• Show Date: 19/07/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jennifer Millard Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/08/2023

Thame & Oxfordshire County Canine Society


19 JUL 23

My thanks to the committee for this fabulous appointment, as a judge I was looked after superbly throughout the day, my entry was of great quality and numerically very strong. There was a lovely atmosphere ringside – my con-gratulations to the committee on a lovely show.


P 1(0)

1. Webber/Sladden’s Valcor Killer Queen. BP. 11-month-old Bracco bitch, strong and well balanced with a typical almost square appearance, her head was long and angular, it was on the move that she excelled demonstrating the fast trot for which the breed is renowned.

SY 5(0)

1. Forbes’ Canemamans Primo Al Fine JW. An upstanding male who showed very well, he scored in body being of the correct proportions with a deep broad chest and well sprung ribs, balanced fore and rear he was a pleasure to assess.

2. Beecham’s Titano Della Casa Di Lombardo at Rydonmist (imp FRA). Close up to 1 but not quite as settled on the move today, lovely head and expres-sion with a deep muzzle and chiseling below the eye, was sound on the move, in good condition and maturing well.

3. Beecham’s Gunsyn Hotrod at Rydonmist.

L 3(0)

1. Beecham’s Allegro Nord Bohemia Sheram at Rydonmist (imp CZE). An up-standing mature male carrying a little too much condition for my prefer-ence, there was nothing overdone about this exhibit but he oozed type, an-other that scored in body and covered the ground with great ease.

2. Lawrence’s Braccorions Xclusive. A 14 month old bitch lacking in maturity, needs to settle and make the best use of herself, a little light in eye at the moment but of nice size and substance.

3. Beecham’s Keks Canero Bass (imp)

O 3(1)

1. Sladden’s Valcor The Confessor at Canemamans JW. BOB. A well balanced male shown in hard condition that many would envy, moderate in angles but balanced, typical in outline, lovely appealing head and expression with an air of mischief about him, I was delighted to award him BOB and would have no doubt that his movement would excel further in a bigger ring.

2. Beecham’s Grafskoe Gnezdo Arlo (imp). RBOB.


P 2(0)

1. Sandiford’s Hernwood Love Potion. BP An eye catching puppy bitch who I would have happily taken home, she had so much type for one so young and shows like a veteran, good size and substance with a cracking top-line held on the move, equally well off for depth of chest for one so young, great coat and so sympathetically handler, she later topped the puppy group – my congratulations!

2. Horler’s Colourbox Wild Wild West with Rackens. An upstanding all male exhibit, really scores in head with that slightly rounded skull and clearly de-fined stop, well bent stifles used to cover the ground, today his top-line wasn’t as settled which spoilt an otherwise very promising performance.

SY 1(0)

1. Whiting’s Locksheath April in Paris. A lovely bitch with affectionate but lively attitude, she was workmanlike, but with femininity and I very much liked her head and expression which I thought was typical, her type ap-pealed all over and she was balanced throughout, a real pleasure to assess, will be interesting to see her mature.

L 2(0)

1. Sandiford’s Hernwood Christmas Eve. RBOB. A more moderate and slight-er bitch than some but she scores in outline, long muscular neck which is complimented by a head that is deep rather than broad with a clearly de-fined stop and nicely set eye. I had pleasure in awarding her RBOB in a quali-ty and numerically strong entry.

2. Whiting’s Locksheath Fallen Acorn. I liked the head and neck on this girl, she was a little unsettled on the move today which cost her, on the stack she looked a little upright in front but this was in appearance only, in good condition with a long and fine coat.

O 5(1)

A super class.

1. Sandiford/Mazzeo’s Hernwood Christmas Prince. BOB And a Prince, he is all male but with nothing overdone, lovely outline and balance with a top-line held on the stack and move, on the move he is free flowing and true, really liked his head and dentition, he was complemented by a quite unassuming handler and they made a great team.

2. Horler’s Hernwood Jack O’Lantern by Rackens JW. Pushed one all the way, of similar type and quality but I preferred the forechest and upper arm of 1, that said this chap was beautifully presented, showed with determination and gave a good account of himself on the move.

3. Ashley-Turner’s Hernwood The Botanist JW.


P 1(0)

1. Smith’s Il Granaio Dei Malatesta Donna Martin (imp ITA). BP An appealing six month baby coping in the challenging conditions so very well, head really appealed with typical curls evenly distributed, movement was free and got better as she gained confidence, she had well sprung ribs and her back was strong.

L 2(0)

1. Lillicrap’s Mizani Sebio Iola. BOB. A bright and happy exhibit who scored in type and outline, excelled on the move and was clean coming and going, good coat and was shown in super condition with good muscle, all comple-mented by a lovely coat.

