• Show Date: 28/01/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jennifer Millard Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Lichfield Canine Society


28 JAN 23

My thanks to the officers and committee of this society, what a well run show it was, with a super welcome, hospitality and atmosphere. My thanks to the two stewards for their efficient running of the ring.


P 3(0)

1. Crocker/Lewis’ Riverbrue Ophelia Winky. Handsome upstanding male with a depth and width of chest that I was looking for, had a real presence and showed like a veteran, his head is long with good stop, excellent strong dentition and a lovely coat emerging, I shall watch him with interest, BP.

2. Bott/Allen/Morgan’s Quensha Joker and The Queen. This puppy on the stack was something else and immediately caught my eye, her outline and top-line are superb with a fore chest and upper arm so many lack, a lovely size and the kindest of eyes, today, understandably, she was a little unsettled on the move, her time will come.

3. McDonald’s Quensha Galway Girl.

J 1(0)

1. Dale’s Trefaine Aurora of Aubanjon. 17 month old bitch, lovely coat and a nice size, balanced fore and rear and moved enthusiastically, lovely head and expression, good teeth, a good width and a nice size.

PG 4(1)

1. Parker/Stevens’ Gwendariff Pink Champagne (IKC). A moderate but in no way incorrect bitch with a lovely rich colour, great size, lovely length and the tightest feet, a classic head and expression, lovely coat and well off for body, coped well in the smaller ring, RBOB.

2. Corless’ Swiftlark Illustrious JW. A pleasing bitch, not the showiest but I liked her on the stack, she is balanced and feminine, fits the standard well on size and has ribs which go well back, at times she looks short in neck which ruins an otherwise good outline.

3. Shepard’s Casachared Dancing Queen.

O 4(1)

1. Bott/Allen/Morgan’s Quensha Crimes of Passion. Took my eye immediately, racy, elegant and very showy, she is balanced with a long neck, super front with an upper arm and fore chest that many would envy, in body she is deep and wide with ribs reaching well back, on the move she is confident and free flowing, BOB.

2. Cohen’s Lynwood Merry May King with Shushana. Upstanding male who pushes back a little but a nice type with plenty of substance, in super coat, a kind dark eye and good body, he moved well but tended to drop his top-line.

3. Cohen’s Swiftlark Spellbinder.


P 1(0)

1. Morris’ Suelynda Sophies Wish. Lovely enthusiastic, outgoing puppy with a merry disposition, balanced fore and rear with nothing overdone, lovely ear and eye, great body on the move, she was positive and sound, a pleasure to judge, BP & BOB.


P 2(0)

1. Savell’s Petranella Tipping The Wink. Lovely promising pup of nice size and correct substance, she is elegant and workmanlike, super body, good work in her classic head for one so young, she was balanced fore and rear which really allowed her to cover the ground with her typical distinctive gait, BP & BOB.

2. Cokell’s Carlyquinn Morwenna. A little less settled than one today, good proportions and beautifully presented, good tight feet when calm and moved well, I preferred the upper arm on 1.

J 3(1)

1. Savell’s Petranella Tipping The Wink. Repeat.

2. Cokell’s Carlyquinn Morwenna. Repeat.


P 1(0)

1. Kehoe’s Janamorio Northern Izzy. Spanish Water Dog. Youngster with good fore construction, a nice coat and lovely head, moved well, has a tendency to look a little long at times, she moved well and put on a good show, BP.

J 2(1)

1. Donnelly’s Kimmax They Call Me Mr Tibbs. Upstanding wire male with admirable facial furnishings and head of correct proportions, good rib and well balanced, moved very soundly and had a lovely temperament, would prefer a little more length of body.

PG 2(0)

1. Donnelly’s Kimmax Who Kares Wins JW. Petite, workmanlike bitch with a good depth of rib, I really liked her expression and good bone, she has nice tight feet and good proportions, a correct top-line, being critical I would prefer more depth of chest, she moved soundly and easily, RBAVNSC.

