• Show Date: 07/10/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jantsje vd Meer Metzlar Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 14/11/2023

Guildford & District Canine Society

Guildford & District Canine Sociëty

7th October 2023

Judge Jantsje vd Meer

I would like to thank Guildford & District Canine Sociëty for inviting me to judge their open show.

We had a very warm welcome and were very well looked after.

A big thank you for my steward who ran the ring very well.

And thank you to all exhibitors for your entry, I enjoyed going over your dogs.

I did find some mouth faults but won`t name them in my critiques

Class 96- Puppy 3/3

1st Blagg & Whitehead , Keep it Lowkee

      7 month old red puppy dog high up on the leg but in balance

      Clean head and lips, neat ears ,correct length of muzzle and wide nostrills.

      Correct scissor bite.

      He has a good front and nice depth of brisket

      Good topline which he held on the move

       well angulated rear, I prefer a bit more rib then his elbows suited better

      He is a happy puppy boy he was rewarded Best puppy in breed

2nd Philips, The New Love Hope

     7 month old blue puppy bitch, she is a little girl

     Nice expression ,clean head and good width of muzzle correct dentention

     Ears okay.

     Straight front and good depth of brisket.

     Level topline and good angulated rear

     She moved well

3th Johnson, Exodus Blue Atlas

Class 97- Junior 5/3

1st Walker, Torkavi The Last Dragon At Teshleystaf

    1 year old very nice standard black brindle bitch, with a nice expression with a twinkle in

     her dark eye

     Nice clean head, good pigmentation and well placed ears.

    She has a correct length of muzzle and wide nostrills

    Good scissor bite and correct canines.

    Nice bone and good front, nice depth of brisket.

    Well padded feet.

    Front and rear angulation correct

    Good topline, she moved very well

    Her coat was nice and shiny and she was in a good condition

    Overall she was a well balanced junior bitch I was pleased to award her with Best of Breed

2nd Johnson Exodus Boss Adonis

    1 year old blue dog , big head, neat ears, and dark eyes

    Heavy lips, good teeth and correct canines

    He has a big front good depth of brisket

    Good and well padded feet , good topline which was held on the move

    Well rear angulated and good bent of stiffle

    Presented well

3th Phillips,The New Love Hope

Class 98-Post Graduate 4/1

1st Rowland, Bilrosesstaff Shes The One

      2 year old topsize brindle bitch

      She has a nice clean head, dark eyes and good ears

      Good lenghth of muzzle with wide nostrills.

      A good scissor bite and large good placed canines

      Nice straight front and good depth of brisket.

      Good feet , good front and rear angulations

      Good topline and tailset

      She moved well

      Presented very well

Class 99-Open

1st Stillman Sikaistaff Shadow Warrior at Maidendale

      4 year old black dog with a nice expression

      Strong head , neat ears and nice dark round eyes.

      heavy lips , I prefer a bit cleaner and good pigmentation

      He has a good front, correct depth of brisket, good topline and tailset.

      Well angulated , moved well

      His coat was shiny and he was in a fit condtion

      Nicely presented he was awarded reserve best of breed

2nd Daly & Lees, Starolestaff Arabella at Boscador

      9 year old black brindle bitch who is very agile for her age

      standard and well balanced.

      She has a nice clean head with dark eyes her ears a well set

      Good scissor bite and wide nostrills

      She has a straight front, good angulated in front and rear

      She has a good topline which was held on the move

      Her coat is short and shiny

      Moved well and was well presented