2. Smith’s Pablo at Panrico (imp SERB). RBOB. An upstanding male, really scores in body with a strong back and some tuck up, excels in head and ex-pression, medium size eye which very much appealed.


L 2(0)

1. Watts’ Oakmarsh Freedom. BOB. This bitch had a determination today, she was in super first-class order with lovely muscle, she moved with power and strength and was sound and clean, her head was broad with medium stop and lovely ears to complement, her coat was short with that typical harsh oily outer coat, I had no hesitation in awarding her BOB.

2. Watts’ Oakleaf Manor Bay of Oakmarsh (imp DEU) JW. A taller bitch than 1 and lacking a little enthusiasm today but she was in super hard condition and I had no doubt she could go all day, she appealed in head and expres-sion, she was more moderate throughout but not incorrect.

O 3(0)

1. Watts’ Sh Ch. Oakmarsh Chestnut. RBOB. One I have much admired previ-ously but today she was not in her best jacket which cost her higher hon-ours, she is a lovely size and shape and oh so typical throughout, in body she had well sprung ribs and was short coupled, I hope she is soon on re-turn to form.

2. Watts’ Oakmarsh Acorn VW SGWC. A wonderful 13 year old exhibit very much enjoying the day, so very sound, many would envy the movement, there is so much to like and learn from and a real pleasure to assess, good colour, good coat and well-muscled and in good order.

3. Searles’ Oakmarsh Indian Dream Maker for Cravessa.


P 5(1)

1. Whincup/Glendinning’s Partisky Restart De Parti. BOB & BP. A merry exhibit who was second to none on movement in today’s entry, on the move she was free, easy and covered the ground with ease, she was lovely and classic in outline and clean in head, she was immaculately presented and in excel-lent condition, I had no hesitation in awarding her BOB & BP.

2. Weller’s Sabisabi Apache Tonka at Geenawell. A more mature exhibit, in great coat for one so young, super top-line and good in body, just not quite the showmanship of 1 yet.

3. Clay’s Cutiepooch Lily Landini.

SY 2(0)

1. Clay/Mousley’s Cutiepooch Born to Tri A promising pup who showed very well, covered the ground well for one so young, round eyes, with a deep shoulder and good spring of rib for age, sympathetic handler who encour-aged her charge all the way.

2. Clay’s Belmilla Nothing On You Cutiepooch. Not fully cooperating today regrettably, older and more mature than one, moved well but was distract-ed, on the stack there was much to like, but kennel mates took priority, well presented.

L 2(0)

1. Swainson’s Afterglow O’Reilly for Sailorsville. Much to like and pushed hard for best of breed, shown and presented in first class order, head and ex-pression appealed, there was a cleanness complemented by good dentition and correctly set ears, body was strong in back with body appearing short.

2. Kemp’s Arrowbien Ivy Queen. I preferred the type and head of 1, this ex-hibit is moderate throughout but not incorrect, good proportions and moved soundly around the well sized ring, unlucky to meet 1.

O 1(0)

1. Niessen’s Am Ch. Rotojet’s Roll Call. RBOB Robust workmanlike chap who has plenty of substance, today the top-line was a touch roached which ru-ined an otherwise good outline, in super order and condition, super coat, head appealed and moved well, top-line just gave way to the puppy albeit unexpectedly.


P 1(0)

1. Cravessa’s Bottoms Up. A relaxed male who had a teenager attitude, scores in body and is really balanced fore and rear, lovely neck into well set shoulders, when he cooperated he had a good outline, moved around the ring well, very much made me smile!

L 3(2)

1. Zorrazo Villian of Circumstance at Chanderhill JW (imp HRV). An upstanding bitch, moderate throughout but in no way incorrect, super body, lovely head and expression – showed very well would just had preferred less length of leg.

O 5(2) A difficult class to judge with movement less than enthusiastic but given the heat and time of day I was forgiving.

1. Adormidera Apache Rose at Cravessa. A pleasing exhibit of good type, classic in outline and of nice size, good substance but not overdone, in first class order with a coat of the correct texture, moved soundly although a lit-tle hesitantly today.

2. Nelsonandaluza De Ubrique. Upstanding male, moderate but not incor-rect, good feet and the right amount of bone, sound on the move but lack-ing a bit of determination today, scores in body and has a good jacket.

3. Pabiaga Marietta at Salvajero.


1. Matthews Soham Twice As Nice This bitch sparkled from the moment she entered the ring, not remotely phased by the larger exhibits, the lateness of the day or the conditions, she had such an air of dignity and determination, on the outline she was classic with a lovely hard jacket, on the move she was free and easy. A pleasure to judge.

2. Burchel’s Oryxes Kissing The Waves On Tivalake (Imp Can) A lovely NSDTR with real showmanship, shown in beautiful order and deter-mined to shine, she had the typical outline, with a super coat and gave a good account of herself on the move, she had a lovely rapport with her handler.