• Show Date: 22/01/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: jemma harvey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Eastern Counties Rottweiler Club

Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge their Open show. I am very grateful to the people who stayed and waited for my judging after a long cold day! This did contribute to a lot of absentees. But I still had some lovely dogs to go over, thank you. Most bites were correct as were temperaments. Some A few of the Rottweilers dogs would look so much better carrying less weight.

Veteran Dog or Bitch (6,1abs)

1st Horton`s Ch Juffther Happy Bunny JW Sh.CM. Have judged this bitch before and she still has it! Not a grey hair in sight. Brilliant ring presence with that look at me attitude. Lovely expression and a dry head, with dark almond eye. Strong neck and good front angulation. Straight front with tight feet, good tan. Ample rear angulation giving drive on the move. Holds topline well when moving. Correct tail carriage. Show in excellent condition. Pleased to award her best bitch and best in show.

2nd Franklin`s Ch Nageem Haribo at Haccasbrook Sh.CM ShCEX VW Another impressive veteran in super condition. A male with excellent bone and substance, well muscled. Good expression, dark eye, correct ears. Good front and rear angulation. Straight front and tight feet.

Minor Puppy Dog (no entries)

Puppy Dog (5, 1abs)

 1st Cocks Jaqary Blaze of Glory, so much to like about this 10 month old puppy. SubstanstialSubstantial male, well off for bone. Brilliant coat and colour. Good outline. Good strong head with dark eye giving lovely kind expression. Well set ears. Excellent depth of chest and spring of rib. Good angulation. Straight front with good tight feet. Excellent on the move and held his topline brilliantly for one so young. Shown in excellent condition. Happy to award him Reserve Best Dog and Best Puppy in Show. I`m sure he has a bright future.

 2nd Abell`s Nageem Cukier, smaller less mature male than winner. Longer in loin than one , but makes a good outline. Correct angulation front and rear, good reach of neck. Once settled he moved with great reach and drive and held his topline well.

Junior Dog (2,1abs)

 1st Clark`s Dortmund Dizzy Rascal, Stood alone but deserved his place. 1 year old, well off for bone and substance. Good head, with dark eye and ears of excellent size and set. Dark pigment and tan. Excellent coat and condition. Correct front and rear angles. Good straight front. Moved well.

Yearling Dog (3,1abs)

 1st Courtney-Baughan`s Whisperdown A Kind Of Hush, good sized male, well coupled with good angulation front and rear. Good dry head with nice expression, dark eye. Straight front with good bone. Held topline well on move. Handler tended to move a bit too fast, looked lovely when a bit steadier.

2nd Carmichael`s Kayshillblue Zues Of Lorayla, lovely outline, with correct angulation. Moved well, holding topline. Straight front, tight feet. Good condition. Would prefer drier head and less wrinkle over shoulder.

Novice Dog (2,1abs)

 1st Salway`s Fantasa Bravo Bronx, Good sized male, 21 months. Good expression, dry head, dark eye. Good rear angulation. Straight front, tight feet. Correct tail and set. Moved well.

Post GraduteGraduate Dog (1)

 1st Kitchenside`s Jaegerot Dream Lover, Large male with good substance. Good dry head, correct ears, slightly round eye but dark. Good rich tan. Straight front , good tight feet. LeveltoplineLevel top line. Prefer less rolls over shoulders.

Limit Dog (4,2abs)

1st Cartwright`s Steigen Rupaul Charles, 2 year old who won the class on his excellent movement. Nice dry head with dark eye and correct ear set. Good expression. Straight front, tight feet. Darker tan. Good rear quarters allowing plenty of drive on the move. Correct tail.

 2nd Hucker`s Jack Kabri Team (Imp Pol), masculine 4 year old. Less height than one but still correct. Good bone and substance. Lovely head, dark eye and correct ears. Good coat.

Open Dog (4,2abs)

 1st Appleyard`s Ch Jantavia Fleetwood Mac JW, lots to like about this 2 year old male. Well off for bone and substance. Excellent front angulation with good lay of shoulder which allowed reach on the move. Straight front with good tight feet. Good tan. Strong, muscled rear quarters. Gave him good drive on the move, when he settled down! Correct tail set and carriage. Correct head, slight wrinkle. Good expression, dark eye and correct ear set. Pleased to award him Best Dog.

 2nd Broadbank`s Varenka Silver Arrow for Riversrock JW. Another impressive male. Slightly smaller than one, but gave a good outline. Shown in excellent condition although would prefer less wrinkle over the shoulders. Dryer head than one, good expression, dark eye, correct ear. Moved out well with plenty of reach and drive holding his topline level.

Minor Puppy Bitch (1)

1st Dobson`s Chantavory Coco Chanel, 6 month old at her first show. Well proportioned, good front. Held topline well for age. Good coat and colour. Correct tail and carriage. Good expression, dark eye, large ear which could be held closer to head.

Puppy Bitch (5,2abs)

1st Baillie and Topping`s Stairvale Grace Von Rottsworth, lovely puppy. Good head, correct ears, dark eye and pigment. Lovely expression. In good condition with correct coat. Good rear angulation. Tail held well. Moved well holding level topline. Best Puppy Bitch

2nd Allen`s Jodipas Valen Time (AI), larger bitch than one. Another quality puppy. Nice expression, dark eye, large ear. Straight front, Good angulation. Shown in good condition with correct coat and colour.

Junior Bitch (7, 4abs)

1st Hoole and Bateson`s Upmont Gypsy Roma, quality bitch with a brilliant head. Great expression with darkest of eyes. Slight wrinkle to head with large well set ears. Dark pigment. Excellent double coat. Good angulation front and rear. Straight front, tight feet. Won class on movement, held topline well. Plenty of reach and drive. Reserve Best Bitch.

2nd Plimmer`s Victorem My Funny Valentine, Larger bitch than one. Lighter in tan. Good condition, ample angulation and moved well. Wrinkle on head, correct ear set, dark eye but a little round.

Yearling Bitch (2,1abs)

1st Broadbanks`s Nyandor Never Say Never, good sized bitch with good bone. Good expression, dark eye, slightly round.. Would prefer more fill under the eye. Good tan. Held topline on the move. Straight front with tight feet. Correct tail.

Post Graduate (7, 3 abs)

                1st Greens Torsite Nike, Nice bitch, well off for bone and substance. Makes a lovely outline on the stand. Correct head with dark eye, large well placed ear. Adequate angulation front and rear allowing good movement. Straight front with correct

 2nd Jones and Monks Westfalen Love By Design With Oleria, another nice girl, smaller than 1. Good angulation front and rear, Held topline well on the move, DRyheadDry head with good expression. Dark pigment, excellent tan. Tight feet.

Limit (8, 4abs)

1st Huckers Bevenray Woolly, excellent angulation in rear giving drive on the move. Straight front, tight feet. Correct tail held well on move. Correct coat in excellent condition. Good expression with dark eye.

2nd Plimmers Jaegerot Rockin Robin, Larger bitch than 1. Good angulation front and rear. Held topline well on the move. Straight front into staongstrong pasterns and tight feet. Lighter tan. Good expression with dark eye, slight wrinkle when alert.

Open (5, 3abs)

1st Jones` Oleria Western Girl From Westfalen, nice compact bitch. Correct angulation front and rear allowing sound movement with plenty of drive. Straight front, tight feet. Strong hocks. Dry head with calm expression. Dark, almond eye.

2nd Broadbanks Bevenray Shirley At Nyandor, Larger bitch with move bone and substance than one. Good rear angulation, correct tail set and carriage. Correct head with dark eye, slight wrinkle when alert. Would prefer her with less weight.