• Show Date: 01/07/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jennifer Laidlaw-Good Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/09/2023

Bon Accord Kennel Association

Bon Accord Kennel Association

1st July 2023

Thank you to the Committee for inviting me to judge at your show. I was delighted with the quality of my entry and thoroughly enjoyed my day.

Golden Retriever Puppy (3, 0a)

1st – Moloko Izipizi at Crobeag 

This lovely 9 month old cream bitch stood out in the class for her lovely outline. Gorgeous feminine head with the most gentle expression, dark pigment and correct bite. Great front angulation allowing for good reach of neck which flowed into a level topline. Rear angulation just as it should be, well bent stifles, good second thigh leading to well let down hocks. Happy girl on the move, holding her level topline. BPIB and delighted to hear she went on to win Gundog Puppy Group 1.

2nd – Holinbrae Zoom Time at Glentochty

Boy did this little one put his handler to the test! Happy mid gold 7 month old male, well chiseled head with a kind expression, just right for his age. Straight front with tight feet and close fitting elbows. Correct bend of stifle leading to well let down hocks. Settled eventually into his stride on the move.

3rd – Lets Dance

Golden Retriever Post Graduate ( 4, 1a)

1st – Sandti Tiki Taka 

I judged this bitch as a young 6 month old puppy so was delighted to have another opportunity to get my hands on her a year later. At 20 months, she has the most beautiful, feminine head with dark brown eyes. Straight front with well laid back shoulders, deep well sprung ribs, level topline, short coupled and a good bend of stifle. At one with her handler, she flowed round the ring with drive and straight fore and aft. BoB and Gundog Group 3.

2nd – Thistleyhill Elderflower

At 2 years old this bitch has a feminine mature head with super pigment. Good length of upper arm, short coupled and good bend of stifle. She has a rich golden coat in great condition. Such a happy girl with long and free movement.

3rd – Knockothie Hallirackit

Golden Retriever Limit (4, 1a)

1st – Knockothie Goody Two Shoes

7 year old bitch with a lovely golden coat. Super front angulation with well laid back shoulders, deep chest with well sprung ribs and short coupled. Great bend of stifle with strong second thigh. Moved with drive, clearly enjoyed her day out!

2nd – Noblemoon Tak the High Road to Glentochty

5 year old male, nice masculine head with gentle expression. Level topline with well sprung ribs and short coupled. In good muscular condition, moved well with nice long stride.

3rd – Thistleyhill Day Dreamer

Golden Retriever Open

1st – Knockothie Fairway

Hard to believe this handsome male is 10 years old! Super rich golden coat in great condition. Well angulated shoulders which allows a good reach of neck and level topline. Short coupled, well bent stifle leading to well let down hocks. In great muscular condition which showed on the move as he powered round the ring with good drive. Close contender for BoB.

2nd – Largymore Live to Love You

8 year old mid golden male, well chiseled head with dark pigment. Straight front with well angulated shoulders. Deep, well sprung ribs and strong in the loin leading to well bent stifles. Moved well.

3rd – Tillycorthie Dancing Queen