• Show Date: 28/01/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jennifer Flynn Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Lichfield Canine Society

Lichfield Canine Society Open Show - 28th January 2023

Flatcoated Retrievers

I would like to thank Linchfield Canine Society for the lovely invitation to judge at their show and to every exhibitor who entered and appreciated my decisions on the day. Not forgetting my two lovely stewards who kept me right, and the ring running to perfection. Absolutely wonderful to have the highest gundog breed entry on the day.

PUPPY (10/3)

These puppies could change places easily, just at difference stages in development, and I think they have an exciting career ahead of them. Would be difficult to not keep an eye on in the future.

1. Bitcon Alliance with Bluewaters (AI). 10 month old dog with a lovely moulded head and expression. Chest deep, body well ribbed, standing true with great topline. Moderate bend of stifle with smashing feet. This boy is so eye catching with his flowing movement around the ring. BP.

2. Hurstclough Night Owl. 6 month old dog who showed his handler how to do it today. Sweet expression with tight ears. Gradual spring of rib with smashing topline. Moved straight and true for a pup of his age, just lacked the maturity over 1.

3. Stranfaer One Fell Swoop. 4. Blacktoft Avelino. 5. Blacktoft Brindisi by Buckleyhill

JUNIOR (9/2)

1. Hototo Pretty Ballerina JW. 17 month old bitch. Pleasing feminine head with kind expression. Well defined brisket, balanced throughout with muscular hindquarters. In perfect coat and condition. Excels on the move at one with her handler. ResBOB.

2. Seaheart Dora at Harmarlanda. 14 month old bitch. Elegant head with dark eyes. Good depth of chest into moderate angulation throughout. Fine coat covering her adequately. Moved freely.

3. I Know Him So Well at Rockaness. 4. Tellurn Falling in Love with Steeplehouse. 5. Flatcharm Griffin Dark at Churchking


1. Riverglide Secret Reprieve. Nearly 2 year old dog. This boys confident character is exactly as the breed should be. Pleasing masculine head leading into well laid back shoulders. Balanced throughout with bone of good quality, moderate bend of stifle with correct tail set. In super coat condition. Smashing topline which was held effortlessly standing and on the move. Proud to award him BOB and hear he was shortlisted in the group.

2. Hameldowntor Pedro Ximenez. Just over 2 year old dog. Nicely moulded head which stole kisses too easily on approach. Good deep chest and dense coat. Level topline leading into correct rear angles. Presented well with free flowing movement.

3. Seaheart Dora at Harmarlanda. 4. Hopevalley Morning Shine Over Wychwizard. 5. Steelriver Echo Beach at Annbecks,

OPEN (9/5)

1. Riverglide Black Frankel. 6 year old dog. Mature moulded head. Good front angulation with well ribbed body. Level topline leading into muscular hind quarters. Seems a challenge to handle but was controlled skilfully on the move. Covered the ring with great ease.

2. Hameldowntor Music of the Night (IMP). 6 and a half year old bitch. Pretty head with kind expression. Well defined front quarters with ample bone throughout. Hocks well let down. Super coat condition and moved with great drive front and rear.

3. Stranfaer Get Over It JW. 4. Steelriver Hit The Beach with Buckleyhill.

Jennifer Flynn (Rodsdream)