhibit with correct fluting between the eyes, flat cheeks with well-developed nostrils, super straight coat and moved very well on the difficult surface, well-presented and handled, just clinched BOB today.

O 1(0)

1. Kemp’s Truly Yours Clear Magic For Taramount (imp DNK). Quality exhibit who showed very well, liked her head and expression, long arched neck, correct outline and moved well today, she carried a little too much weight which meant she lost out on higher honours.


P 1(0)

1. Evans’ Meadowdale Wispa. Promising youngster who put on a good show and was a worthy winner despite standing alone, medium size with expressive eyes and strong bite, correctly set ears, level back with a deep chest, very sound on the move, BP.

PG 2(1)

1. Williams’ Cobhay Fancy Phlox. A robust compact exhibit, well off for body and correct amount of bone, a nice size with lovely temperament and matching expression, would prefer a little more raciness but put on a good show.

O 4(0)

1. Walker’s Dexbenella Double Oh Seven. Eye catching racy exhibit in super condition, handled to full advantage, lovely coat of correct colour, he was symmetrical and compact and very typy, would have preferred him cleaner coming towards, BOB.

2. Hydon’s Clentonian Pandemonium JW. A more moderate exhibit than 1 and they could change places, a stronger type perhaps with a happy merry attitude, lovely head with flat cheeks and lobular ears, neck of good length and strong, straight coat, unlucky to meet 1 today, RBOB.

3. Charlton's Petranella Jubilee Jester.


PG 1(0)

1. Page/Robinson’s Zorrazo Xquiste Croatian Perl. Robust, medium sized Spanish with correct distinctive coat of dense wooly curls, presented naturally, parallel head planes with lovely oval eye, brisk and athletic on the move, BOB.


1. Osborn’s Sh Ch. Elgert Lady Sta’Dust JW. This bitch oozes type and is just so showy for a Field Spaniel, she was determined not to be denied and her sass and attitude appealed, she was sound with a lovely coat, covered the ground and appealed with her kind spaniel expression.

2. Elkin’s Ch. Tollelkin Caife Americano SGWC. Quality exhibit, a little less assuming than one but oh so sound, full of type, of nice size, almond shaped eye, strong dentition, neck of medium length, ribs well sprung, unlucky to meet 1.

3. Osbourne’s Nexgen All Eyez On Me.