2. Donnelly’s Kimmax They Call Me Mr Tibbs.

O 2(1)

1. Williams/Drozdova’s Sh Ch. Bonapartist Peaky Blinder avec Aukskara. Eye catching, showy Brittany with ring presence, correct proportions, lovely head and expression, covered the ground, holds that classic shape on the move and really motors around the ring, just has a tendency to toe in a little but otherwise a lovely performance, BAVNSC.


P 2(1)

1. Stilgoe/Fox’s Teisgol King Arthur. Appealing pup not fully cooperating today, good ribs, correct bone, all male and a nice size, lovely top-line, was sound on the move, BPIR.

PG 3(1)

1. Turner’s Fidelix High Flyer at Rodenrose. Great jacket with a wire coat completely covering the skin, lovely top-line, classic head and expression moved soundly.

2. Fox’s Teisgol Calisto of Dappleline. A moderate exhibit with a lovely neck, great body, moved easily, freely and with drive, RBIR.

O 3(2)

1. Turner’s Rodenrose Learn To Fly. Lovely pleasing bitch who scores in head, so sound on the move, balanced fore and rear, puts on a good show, she was sound and positive on the move and clean coming and going, BIR.


V 3(0)

G1 Clarke’s Sh Ch. Ferndel High Fidelity ShCM ShCEx. I have judged this dog before and previously awarded him the DCC and BOB at Manchester 2019, what a pleasure it was to see him again, looking in super condition and very much enjoying his time in the ring, he is well through and through, lovely type and size, good feet, super coat, fabulous condition with good muscle and a wonderful temperament.

G2 Challis’ Sh Ch. Vizslanya Dunaiz JW. A worthy champion, also enjoying her day out, really scores in fore with a fantastic head and expression, lovely rib and well bent stifles, she was sound on the move and clean coming and going, good colour and correct coat, she was a nice size and was feminine but workmanlike.

G3 Corless’ Swiftlark First Knight.


G1 Bott/Allen/Morgan’s Quensha Crimes of Passion. Judged her earlier in the day and she upped her game in the bigger ring and showed off her lovely movement, I was delighted to award her this quality group and was thrilled to learn that she was later awarded BIS.

G2 Watson’s Oakswarren Inferno. Upstanding male, full of type, scores in body and really uses the big ring to his advantage eating up the ground with his long stride, clean coming and going, a pleasure to assess.

G3 Sandiford/Lewis’ Hernwood Gin Fizz JW. A lovely example shown in first class order, not always the most cooperative on the stack but it’s all coming together, a real showgirl who couldn’t be denied today.

G4 Whiting’s Annilann Mister Allsorts JW. Upped his game and tail carriage after the shortcut and better demonstrated his merry attitude and temperament, lovely body and appealing head and expression, shown in super condition with a faultless coat.


PG1 Lloyd’s Enryb Tickled Pink. This youngster caught my eye immediately and she set the benchmark for the reminder of the group, correct proportions, lovely dense jacket, good depth, classic outline and showed so well, I will watch her with interest.

PG2 Watson’s Oakswarren Light My Fire (AI). Super quality pup, pushed 1 all the way, lovely proportions, great body and bone, just right for age, sound on the move and showed very well.

PG3 Savell’s Petranella Tipping The Wink. Judged her earlier in the day and she looked well suited amongst this strong group making excellent use of the large ring, perhaps a little tired but her outline and soundness couldn’t be denied.

PG4 Wild’s Bitcon Alliance with Bluewaters (AI). Upstanding male who commands attention, super in body and lovely neck into well laid shoulder, moved around the big ring with ease, not always showing himself off to best advantage, but it had been a very long day.


61 (41)

1. Rees’ Ch. Winter Melody Triple Double at Amical. Took my eye immediately, what a privilege it was to assess this medium sized working dog with a nature, showmanship and lovely rapport with the handler, medium sized and moderate throughout with a strong and straight body, moved with a smooth and seemingly effortless action.

2. Hutchings’ Ch. Collidach Brook Ling. Intelligent and courageous in appearance, he was moderately long, a correct wire jacket and lovely furnishings to his appealing head, on the move he was free flowing and moved with drive.