• Show Date: 26/03/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jennifer Millard Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Chichester & District Canine Society


26 MAR 23


J 1(0)

1. Burchell’s Oryxes Kissing The Waves on Tivalake (imp CAN). 7-month-old pup who showed to full advantage, struck by his head and expression and the true movement coming and going, scores in size and coat, will be interested to watch going forward, BP.

PG 1(0)

1. Lashley’s Tollisty Blow Your Mind at Citanabel JW. Nice sized exhibit balanced fore and aft for angles, good proportions, had a lovely expression and super coat, shown in great order, typical tail and carriage.

O 3(1)

1. Nevers’ Tollelkin Dream Cove at Sheldrake JW. Classic outline with good strong top-line held on the move, super coat, workmanlike all over and very sound on the move, showed very well, tight feet, pleasing head and expression, BOB.

2. Hunt’s Wakaduze Wapa. Shorter in body than 1 but neither incorrect, really scores in rib and body, shown in hard condition, lovely head and a really kind eye, showed well, unlucky to meet 1 on such good form.


P 1(0)

1. Griffin’s Griffial Make It Count. Youngster full of early promise, moderate but correct, pleasing head and expression, correct ear set, head just right for age, lovely neck, right amount of bone, moved well for one so young in a noisy hall full of distractions, BP.

J 3(2)

1. Anderson/Foster’s Zakova Baloo Moonshine at Sabaloo. The type appealed immediately and didn’t disappoint on closer inspection, good head and expression with lovely eye, correct tail set and carriage, today pipped 2 on body with good depth and breadth.

2. Warrington’s Zakova Sugar Babe. Scores in head and dentition, correct ear set, good length of neck into well placed shoulders, put on a good show but not always showing to best advantage today.

PG 6(3)

1. Clifford’s Tomarisroan Shining Star of Chamford. Oozed the classic compactness one looks for in this breed with type in abundance, lovely top-line held on the stack and move, not overly coated as some were, moved soundly and with determination.

2. Baker’s Stobytill We’re Gonna Rock. Heavier type than 1, balanced angles fore and aft with a good body, lovely eye and appealing head, another one not always standing to best advantage but went well and was sound on the move.

3. Griffin’s Griffial Love Rescue Me.

O 4(1)

1. Blackley/Salero’s Cooleela Operation Dynamo Wightroche. Standout exhibit in this breed today, super condition, rib and body were correct without being over conditioned, typically sound, super coat in wonderful condition, had showiness and merriment in equal measure which enhanced the overall image, BOB

2. Warrington’s Zakova Miss Scarlet. Lovely type, longer in the body than 1 but not incorrect, really scores in body with the width and depth required, shown in good order and gave a good account of merriness on the move, was just beaten on the stack today.

3. Baker's Stobytill We’re Gonna Rock.


6 - 11 YEARS 3(2)

1. Poppy Stevens – a wonderful young handler who is really coming along, had earlier handled her dog in the breed and showed an understanding and awareness of breed specific points, she was well turned out, had a lovely rapport with her dog and moved at the right pace.

23 - 16 YEARS 1(0)

1. Kara Mason – an empathetic and quiet handler who did all I asked with ease, when you are sole competitor in a class, it’s easy to feel rushed and hurried, Kara didn’t, she put her young charge first and offered the reassurance and support required, BJH.


17 - 30 YEARS 2(1)

1. Phoebe Toublic – A talented handler who gave a strong account of herself, she was unobtrusive and calm and really worked hard to get the best out of her ESS, smartly turned out, her skill was showing the dog and not herself, I was pleased to award her BAH.

31 - 59 YEARS 3(0)

1. Becky Seviour – Well turned-out handler who complimented her exhibit beautifully, she had a lovely rapport and worked with her charge to get the very best out of it, she was unflustered and responsive whilst unhurried. Moved at the right pace and was attentive of myself and her fellow exhibitors.

2. Silke McDowell – Handled her free stood charge with some ease, which can be a challenge, remained attentive to the judge but put her dog first, moved and coped well with a ring which was a little less than ideal for her dog, had a lovely rapport that I am sure will grow with time.

3. Kelly Brown.


1. Janet Rice – impeccably turned out and got the very best out of her charge, demonstrated real skill with freestanding, she had a lovely manner and really understood the role of a handler, she had the depth of breed knowledge to show her charge to full advantage.

2. Simon Sampson – was unlucky to meet 1 today as many of the comments already made here apply, just didn’t quite have the same level of rapport with his dog today, but there had been a long wait for the class and I was empathetic to this, their bond was apparent and executed all I asked for with great ease.